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Chapter 1099 – Fingerprint

Cloud Boundless swept his eyes over the audience. He laughed and stood up, “I won’t try to pa.s.s on my responsibilities. As the host of today’s banquet, allow me to be the first to leave behind a mark.”

As everyone nodded in agreement and eagerly watched him, he stood up and walked in front of the stone tablet. He pressed down a thumb, leaving the first fingerprint.

Of course, this appeared easy, and it was true that Cloud Boundless did it easily, but leaving a mark on the stone tablet actually wasn’t a simple task.

In other words, if one’s strength was insufficient, then even if the stone tablet was placed in front of them there would be nothing they could do to it.

Turning around, Cloud Boundless gestured to the crowd. “You are all honored guests and it wouldn’t be polite to distinguish priority. So, please do it together.”

His words left everyone feeling comfortable. Although leaving a mark was just leaving a mark, if they really had to form a line, then even if no one complained about it they would still be feeling some lumps in their hearts. The people in front would be afraid that they would be the targets of envy and hate, and the ones in the back would be afraid of losing face…in summary, this was a perfect decision.

“Everyone, the Clan Elder has already spoken. Let’s not be polite and do it together then!”

“Go, go! To leave behind a mark on the stone tablet is enough for me to boast about for many years!”

“I must thank the Clan Elder for giving us such a chance today!”

Qin Yu rubbed his chin. Was this it? For some reason, he felt that things weren’t so simple. But, as he looked at the demons rush over and their faces light up as they left behind a fingerprint, everything seemed normal.

Could he be overthinking things?

Cloud Boundless suddenly turned his head and smiled, “Little friend Qin Yu, almost everyone has left their mark, so why don’t you? Or, do you have a different opinion of today’s examination?”

Qin Yu’s heart skipped a beat. He smiled and stood up, “Clan Elder must be joking with me. To leave behind a mark on the stone tablet is my greatest honor!”

Forget about it. It was just leaving a fingerprint. Could the old King’s lineage do something while he did this in full view of everyone?

He walked in front of the stone tablet and chose a relatively empty section. He casually pressed down a finger. He didn’t use much strength and was only going to leave behind a clear fingerprint. Then, he planned to take back his hand.

But at this time, an ice cold aura p.r.i.c.ked his fingertip and then shrank back.

Qin Yu’s eyes clouded over. He withdrew his hand and slowly turned around. After a quick investigation, he didn’t discover anything unusual.

That feeling just now…

He looked up at Cloud Boundless and slowly said, “I suddenly thought of some matters that I need to earnestly speak with Clan Elder about.”

The test of beautiful women was one thing. After all, strictly speaking, Qin Yu didn’t believe he had suffered a loss. But now it was no longer fine…who knew what that ice cold aura was just now? Although he hadn’t sensed anything wrong, that didn’t mean there wouldn’t be a problem in the future.

In this regard, a person couldn’t be too cautious. Otherwise if he inexplicably fell into a trap, he wouldn’t even know how he died.

So Qin Yu didn’t plan on enduring this matter anymore if Cloud Boundless couldn’t give him a satisfactory explanation!

Sometimes, cooperation didn’t necessarily need both sides to be close and intimate. Threats and coercion were also meaningful and suitable for this place.

Qin Yu felt that he had another path he could take. Of course, this path wasn’t easy and required him to be tough enough.

Otherwise, before he made it through he would be slapped down and smashed against the ground. That would be a tragedy.

Qin Yu didn’t believe that he had the strength to shake the old King’s lineage, even if he summoned the t.i.tan true body…but at the same time, he didn’t believe he would die with one casual slap.

Cloud Boundless’ eyes widened with surprise before appreciation flashed there. Courage was something that everyone had a bit of, but to display it when facing him was commendable…even if he had something he could rely on.

But in truth, in Cloud Boundless’ eyes, what he could see wasn’t much at all so far.

So, this old fellow had a relaxed expression as if he hadn’t been discovered at all. “Very good. I also hope to speak with little friend Qin Yu.”

With a flick of his sleeve and not allowing anyone to do anything, demonic light flashed and the stone tablet was directly put away. Then, he loudly instructed, “Begin the banquet, begin the banquet! I am starting to feel hungry. Everyone, drink and eat to your heart’s content!”

It was certainly impossible to merrily drink and eat. Everyone understood the approximate flow and process of these banquets. The key event had been finished. After a hasty meal, everyone would start excusing themselves and returning to their homes to discuss things in further detail.

Everyone was satisfied with today’s banquet at Bluetile Courtyard. Leaving behind a mark on the stone tablet was an unexpected surprise. Moreover, the old King’s lineage hadn’t forced anyone to take a stand.

Of course, this didn’t include the women who were faintly unwilling to leave and had grievances in their eyes. They muttered beneath their breath as they were led away.

