Refining the Mountains and Rivers Chapter 536A – Like a God Looking Down From the Clouds Above

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Chapter 536A – Like a G.o.d Looking Down From the Clouds Above

There was a commotion in Holy Nether City and the cause was w.a.n.g Chao, Hua Yanting, and Huang Shan. After waiting for a long time and not seeing Qin Yu return, they began to feel restless and left the residence to inquire into the situation. They found that the Holy Nether Guard simply hadn’t sent anyone to request help from the Commander and that no incident had occurred in the city. The three people were immediately left frightened. As they repeatedly confirmed this over and over, they felt a cold chill shoot from their hearts up out of their heads.

Without a doubt, the lord had encountered an accident!

Qin Yu was their final hope. If an accident were to happen to him, the three of them wouldn’t have a chance to even take half a step out of the Endless Sea for the rest of their lives. At the start of this venture they had seen the dawn of hope, but now they had been thrust into the infinite abyss. No matter how optimistic they were, it was impossible for them to withstand such a blow.

As a result, w.a.n.g Chao and the others raised a ruckus in the Holy Nether Guard’s central station. Both sides began with vicious insults before devolving into a brutal melee. As expected, w.a.n.g Chao and the others were beaten black and blue and they were ruthlessly tossed into jail, charged with the crime of defying orders and slandering their superiors.

But this matter involved the current Lord Commander. Even though a vice lieutenant had been punched in the face and was cursing his heart out, no matter how annoyed he actually was he didn’t dare to conceal this and not report it. He had locked up w.a.n.g Chao and the other two with good reason, but even if he didn’t fear offending the current Commander, who knew whether or not today’s events were part of that surname Yao’s dastardly plot?

Fu Shan soon obtained this news. His heart leapt up before he calmed himself back down. He waited for a day, wanting to see what sort of play this new Commander was trying to enact. But, things progressed differently to what he expected. This Yao Bin had truly vanished. Even though they searched through the entirety of Holy Nether City, they still couldn’t find any clues leading to him.

Restlessness began to appear in the hearts of the people.

First Lieutenant Yuan Zhen had a heavy complexion. “Those three people beneath Yao Bin said that Commander Fu Shan had sent for him and he had to leave the mansion due to some important matter. What does everyone think of this?”

“It’s all nonsense!” The Second Lieutenant sneered. “In my opinion, this new Commander had sensed the situation and is trying to stir up trouble.”

The Third Lieutenant nodded. “I also think the same.” His lips curved up in a taunting smile. “I have already sent people to investigate this. Those three people in jail keep shouting and hollering that someone secretly harmed Yao Bin. It’s simply a joke. If someone is exiled into the Endless Sea, the only thing that awaits them is death. Why would anyone be bored enough to harm him?”

Once he finished speaking, he thought about how his own situation was to eat until he was full and then also wait for his death. His face darkened.

Fu Shan sat at the head of the table. He furrowed his eyebrows and suddenly said, “I am only worried that the Holy Palace must have realized something, so they decided to send a new Commander over all of a sudden.”

Yuan Zhen’s complexion changed. “My lord, are you saying that the reason Yao Bin suddenly went missing is because he wants to find a reason for the Holy Palace to move against us?”

If things were like this, the situation was more serious than he thought!

The Second Lieutenant cautiously said, “I don’t think that’s likely, right? If the Holy Palace really sensed something, they would have long since lowered thunder upon us and there would be nothing we could have done to resist it.” He paused briefly and continued, “Moreover, this matter was always carried out with the utmost secrecy. Even within the entire Holy Nether Guard, the number of people that know of this can be counted with two hands. Each of them has several generations of inheritance and there absolutely isn’t any problem with their loyalty.”

Fu Shan waved his hand. “Enough. I was just casually mentioning it. If we haphazardly guess, there is nothing we can obtain. Bring Yao Bin’s three subordinates here. Let’s see whether or not we can find out any clues from them.”

They nodded.

Soon, w.a.n.g Chao and the other two were brought out from jail and delivered here.

