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Chapter 1025A – Throw the Walnut

The well didn’t appear deep, but once someone entered they would discover that it was all an illusion. Jiang Yuanyi rapidly sank down and what caused his heart to tremble at this time was that some suction force erupted from the well, causing his falling speed to accelerate.

The cold aura that wrapped around him grew stronger the further down he went. It was like sharp needles piercing into his body, ignoring his cultivation and seeping into his marrow…it felt as if he would soon turn into a block of ice!

After an unknown yet incomparably long period of time, there was a splas.h.i.+ng sound as Jiang Yuanyi crashed head first into the chilling well water.

On the outside this well water looked clear and pure, but when one entered they would discover that it was pitch black. Looking around, one couldn’t see any light at all.

An inexplicable panic erupted in Jiang Yuanyin’s heart, flooding his mind. It caused his face that had turned slightly pale from the cold to completely drained of all color.

He struggled to stabilize himself in the water. But, the pitch black well water was as thick as mud and had an astonis.h.i.+ng viscosity to it. Every movement he made caused him to consume an immense amount of strength.

And at this moment, the suction force coming from below not only didn’t disappear but grew even stronger….all of this caused Jiang Yuanyi to fall into panic and he struggled even further. As he did, ice began to appear over his body, cracking as he moved.

“It’s over, it’s all over, I’m going to die here!”

“I don’t want to die! I want to live!”

“Save me! Someone save me!”

As he was crying inside, a calm voice resounded in his mind. “If you really want to die, keep struggling.”

Jiang Yuanyi immediately stopped moving because he recognized this voice - it was Qin Yu.

Holding onto this final ray of hope, Jiang Yuanyi forcibly restrained his fear and composed himself. At this time, while he was calm, he noticed that while the suction strength hadn’t decreased, most of the suppression of the well water had disappeared.

“Listen to me.” Qin Yu continued to say, “This well water is the strength you need to drive out. At my command, attack with all your strength. Remember, I said with all your strength. If you want to survive, it is best if you do what I say.”

“Now is the first time. Right now, attack!”

Jiang Yuanyi roared out loud, vowing to use 120% of his strength. And in this life or death crisis, the power of this attack surpa.s.sed his normal attacks by several degrees.

His fist punched out. With a dull thumping sound, a stabbing pain coursed through his arm as if he had smashed a thick iron sheet. However, the scariest part was that when he punched out this fist, the suction strength coming from the well increased.

His heart trembled and his complexion paled further. Fear gushed out of his eyes. His first thought was that Qin Yu had made a mistake.

Qin Yu was his only chance of survival. If there had been an error in his judgment, there would be ten chances of death and no chances of life!

“Stop thinking about random things. Although I don’t care if you live or die, you still have value if you live on.” Qin Yu coldly said, “Now, attack a second time!”

Although his words were cruel and cold without any face at all, when they entered Jiang Yuanyi’s ears it was like the serenade of a fairy.

That’s right, I still have value, Qin Yu won’t abandon me…as Qin Yu’s voice fell, Jiang Yuanyi didn’t have time to think of anything else. He instinctively punched out a second time.

Deng –

There was a dull sound. Then, a violent buzzing entered his ears and his vision flashed black. The impact of the counterforce caused his chest to ache and he almost vomited out a mouthful of blood.

Bang –

The suction force coming from the well drastically rose. The speed at which Jiang Yuanyi sank almost doubled!

He was like a stone that had been tossed into the water. The cold power released from the dark well water caused the layer of ice covering him to turn thick and heavy. Even the blood flowing from his wounds froze over.

“There is still one final attack. Take out your greatest trump card. As a junior from a prominent family, don’t tell me you don’t have a life maintaining card for hopeless situations. If you have a card in hand, now is the time to use it.” Qin Yu’s low voice was dignified. “Remember, this chance will only last for a moment. If you cannot grasp onto it and are dragged into the water, while I don’t know what is under there, I can a.s.sure you that you will die a miserable and tragic death.”

Jiang Yuanyi didn’t know whether the suction force coming from the well was too strong or because he was covered in ice, but Qin Yu’s voice seemed distant and distorted, almost weak.

But there was one point he was aware of. If he couldn’t grasp this opportunity he would die miserably.

Death was the greatest fear and driver of all living creatures in the world. Even if a person fell into a hopeless situation, they wouldn’t give up as long as there was even the slimmest chances of survival.

This was especially true for those like Jiang Yuanyi. He came from a formidable background and had a happy life awaiting him.

Dying…no, he had to live!

In the pitch black well waters, covered in ice, a radiant light erupted in Jiang Yuanyi’s eyes. This was the final impact that the living had when they faced despair.

A trump card? Of course he had one!

And as Qin Yu said, if he didn’t use it now, when would he?

Bang -

A powerful aura erupted from his body. The thick layer of ice that covered his body instantly shattered into countless pieces. Each piece was wrapped up in a terrifying strength as they plummeted into the well water and crashed into the walls.

