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The sudden strength in his legs caused the ground beneath him to crack. Qin Yu turned around and slammed out a palm. A demon beast that had thrown itself at him had its head burst open, thick white and red brain fluids splas.h.i.+ng out.

After this kill, Qin Yu's body trembled and his complexion paled. Blood began to flow out from the corners of his lips. He had endured for this long by pus.h.i.+ng his body to the point of exhaustion.

Fortunately, the sounds of the demon wolves behind him had already disappeared. He took a deep breath, forcing himself to keep his wits about him. He tore off Sun Zifu's robes that were stained with the blood of demon wolves and then threw him onto the b.l.o.o.d.y corpse of the demon beast that had just died. After rubbing Sun Zifu into the corpse a few times, he lifted him up and moved on.

The demon wolves had extremely sharp olfactory senses. With his Demon G.o.d Armor he didn't fear being contaminated, but Sun Zifu didn't have this ability. It was always best to be cautious.

Moments later, Qin Yu found an empty demon beast cave. Enduring the stench that came from it, he ran in. Then, he sat down and took out some pills, swallowing them.

The battle after jumping down the cliff seemed simple, but it had caused enormous damage to his mind. And even though he had the demon wolf's corpse cus.h.i.+oning his fall, his body had suffered heavy wounds and pressure. Even his organs had s.h.i.+fted a little.

Luckily, his Great Monarch level Demon Body was sufficiently tyrannical. This sort of injury could be more or less recovered from after resting for a night.

Sun Zifu was awakened by the smell in the cave. When his eyes opened, he began to cry. One reason was because he was overjoyed that he was still alive, but the second reason was because the smell was too sour!

But soon, he stiffened. He looked down and saw that he was as naked as a newborn baby. A pitiful scream suddenly filled the cave. He lifted a s.h.i.+vering finger and pointed it at Qin Yu, an angry expression on his face as if saying: I regarded you as my savior, but what have you done to me…!?

Qin Yu opened his eyes; the corner of his lips twitched. “Just shut up!” He had no intention of following this nonsense. “The demon wolves haven't left yet. If you don't want to die, keep quiet and don't move.”

After that, he closed his eyes and continued recuperating.

Sun Zifu had an incomparably plaintive and lamenting expression. He frowned, and after carefully sensing his body and making sure he hadn't been violated anywhere, he suddenly felt relieved.

It seemed that nothing had happened yet. Fortunately this father had awakened fast enough, otherwise when it came to this perverted surname Yao, who knew what sort of vile and incomprehensible things he would do to him.

He hurriedly took out a set of new clothes, putting them on. After thinking for a moment, he decided he wasn't safe enough. He took out a second set and wrapped himself tight, carefully making some distance between him and Qin Yu.

With his eyes closed and healing, Qin Yu's pale face still darkened by several degrees…this b.a.s.t.a.r.d, did he think he was some fresh and beautiful flower or something!?

Time pa.s.sed. When the cave fell completely dark, Qin Yu slowly opened his eyes, a sharp light flas.h.i.+ng within them.

Sun Zifu coughed. “Fellow daoist Yao, thank you for saving my life!”

Aiya, there was nothing he could do. Things that deserved flattery needed to be flattered.

Qin Yu paid no attention to his conflicted expression. He frowned and looked towards the cave entrance, a dignified expression on his face.

Sensing his serious and solemn atmosphere, Sun Zifu's complexion changed. “How is it?”

Although his heart was still full of resentment, he couldn't help but acknowledge Qin Yu's skills. If it weren't for him, he would have died countless times already.

“The demon wolf pack hasn't left yet.” Qin Yu said, his face darkening.

Through the Cosmic Seacross Bell, he could faintly sense the terrifying aura emanating from the demon wolf pack. They had unexpectedly caught up.

Sun Zifu blanched. “It must be the demon wolf king. If it has awakened a high-grade sky bloodline, then it must have awakened a second bloodline skill. If it is soul locking…”

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows. “What is soul locking?”