After entering jail, the three people shouted out for a while before they calmed down. Once they discussed the situation amongst themselves, they realised that the Holy Nether Guard had no reason for killing the Commander.

If they killed Qin Yu, not only would they not obtain any advantages, but they would also welcome the wrath of the Holy Palace.

So after entering the hall, w.a.n.g Chao fell to his knees. “Vice Commander, three lieutenants, please hurry and rescue the Lord Commander!” Qin Yu had already been gone for over a day. As he thought about this, it was like his heart filled with stones, each beat becoming particularly difficult.

Fu Shan maintained his composure, “We also want to know what exactly happened. At the very least, you have to tell me who plotted to murder the Commander so we can find out where he is and rescue him.”

The one who tricked the Commander and led him away was you Holy Nether Guard people! w.a.n.g Chao wanted to blurt out these words but he realized it wouldn’t be useful. Not only would he be wasting his time, he would even cause these people across from him to be angrier at him.

“Reporting to the Vice Commander, it is people from outside the Endless Sea. They aren’t willing to see the Commander survive any longer and threaten their future status. I ask the lords to thoroughly investigate anyone who has contact with those on the outside. You will definitely be able to catch the person who plotted to murder the Commander!”

The Second Lieutenant roared out loud, “Shut up! It is impossible for this matter to be related to the Holy Nether Guard. If you dare to recklessly slander us again, you will not be forgiven!”

Hua Yanting shouted, “What big brother said is true, why won’t you believe him?”

The Second Lieutenant sneered, “Since you won’t give up, then let’s speak honestly. Yao Bin might be the Commander of the Holy Nether Guard in name, but in essence he is simply someone exiled into the Endless Sea. What qualifications does he have for others to try and murder him here…the words you say are simply unbelievable!”

w.a.n.g Chao’s eyes popped open. He suddenly had the thought that from the very start, he had been mistaken about something.

When he first came to Holy Nether City, the only thought in his mind was to tightly grab onto Qin Yu’s big thigh. So, when he saw the ruins of the residence he was staying in, he didn’t think too much of it. He a.s.sumed that the Holy Nether Guard’s resentment was far too deep so they wanted to deliberately humiliate him. But thinking back to it…

He looked up, his lips s.h.i.+vering. “You…you don’t know…who the Commander is…” Seeing the four people across from him furrow their eyebrows as if they were wondering what sort of craziness he was going to shout out now, w.a.n.g Chao closed his eyes in pain, his heart grumbling the entire time.

Fu Shan’s eyes sharpened. “What are you trying to say?”

w.a.n.g Chao opened his eyes. His voice was hollow as he said, “The Commander’s name is Yao Bin. He is a new disciple who pa.s.sed the Demon Ascension Gate and joined the Demonic Path not too long ago…”

Fu Shan’s heart shrank. A new disciple…even if they were exiled into the Endless Sea after committing a great crime, how could they obtain the position of Commander? He was always on guard, a.s.suming that Qin Yu was some unknown chess piece raised by the Holy Palace. But now it seemed that he had been wrong all along.

“…During the Demon Body talent examination, the Commander shocked the heavens. He galvanized a world phenomenon and a tenth great sun appeared in the skies of the Holy Land’s small world…”

Yuan Zhen lost his voice, “Sun step talent!”

w.a.n.g Chao remained expressionless. “To be more accurate, it is the sun step’s white sun boundary. The entire Demonic Path was stirred up because of that and countless undercurrents erupted beneath the surface. Soon after, the Commander was exiled to the Endless Sea and became the Commander of the Holy Nether Guard.”

His face twitched and he finally revealed an angry expression. “When I first arrived at the Endless Sea and learned that he was the newly appointed Commander, do you all know what my innermost feelings were like? I’m sure that the four lords here understand what this represents much better than I do.

“But I never imagined that from beginning to end, the Holy Nether Guard wouldn’t know of the Lord Commander’s white sun talent boundary. It was our mistake. I a.s.sumed that someone well known throughout the entire Demonic Path would have already reached the ears of the Holy Nether Guard. Yet things were actually so unexpected.”