They had come all the way here and yet didn’t see the person they were hoping to meet. Their feelings were so bitter and helpless that tears nearly flowed out from their eyes.

The liveliness in Nine Nether Temple quickly dispersed. Qin Yu stood up and was about to speak, but Cloud Boundless hurriedly waved his hand and said he had to use the restroom.

Even though Qin Yu knew this was an excuse, since Cloud Boundless had said this without an ounce of shame and he also didn’t want to tear apart all pretense of face yet, he nodded with a gloomy expression.

He took a deep breath and glanced at Old Fox and Black Astral. Immediately, a cold and unwelcome chill exuded from the three of them!

After using the invincible great art of the ‘restroom excuse’, Cloud Boundless left Nine Nether Temple. As he did, his expression returned to normal. But he didn’t stop moving. He soon arrived at a heavily guarded courtyard.

“Greetings, Clan Elder!” A demon guard outside the garden bowed and saluted.

Cloud Boundless nodded. Without stopping, he pushed open the door and walked inside. As he took a step forward, invisible fluctuations immediately shrouded the courtyard. With the addition of the demonic array formation that was arranged here before, all internal and external senses were blocked out.

It wasn’t that he had no confidence in Bluetile Courtyard’s defenses, but what he was about to say was far too important and it was impossible to be too cautious…otherwise, the seemingly strong old King’s lineage would fall apart and collapse at the next moment!

With a flick of his sleeve, there was a flash of demonic light as the stone tablet he put away in Nine Nether Temple landed on the floor.

Looking at Qin Yu’s fingerprint, even with Cloud Boundless’ ability to conceal his emotions, he still felt his mouth go dry. He took a deep breath and said, “Now, give it a try.”

With a creaking sound, a door was opened from within and a slender figure walked out.

Before, it was said that after Qin Yu dressed up, he was so handsome that he left Mian Ya blus.h.i.+ng.

But if he were compared to this young demon, in terms of handsomeness, Qin Yu was still one or two levels behind…he was simply like a person who had walked out of a painting, a being that existed in complete conformation of all images of beauty.

If it was just this then it would have been fine. After all, the abyss was endless and if one was born with a great bag of skin, they could just consider themselves lucky. What was unbearable was the n.o.ble and cold aura that intertwined around him, making him seem like the beloved son of the G.o.ds.

Simply put, even using the phrase ‘so handsome that he left one grinning from ear to ear’, still wasn’t sufficient.

Of course, this often referred to women…uh…this wasn’t necessarily true. With such an appearance, and this person’s looks, anything straight could be bent…

In short, this person was so handsome that he left people cursing at the heavens!

The young demon walked into the courtyard and bowed, “I greet the Clan Elder.”

Cloud Boundless nodded, not saying anything. But there was clearly even more anxiousness in his eyes.

The young demon stood up. Looking at the stone tablet on the ground, he hesitated a little. Then, he slowly pointed a finger. Without needing any warning, he could feel a familiar aura preserved within the stone tablet.

He slowly pressed down a fingertip, exactly where Qin Yu’s finger had been. At this moment, a bright light appeared and started to spread outwards like a tide.

In the blink of an eye, it submerged the entire stone tablet, making it look like a beacon that was lit up in the dark of night. The young demon’s face was illuminated, reflecting all the emotions on his face. After his face reddened a bit, there was a trace of relaxation followed by nervousness.

It wasn’t just a little bit of nervousness, but a lot. One could see this from how stiff he had become.

“Hahahaha!” Cloud Boundless laughed out loud. He paced back and forth, vigorously waving his hands around. He had suddenly entered into an extremely excited state.

“I knew that the late King would protect me. How could he watch as the bloodline of his descendants gradually waned and withered away into nothingness!?” His eyes grew increasingly bright as he stared at the s.h.i.+ning stone tablet, so bright that his eyes seemed as if they would burst into flames.

The young demon took back his hand and the stone tablet’s light was extinguished. He took a deep breath and said, “Clan Elder, I am feeling tired. I will go back to rest first.”

Cloud Boundless firmed his thoughts. He coughed lightly and said, “I know that you have no experience in this sort of thing so it’s inevitable that you will feel panicked. Moreover, you have to face a change in status…but this involves the future of my clan and we cannot lose out. Thus…even if I don’t say too much, you understand me, right?”

The young demon lightly said, “Since I have informed the clan of this matter, I have prepared myself.”

“Cough cough…”Cloud Boundless dryly coughed. “Although it isn’t appropriate to say this with my status, it's about time that you have some contact with Qin Yu. After all, the fusion of the King’s bloodline won’t be completed so easily.”

The young demon fell silent. He knew that the Clan Elder was right, but…he drew in a deep breath and nodded, “I ask Clan Elder to please go ahead first. I will follow behind soon.”

Cloud Boundless nodded in satisfaction. He flicked his sleeves and put the stone tablet away, then left in a hurry.

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