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Chapter 1097 – Pa.s.s of Beauties

“Everyone!” After some time when all the guests had arrived, Cloud Boundless laughed and stood up. Nine Nether Temple immediately fell silent. All eyes gathered as this Nightmare Clan Elder demonstrated his n.o.ble status. “The reason I invited you all here today is because I haven’t seen you for such a long time and would like to tighten our relations.h.i.+ps. Secondly, I would like everyone here to stand witness.”

His eyes flashed and he continued to say, “The late King has perished. Since the bloodline is inherited, my bloodline will naturally be affected. There have recently been many rumors in Adversity Peak City. I won’t go into the details, but I a.s.sume you have all heard about it.”

The complexions of the many guests invited to the temple all changed. They looked at Cloud Boundless with shock, surprised by his rude and direct words. After all, this sort of thing was an extremely sensitive topic at the current time, and it wasn’t good to discuss it in front of everyone.

Did Cloud Boundless intentionally do this to have them express their stances today? But that didn’t seem right. With Cloud Boundless’ dignified status as the lineage of the old King, his level shouldn’t be so low. This was also different from the rumors they heard about him, saying that he was wise and crafty. Could there be another reason for this?

Their thoughts raced. Although no one could figure it out, this didn’t stop them from laughing out loud and responding.

“I have indeed heard of what Clan Elder speaks about, but all that talk is just nonsense. I never believed any of it!”

“That’s right, that’s right, while the late King has unfortunately perished, with someone as strong as Clan Elder guarding the tribe, the bloodline shall be safe from all worries!”

“Those are simply some absurd remarks, why must Clan Elder bother with them? That is just an insult to your dignity!”

These words were earnest with a bit of resentment, but there was no actual substance to them. While they sounded nice to hear, there was no need to keep them in mind.

Express their stance? Of course they couldn’t express their stance so easily. The compet.i.tion for the throne of the new King had just begun. Those that took a stance sooner would receive the richest returns at the end if they won, but what if they were found to be the blind ones? They didn’t want to face the consequences of that.

So before the banquet, everyone had already made up their mind. Enjoying the feast, bragging, cheering, that was all fine and dandy, but before they had a good grasp on the situation, none of them would express where they stood. Or, before the old King’s lineage gave them tangible benefits, they wouldn’t say anything at all.

Mixing their way in was fine, but if they couldn’t they would just pretend to be dead. In short, it was impossible for them to take a side.

What kind of person was Cloud Boundless? How could he not realize the thoughts running through the minds of the demons in front of him? He sneered inwardly, but he didn’t really care.

After all, today’s banquet and the people at this banquet was strictly speaking just a relatively large backdrop.

He hadn’t thought of obtaining anything through this banquet to begin with. The compet.i.tion for the throne of the new King relied on strength and skill. It wasn’t something decided by whoever invited more people to drink and eat.

“Everyone, while what you say is true, the common people are ignorant. Moreover, the dissipation of the late King will indeed affect the inheritance of our bloodline. Thus, through today’s banquet, I have brought some juniors from the clan and will use the power of the ancestral land to test their bloodline potential. You shall all bear witness and also justify the name of my line…after all, this is a critical time for inheriting the throne, and even the smallest details cannot be handled carelessly.”

In principle, what he said was correct.

When a new King was born, it meant that the Nightmare Clan would enter a new era. Whoever succeeded would be able to smile proudly in all directions, becoming the true master of this colossal force.

The benefits involved in this…

There was a Clan Elder a.s.sembly that could restrict royal power to a certain degree, but to be honest, the Clan Elder a.s.sembly’s binding force was limited.

Because the King was King. This represented not just the approval of the abyss’ will, but also the supreme existence of the entire tribe.

Anything that involved this matter had to be carefully handled.

So Cloud Boundless’ statement didn’t arouse any suspicion. They even thought that the old King’s lineage was using this opportunity to dispel rumors about them and also to show off their strength.

After all, the potential of a bloodline descendant was an extremely important part of a tribe’s strength.

The demons that were invited here all accepted this honor. Their faces were full of joy.

This wasn’t an act.

With the status of the old King’s lineage, being able to partic.i.p.ate in a bloodline potential examination of the tribe’s juniors was in itself an acknowledgement of their strength.

This could be considered as an important exchange with the old King’s lineage. Not only would this deepen the relations.h.i.+p between the two parties, but it did so without leaving any hidden dangers. It was also a topic they could bring up in the future and brag about.