With a loud rumble, the entire ground s.h.i.+vered. Blue fire crows danced on the surface of Jiang Yuanyi’s body, isolating him from all outside influences.

But what a pity, this condition lasted for less than a breath of time before the ice cold aura began to invade his body once again.

The burning blue flames immediately dimmed. The light it released couldn’t pierce through the pitch black well waters. It was forced to cling onto the surface of his body.

His complexion changed!

He had already used his trump card. These blue flames were a variation flame that existed in the world. After refining them and absorbing them into his body, a cultivator could release them, giving them strength that surpa.s.sed their limits for a brief period of time.

He could only use this ability once. The variation flames would dissipate afterwards, but it should be enough to reverse a desperate situation.

But now, this ability only managed to gain Jiang Yuanyi a bit of time to catch his breath. And, this time was rapidly pa.s.sing.

At this speed, in several breaths of time at most, the strength of the variation flames would be exhausted.

Presently, Qin Yu hadn’t yet ordered him to attack…faster, faster! If Qin Yu was any slower, there would be nothing he could do!

Each breath of time was distorted and extended. The blue flames that covered Jiang Yuanyi’s body were almost extinguished.


Jiang Yuanyi roared out loud. He punched is fist forward. This fist gathered all his despair, fear, and the remaining energy of the blue flames.

Kacha –

There was a cracking sound in his ears. But Jiang Yuanyi wasn’t sure if his bones had broken or if he had shattered something.

The fierce pain that flew up his arm soon informed him that it was his bones…Jiang Yuanyi’s eyes filled with despair!

But at this time, the pitch black well waters separated to both sides.

Of course, this wasn’t entirely accurate. To be more exact, the darkness and cold chill within the well water began to rapidly disappear.

Jiang Yuanyi discovered that the ground was less than a few meters away. The water in the well was now clear and sweet to the taste.

He was saved!

At this moment, he sobbed and cried out loud, unsure if it was from joy or because his severely fractured palm was completely deformed.

Up above, Pure Summer and Peaceful Nun revealed looks of pleasant surprise. The formidable resistance had vanished.

They glanced at each other. Without hesitation, the thrust out all of their strength.

Bang –

With a loud ring, the entire private school shook. A ma.s.sive amount of water spewed out from the well, throwing the emaciated Jiang Yuanyi into the air.

Looking at his hunched figure that was rolled up into a ball, he seemed to be caught off guard. The feeling of being sent cras.h.i.+ng out must have been crisp.

“It’s open!” Pure Summer happily said.

In truth, Qin Yu didn’t need him to speak. He could sense the aura emanating from the well.

An intense desire erupted in his heart. It was not just his body that reacted, but also his soul!

This was the terrifying evil demon source that had been suppressed? Qin Yu restrained his inner turmoil, doubt rising in his mind.

If this was true, why would he have such an instinctual desire towards a demon source?

But right now, Qin Yu didn’t have time to think about this further. He could hear a sigh in his ears, one filled with helplessness and dolefulness.

He turned around. His eyes fell on the silent teacher standing outside the backyard. His pitch black pupils had spread outwards, nearly covering his entire eye.

“I already said you should leave. Why won’t you listen? Greed will be the greatest sin that leads to your death.”

Qin Yu’s pupils shrank. Without hesitation he hurtled towards the opened channel in the well.

Shua –

He jumped and flew into the well head. He could see the water below him.

But at this time, an ice cold voice echoed in his ears. “Qin Yu, I acknowledge that I underestimated you, but it’s time to bring this all to an end.”

“The abyss…arrives!”

Bang –

A terrifying aura erupted. A yin chill beyond imagination swept out, instantly covering the entire backyard.

Qin Yu’s world changed. The well head turned scarlet and the surface of walls turned uneven and covered with mucus, as if they were the intestinal lining of some horrifying creature.

A moment later, the channel distorted. Qin Yu’s complexion changed and he stamped his feet down.

Bang –

With mucus and fragments thrown into the air, Qin Yu rushed out from the channel. His black robes were tattered and corroded. His exposed skin turned red and emitted a stabbing pain.

He looked around. The entire private school had been changed beyond recognition. The skies were dark red and clouds tumbled throughout as if they were made of thick blood.

In the backyard, the rows of neatly planted vegetables had become sharp and dangerous like the claws of a devil. They twisted and grasped at the air.

Shang Lingyu smiled. When he looked at Qin Yu, endless killing intent surged in his eyes.

As he welcomed Qin Yu’s gaze, he spread out his arms and smiled. “Welcome to my world. This is the great abyss that is destined to occupy and rule the world.”

Bang –

Bang –

Bang –

From the blood-soaked ground, several thick and fleshy tentacles drilled out. The ends of the tentacles were split open, revealing rows of fierce fangs.

Like pythons, they howled through the air, soaring towards Qin Yu!

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