Sun Zifu gulped. “Soul locking is an extremely rare bloodline ability of the demon wolves. According to smell, it can lock onto the fluctuations of the soul. And once the demon wolf king displays the soul locking skill, if it cannot hunt down and kill its prey, it will suffer a backlash. In other words…”

“It must kill us no matter what.” Qin Yu muttered, his eyes cold.

Sun Zifu nodded. A chill came across him, as if he were in a cave of ice.

Silence filled the cave.

This explained why the demon wolf pack would be circling around this area. Although the demon wolf king wasn't able to lock onto their exact position, they would search this area and eventually find them.

Qin Yu's eyes were chilling. He couldn't continue waiting here, otherwise once the demon wolf pack gathered fully, it would be even more difficult to retreat!

Demon wolf pack…demon wolf king…if killing off the former was impossible, he could only slay the latter.

Otherwise, even if he managed to escape, he still wouldn't be able to evade the demon wolf king's bloodline ability.

Qin Yu stood up.

Sun Zifu felt a foreboding premonition. “Fellow daoist Yao, what do you plan on doing?”

Qin Yu lightly responded, “I'm going to kill the demon wolf king.”

Sun Zifu gulped. Have you finally gone insane? Who doesn't know that the demon wolf king is sinister and crafty? It would never face a powerful enemy alone. It hid amongst its wolves and had its most powerful demon wolf guards protecting it. Killing the demon wolf king was as difficult as ascending to the heavens.

“Fellow daoist Yao, don't be impulsive here…” A great dribble of words came out of his mouth, but the approximate meaning was that the demon wolf king was too strong, so please don't try to kill it!

Qin Yu listened without expression. “If I don't kill it, you and I will both die.” He walked out, “Stay here. Wait for me to come back!”

Before his voice fell, his figure had already vanished. The dark cave went completely silent.

Sun Zifu began to inexplicably tremble. A thought suddenly formed: Could that surname Yao have suddenly thought that things don't look so good, so he decided to toss me here as bait and make an escape for himself?

He froze and his heart nearly stopped beating. Young Mater Sun ran out of the cave after Qin Yu, but all he saw was pitch black darkness without a single trace of him.

Awoo - !

In the far off distance, the howls of demon wolves resounded. Sun Zifu s.h.i.+vered and his lips trembled. After hesitating for a moment, he quietly returned to the cave.

Right now his only choice was to trust Qin Yu. If he really entered the dark woods alone, then he might not survive to see the rising sun!

Surname Yao…great uncle Yao…ancestor Yao…you must keep your word, please don't abandon me here alone…

In the dark night, light flowed across Qin Yu's eyes. Everything clearly entered his field of vision. He was like a shadow as he quietly traveled forward.

Meanwhile, within his soul s.p.a.ce, the Cosmic Seacross Bell gently trembled. The clear bell sounds pa.s.sed outwards, like an incredibly accurate sonar locator. It spread out in all directions like waves, covering the surrounding region for hundreds of miles.

It sensed all existing soul fluctuations within this range. This was one of the terrifying aspects of the Soul Summoning Bell.

As a supreme soul treasure, its power was not only to protect its master's soul. It could probe, investigate, lock onto, and even striking at and killing souls was within its domain of powers.

In particular, after the golden soul of nothingness fused into it, it had activated the abilities of the Cosmic Seacross Bell. For instance, this large-scale exploration ability was one of them.

The demon wolf king was tyrannically strong. After awakening multiple bloodlines, its soul fluctuations far outstripped those of normal demon wolves. Thus, while it might be difficult for others to locate it with its deceitful and devious movements, to Qin Yu, the demon wolf king's soul fluctuations were like a ma.s.sive bonfire in the darkness. As long as it appeared within his range of searching, he could directly lock onto it.

As he hurried forward, Qin Yu suddenly leapt up and landed on the branch of an ancient tree. Every pore on his body suddenly closed, completely isolating his aura from the outside world and making him seem as if he had melted into the night.