For instance, they could accidentally say that on some day in some year, they had partic.i.p.ated in this event and a banquet. It would definitely be an eye-catching story.

Qin Yu didn’t have any opinion about this. And after listening to what Old Fox said about this event, his eyes brightened.

This was also useful. Qin Yu had just been thinking about how to get closer to the old King’s lineage so that he could carry out the next step.

Old Fox and Black Astral were strong enough to partic.i.p.ate in this event. But, their status today was as subordinates who followed Qin Yu here. Thus, there was no reason for them to stand side by side with Qin Yu. They were invited to wait in a side hall for the time being.

Qin Yu followed a maid from Bluetile Courtyard. They entered a prepared garden where he took a bath and changed clothes.

The following bloodline potential confirmation would borrow the strength of the Nightmare Ancestral Land. All partic.i.p.ants needed to go through this set of procedures to show their respect for the ancestral land.

The guests happily smiled and agreed. Qin Yu didn’t think much about it. But in truth, this matter wasn’t as simple as he thought it was.

Because in the area where he bathed and changed clothes, he wasn’t the only person.

When the maid who led him here closed the doors and walked away, four beautiful demon women appeared from behind a screen. They softly knelt on the ground, their transparent clothes concealing nothing on their bodies.

In short, he saw all sorts of white and soft things, all sorts of curves and hills, and all sorts of sultry and enticing movements.

With one glance, he saw everything!

Qin Yu felt a bit uncomfortable. He frowned and said, “You all are?”

A demon woman stood up, revealing a face as beautiful as a dream. She breathed out, “Reporting to honored guest, this is a rule of my clan. We must carefully bathe you to express respect towards my Nightmare Ancestral Land.”

Qin Yu rubbed his forehead. If she said things like this, there didn’t seem to be any room for compromise.

But he didn’t give up. “You can’t bend the rules a little? I can wash and clean myself.”

The beautiful woman shook her head, “This is a rule of the clan. I ask honored guest not to make things difficult for us…of course, if you don’t have a liking for us frail and weak sisters, we can have someone else take our place.”

As she spoke, there was some bitterness in her eyes. Even though it wasn’t obvious, it made her seem even more arousing.

Qin Yu felt a headache coming on. Whether or not he replaced these people for others, that didn’t matter.

In short, no matter what he died, he couldn’t hide from this test of beautiful women.

He clenched his teeth and his expression became faint, “Then begin.”

The four beautiful women stood up. Fragrance wafted around them as their soft hands touched his body.

Cloud Boundless should have been bathing and changing clothes, solemnly expressing his respect towards the ancestral land. But right now, he was sitting on a s.p.a.cious seat, his eyebrows furrowed together.

“Qin Yu hasn’t submitted yet?”

“No, Clan Elder.” The kneeling demon said.

Cloud Boundless’ eyebrows furrowed together. He waved his hand and said, “Go and light some more incense. I don’t believe that a young man full of vigor will be able to endure it any longer.”

“Clan Elder, if we do this it might be discovered…”

“Humph! If he discovers it he discovers it! What evidence does he have? If he has no evidence, he can shut up no matter what he is thinking!” Cloud Boundless sneered, “Hurry up. I want to see just how long he can last!”

“Yes, Clan Elder.” From his words, the kneeling demon felt some recklessness and unreasoning. He didn’t dare to say anything else and quickly stood up and left.

Bathing and changing was indeed a show of respect for the Nightmare Ancestral Land. But whether or not it was important, it was hard to tell from Cloud Boundless’ current actions…however, this was a face-saving process, and it was unavoidable no matter where one went.

Moreover, having four beautiful women accompanying someone to bathe together?

Hoho, was that the standard? Of course not!

As for the four beauties, they were all especially chosen. It took great effort to cultivate them.

If this didn’t involve such significant events and wasn’t coupled with his fear that Qin Yu’s field of vision was too high, Cloud Boundless would have been too reluctant to give them up.

But as long as that brat Qin Yu swallowed the bait and played around with these four beautiful women, the losses wouldn’t be considered anything at all.

It was just that things were deviating from his expectations.

Tsk tsk, those four little fairies, they should have been enough to overcome anyone’s resistance.

With his age, the s.e.xual relations between men and women didn’t have much of a hold on him anymore. But still, he found them pleasing to the eye…cough cough, his thoughts moved, but it was just a little bit. Even so, this tiny amount was enough to indicate how formidable their attraction was.

Even so, Qin Yu hadn’t yet swallowed the bait…could this kid have some problem with his body? If this was true, then things would be troublesome!

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