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Chapter 1124B. The Abyssal Gaze Reappears

Above Black Astral’s head, the phantom of a three-headed h.e.l.lhound appeared. One of the heads opened its eyes and shot out a ray of black light.

The Ancient King’s Lineage Demon Commander suddenly froze. Then, he was ruthlessly punched away, blood spewing from his nose and mouth.

Old Fox tried his best but was only barely able to hold down a Demon Commander from the other side. As he was beaten up from time to time, he cursed inwardly that he had to grow stronger!

Cloud Mist’s opponent was the leader of the Ancient King’s Lineage Demon Commanders. His strength was tyrannical and he was at least a top cla.s.s powerhouse on the level of Black Astral.

He raised a hand and terrifying demonic energy erupted. The void shook and creaked, fiercely twisting as it disintegrated.

There was an enormous difference in strength between Cloud Mist and her opponent. If it wasn’t for the numerous cards she had, she would have been struck down already. But in the end, these hidden cards weren’t her own strength and she could only barely resist her opponent.

The Ancient King’s Lineage came attacking with six Demon Commanders. Besides the five that were temporarily held down, the last one locked his ice cold eyes onto Qin Yu.

Although he had no idea what young master Qi Zhen had sensed, he had thoroughly awakened the royal bloodline and thus automatically wielded the highest level of authority within the Ancient King’s Lineage.

Young master Qi Zhen’s will was undeniable!


With a roar, the Demon Commander crazily attacked. He lifted a hand and pressed forward. s.p.a.ce shook as demonic energy rumbled forth, gathering into a giant hand that smashed down.

With just one strike, Qin Yu knew that this seemingly common Demon Commander was hiding his strength.

In fact, he was likely the strongest person here from the Ancient King’s Lineage.

It seemed that these people had made preparations. They hid the strength of their greatest powerhouse in order to kill Qin Yu.

But this sort of concealment could only display its greatest effect when catching someone off guard. So, this current strike couldn’t be as simple as it appeared.

Hou –

With a roar, countless wounds cracked open on the Demon Commander’s body. Blood gushed out that then evaporated into a b.l.o.o.d.y fog that fused into the fist of demonic energy.

Its color instantly turned blood red. Its wild aura rose over ten times higher.

Hou –

At this time, everyone could hear a maniacal roar…it seemed to surmount s.p.a.ce and time to come here, carrying with it the aura of endless years as it tried to destroy all!

Cloud Mist’s complexion changed. As her face paled she screamed, “Qin Yu, be careful! That is a secret art from the Ancient King’s Lineage! Hurry and avoid it!”

“Avoid it? After being locked onto by the Hand of Nightmare, the only ending will be your body and soul turning into ashes. You cannot escape!” The ragged and extremely weakened Demon Commander laughed, “Die!”

Bang –

The blood red hand thrust down!

Qin Yu’s heart fiercely shrank. In fact, without needing Cloud Mist to say anything, he had already sensed the terrifying strength contained in the blood red fist.

Unless he summoned the t.i.tan true body…well, with his current cultivation, he could forcibly resist this attack. With the tyrannical resistance of his half-dragon body, he wouldn’t perish. But, he would still lose several layers of skin.

So he only hesitated for a second before deciding that he was going to dodge…as for the Demon Commander who said that he wouldn’t be able to avoid it…

Hoho, he could say whatever he wanted to.

Qin Yu’s eyes turned pitch black. The attacking Demon Commander that was howling with laughter suddenly stiffened, and his eyes glazed over.

The Hand of Nightmare that locked onto him began to waver and lose its target. Qin Yu broke free in that instant and moved away.

“Abyssal Gaze!” The Ancient King’s Lineage Demon Commander screamed as he regained his senses. Endless shock colored his face.

At this moment, he finally understood why young master Qi Zhen had ordered them to kill Qin Yu immediately after awakening his bloodline…

The Old King’s Lineage was actually hiding a royal bloodline that had been fully awakened…Qin Yu was basically their trump card!

b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! All of them had been deceived. That old schemer Cloud Boundless was too sinister!

This wasn’t good. He had to kill Qin Yu. He couldn’t be allowed to survive and threaten young master Qi Zhen’s status!

The throne could only belong to the Ancient King’s Lineage!

“Die!” With a roar, more cracks broke open on his body. Blood continued to gush out.

But this time, there was much less blood than before. The previous attack had exhausted the majority of his strength.

Bang – of b.l.o.o.d.y fog rose up, absorbed by the Hand of Nightmare. Its color became an even deeper red as the smell of blood filled the air.

Its unsteady aura stabilized as it locked onto Qin Yu once again.

Die! Die! Die!

He had to die!

And at this moment, Cloud Mist and the others from the Old King’s Lineage were all shocked. Even if she knew Qin Yu was the reincarnation of the late King, she never thought that Qin Yu had completely awakened the power of the King realm.

The Abyssal Gaze could freeze all souls. It was the ability controlled by the Nightmare King after obtaining the approval of the abyss’ will.

“Qin Yu, flee!” Cloud Mist shouted without hesitation. She blew apart one of her treasures, forcing an Ancient King’s Lineage Demon Commander to draw back.

But it was clear that her opponent was already prepared. No matter how injured he was, he didn’t retreat. He stubbornly kept her engaged.

Someone from the Old King’s Lineage that had awakened the power of the King realm had to die! Even if they all perished here, they could not retreat!

Qin Yu had been locked onto again…

Qin Yu turned and glanced at the fierce Demon Commander who looked at him as if he wanted to eat him alive. He couldn’t help but be puzzled. Did this person really think this alone was enough to kill him?