Tears flowed down, filled with sorrow and sadness.

The entire hall was left deathly silent.

Fu Shan’s face paled. The three lieutenants were also left in an absent-minded daze, a loud rumbling cras.h.i.+ng through their minds. At this time, it was no longer necessary for w.a.n.g Chao to lie to them about something like this. Moreover, the four of them were people with rich experiences of their own, and it wasn’t difficult for them to judge the veracity of these words.

White sun boundary…

The Holy Nether Guard was forever guarding the Endless Sea. Only after being summoned by the Holy Monarch could their freedom be restored. Thus, through the countless generations of inheritance, the relations.h.i.+p between the Holy Nether Guard and Holy Monarch had always been closer than others a.s.sumed. To a degree, it could be said that the entire Holy Nether Guard was controlled by the Holy Monarch and was a direct extension of his strength.

So, as for what a white sun boundary Demon Body talent represented, Fu Shan and the others were more aware than anyone else. As long as this Yao Bin put in enough effort, he might only need 100-200 years and there would be a significant chance that he would rocket straight into the heavens, successfully achieving a Saint level Demon Body and succeeding the throne of the Holy Monarch.

Qin Yu was the Holy Nether Guard Commander. As long as both sides lived harmoniously, they would have a shared relation together. And once he succeeded the throne of the Holy Monarch, wouldn’t the day that the Holy Nether Guard retrieve their freedom be close at hand?

Now, it seemed that Qin Yu wasn’t exiled at all. Rather, someone had deliberately sent him here to take advantage of the secure environment of the Endless Sea. Not only would he have the protection of the Holy Nether Guard, he would also be able to safely grow.

All of this was perfectly planned, but what did they do?

They coldly spurned Qin Yu and tossed him into the cold ruins of the Commander Residence without caring for him. When he suffered an accident after falling for the plot of others, they even continued to suspect him.

If regret medicine really existed in this world, they could have eaten hundreds of them in a single gulp. But with things having come this far, it was already too late.

Fu Shan stood up and his roars echoed throughout the hall. “Everyone set out! Find where the Lord Commander is no matter the cost!” Beneath his robes, he clenched his fists so tightly that his nails pierced through his flesh and blood dripped out. But, he didn’t think about this at all.

As the Vice Commander, Fu Shan’s life mission was to lead the Holy Nether Guard and break free of this giant cage that imprisoned them. But when that hope appeared, he didn’t grasp it at all. If something really happened to Qin Yu, he would never be able to forgive himself.

The full force of the Holy Nether Guard was put on display. All of Holy Nether City was turned upside down. In this vast search and rescue mission, two people led their respective squads across a street. When their eyes met, they could sense the fear in each other’s eyes. They suddenly discovered that they miscalculated something.

But what was done was done. There was no way to return things to how they were. The two of them could only lower their heads and vow to forever bury this matter in their hearts.

The Holy Nether Guard didn’t find out anything. Fu Shan didn’t hesitate to personally activate Holy Nether City’s grand array formation. He determined that Qin Yu hadn’t left the city, but had vanished somewhere inside.

w.a.n.g Chao was deathly pale. The more they searched and didn’t come up with any clues, the more this proved how meticulous the plot was. He feared that the Lord Commander had fallen into a trap and his fate was more unfortunate than fortunate…he stood in the rear court of the ruined residence and looked at the chaotic Holy Nether Guards all around him. Then, his gaze inadvertently looked into the distance. His heart skipped a beat as if he had forgotten something.

That direction…yes, why did he forget that area!?

If the Lord Commander was able to survive the Demon Ascension Gate’s small world, his strength shouldn’t be low. Since none of the high level figures within the Holy Nether Guard did anything, then there was probably no one else in this city that could quietly kill him. If so, then borrowing the strength of something else to kill him became the best possible choice.

The more he thought about this, the more he believed it to be true. He immediately sent up a message to the Vice Commander that he had found a clue. Then, crossing the collapsed courtyard walls, he raced towards the city’s edge.

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