Several breaths of time later, a small search troop of six demon wolves pa.s.sed beneath the ancient tree. Their sharp noses twitched. One of the demon wolves seemed to sense something. With a howl, the six demon wolves spread out but ultimately found nothing.

The demon wolves' eyes swept over the ancient tree several times, but none of them were able to discover Qin Yu.

After they left, Qin Yu fell down like a fluttering leaf, quietly landing on the ground. He continued in another direction.

The Cosmic Seacross Bell could search an area of hundreds of miles, but within this boundless forest, it was actually only a small and narrow region. So, Qin Yu divided his search into six different regions. Starting from one point, he would need to move in six different directions. As long as his luck wasn't too bad, it was only a matter of time until he found the demon wolf king.

He was like a ghost pa.s.sing through the woods, avoiding countless small demon wolf squads that searched for him, as well as other demon beasts in the darkness.

The first time ended with nothing.

The second time was the same.

The third time's result was repeated.

As Qin Yu was wondering whether the demon wolf king had some method to avoid him, at this time, the Cosmic Seacross Bell suddenly trembled within his soul s.p.a.ce.

A brilliant sphere of light appeared in his sensing range. It was like a silver moon in the skies, sprinkling down endless cold light.

Around this bright sphere of light were countless dense tiny spots of light. They were like stars sparkling around the moon, cl.u.s.tered around this majestic presence.

Shua –

Qin Yu suddenly stopped. He looked up towards the depths of the pitch black forest, a severe light flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes.

Demon wolf king, I've found you!

As Sun Zifu had said, the demon wolf king had its most formidable demon wolf guards all around it. Compared to other ordinary demon wolves, their soul fluctuations were almost twice as strong.

If he directly faced them, even if Qin Yu was extremely strong now, the chances of success were at most 30%.

And this was being optimistic.

The demon wolf king itself had a suitably dreadful combat strength. Moreover, once it detected his presence, the demon wolf king would immediately convene the wolf pack. If he couldn't bring things to a quick conclusion then things really would be over for him.

Fortunately, Qin Yu wasn't unprepared. Since he wanted to kill the demon wolf king, he had his own plans for doing so.

As long as his plan proceeded smoothly, killing the demon wolf king might not be too difficult.

He took a deep breath, restraining his aura fluctuations to their lowest possible point. Then, he quietly fluttered towards where the demon wolf king was.

This was the most critical period of time. If he were discovered before he could execute his plans, everything would fail.

As he thought, the crafty and deceitful demon wolf king wouldn't give its enemies any openings. Even though it was hidden amongst the wolves, it still had stern defenses set up around it.

If it weren't for Qin Yu borrowing the strength of the Cosmic Seacross Bell to avoid the demon wolf guards as they moved around, it would have been impossible for him to approach even within ten miles of the demon wolf king.

A bit less than an hour later, Qin Yu arrived at a low hillside. After covering his body with brush and thorns, he finally saw the silver-white moon-like demon wolf king.

It lay down on a clean protruding stone. Its long fur constantly fluttered in the night wind and it was surrounded by hundreds of strong and vicious-looking demon wolf guards.

Suddenly, the demon wolf king lying on the stone opened its eyes. Its pupils were frigid and profound, like two deep pools.

It stood up, looking directly at Qin Yu, and roared.

Awoo –

Awoo –

The fur of the demon wolf guards instantly rose on end. Their vicious eyes looked over and their strong hind legs burst with strength as they rushed forward like lightning.

He had been discovered!

Qin Yu's heart chilled. The strength of this demon wolf king was more terrifying than he had imagined.

Although this wasn't the best time to attack, he had no other choice. If he missed out on this chance, the demon wolf king likely wouldn't give him another opportunity to approach.

Bang –

The hillside ruptured and crushed stones flew everywhere. Qin Yu descended like a tiger racing downwards, decisive and strong!

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