Hey, I just used the so-called Abyssal Gaze a moment ago. You even shouted it out yourself, so did you immediately forget?

However, this name of Abyssal Gaze was quite aggressive!

If the Demon Commander who controlled the Hand of Nightmare learned of Qin Yu’s thoughts, he would have likely vomited blood in anger.

This is a life and death battle. Can’t you be a bit more serious about it?

But in truth, in Qin Yu’s viewpoint, there was no danger at all.

At most he could just use the Abyssal Gaze again. It was that simple.

With this straightforward thinking, Qin Yu simply did it. His eyes turned pitch black again as he looked at the Demon Commander.

Then, the Demon Commander stiffened and his eyes glazed over. The Hand of Nightmare’s targeting also dispersed and scattered.

Shua –

When Qin Yu rid himself of the targeting, his figure flickered and he howled away.

The Demon Commander who controlled the Hand of Nightmare felt as if he was going insane. He glared at Qin Yu, his face covered in disbelief.

Impossible, this was impossible!

He had only awakened the royal bloodline but hadn’t truly become the Nightmare King. Being able to stimulate the Abyssal Gaze in an instant was already an astonis.h.i.+ng performance of his bloodline.

But what was he seeing now?

Now only did Qin Yu smoothly use the Abyssal Gaze a second time, but he didn’t even have any signs of suffering a serious loss.

The only explanation was that his royal bloodline was incomparably strong…even stronger than young master Qi Zhen’s.

“Ahh!” The Demon Commander screamed out loud. He raised a hand and slammed the point between his eyebrows. Then, his entire body burst open.

To be more accurate, it was the flesh and blood that covered his body which blew apart. All of it blew open, and all that remained were the white bones below and a layer of flesh that covered his viscera. Looking down, one could even see his internal organs squirming beneath the fleshy membrane.

The exploding flesh and blood transformed into a b.l.o.o.d.y fog that poured into the Hand of Nightmare…at this time, it truly started to drip blood.

Thick red beads of blood fell down the palm lines of the Hand of Nightmare, gradually gathering together.

That’s right, hand prints appeared on the Hand of Nightmare. They were extremely clear, as if it was a hand bathed in blood…or, a hand that had just been taken out of a living person’s chest and was soaked in blood.

The Ancient King’s Lineage Demon Commander only had his head left intact. He stubbornly glared at Qin Yu, a ghostly light s.h.i.+ning in his eyes and a single thought in his mind.

Kill him! He had to kill him!

Qin Yu looked at the b.l.o.o.d.y Hand of Nightmare above him and he couldn’t help but twitch his lips. How much hatred did this person feel against him? He didn’t even hesitate to kill himself to drag him down into h.e.l.l with him.

After gathering the complete life strength of a Demon Commander powerhouse, the Hand of Nightmare’s power had reached an inconceivable state.

Wanting to easily avoid it was no longer possible. Qin Yu could clearly feel that it had deadlocked onto him.

But this didn’t mean he could only frontally resist it…he might not be able to avoid it, but what if the Hand of Nightmare vanished on its own?

If this Ancient King’s Lineage Demon Commander gave his life but couldn’t even touch the hem of his clothes, he would likely feel very aggrieved, right?

But feeling aggrieved was just feeling aggrieved. Qin Yu wasn’t in the mood to consider his emotions. If this Demon Commander hadn’t tried to kill him, he wouldn’t have fallen into such a pitiful state.

In short, there was nothing else to say. It was all resulting from a choice he made himself!

Qin Yu’s eyes turned pitch black. As the Demon Commander stiffened, Qin Yu’s figure flickered. He soared forward like a phantom, clenched his fist, and punched.

As the fist enlarged in his field of vision, the Demon Commander felt nothing but despair…a third time, this person had actually used the power of the Abyssal Gaze three times…

In fact, the despair and unwillingness he felt now had already been felt in advance by the who used the Dominion long ago.

And what the felt then was even more profound.

Three times…this was just a mere three times…could someone explain this to a top level powerhouse who had been able to condense a Dominion, but was finally tortured to death?

Bang –

With a dull ringing, his head exploded into pieces. The Demon Commander perished, all his resentment and despair vanis.h.i.+ng with him.

As the Demon Commander died, the Hand of Nightmare started to quickly collapse. It exploded into pieces, tearing apart s.p.a.ce and forming countless black cracks that recklessly spread out.

“Ahh!” The Ancient King’s Lineage Demon Commander facing Cloud Mist roared in rage, so angered that his eyes almost popped out of his head. He punched, sending her flying away.

Disregarding the fact that Cloud Mist blew apart another treasure behind him, the Demon Commander plunged at Qin Yu, his aura instantly boiling over.

He was going to self-detonate!

Qin Yu’s complexion changed. He quickly looked at him. Locked onto by the Abyssal Gaze, the Demon Commander froze.

“Cloud Mist, hurry and strike him away! He’s going to explode!”

Cloud Mist smashed out a palm, sending the person flying away towards Black Astral and the Demon Commander he was fiercely engaged in combat with.

Hou –

Black Astral shouted out loud. The three-headed h.e.l.lhound phantom above him spat out a dark breath that imprisoned the Demon Commander. Then, he retreated without hesitation.

A moment later, the two Demon Commanders collided. “No!”

As desperate screams sounded out, they were cut off by a heaven-shaking explosion. A top level Demon Commander self-detonating created a horrifying impact.

In an instant, the surrounding s.p.a.ce was completely twisted. The world seemed to turn into a mirage as it shook like a water surface.

The two Demon Commanders caught in the center were torn to shreds.

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