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Chapter 539A – Lord Commander, I’ve Been Wronged

Undying finally finished refining the strength of the nine suns. Qin Yu couldn’t conceal his own impatience. After announcing that he was going into seclusion, he entered his training room and utilized Shadow Step to quietly leave. When he appeared in the low-lying area where the waste pills were buried, he didn’t need to give any reminder before the projections of the purple moon and blue sun appeared. It seemed that absorbing the strength of the nine suns during this period had been helpful to the both of them.

Undying smiled and put away the projection of the sun and moon. In the next moment, a halo of blue and purple light erupted. The noise and movement stirred up today was much more diminished than before, but the effect was no less. The rule lines that formed the imprisoning array were affected by the diffusing light, slowly bending outwards to form a channel.

Qin Yu entered smoothly without alarming anyone. The loud rumblings from the yin yang fish could be heard. Although the sounds still left one feeling stuffy and bothered, Qin Yu’s face was full of smiles. After having experienced the benefits of the Demon Body Tempering Pills himself, he couldn’t control his emotions. It just felt too good to be here! Once again, he wanted to thank all those people hiding in the shadows who had spent so many resources to send him here originally, yet wanted to remain unknown…

After suppressing these random thoughts, Qin Yu waved his hand and vigorously said, “Undying, begin.”

“Yes, little master.” Like a shadow, Undying drilled into the yin yang fish. Then waste pills began to rain down like a storm. At the same time, within the s.p.a.ce of this array formation, the density of the pill toxins began to drop at a dramatic pace.

Qin Yu closed his eyes, sighing comfortably. All of his pores were opened up, allowing the terrifying pill toxins to crazily drill into his body. The surface of his right hand’s index finger s.h.i.+ned with a faint luminescence as runes appeared. As time pa.s.sed, these runes appeared much more lively and bright.

Not only were the waste pills wonderful, the pill toxins were also good!

The yin yang fish maintained constant balance. As a ma.s.sive amount of waste pills fell down, the strength of the nine suns flowed out. As usual, Meimei disregarded the rules of seniority and tore out a section first. Then was the purple moon and the blue sun. Undying smiled and received the last part.

The blue and purple light flooded out once more. Qin Yu left the pill burial area, stepped into the shadows, and reappeared in the training room.

Since he had announced he was entering seclusion, there was no reason to stop halfway. He took out the Ninth Province furnace and after some brief arguing, the two finally came to terms with each other.

Qin Yu rubbed his eyebrows. He thought that he needed to find a way to restore the Ninth Province as soon as possible, otherwise no matter how wealthy he was, there was no way he could keep up with the blood loss from these thousands of tiny cuts!

In the dark world within shadows.

Undying sat on his throne, his eyebrows gently furrowed together as if he was deep in thought. Within this empty world of deathly silence, time seemed to lose all meaning. In comparison to the normally friendly image that he revealed in front of Qin Yu, at this moment the quiet Undying was like a Sovereign King of Destruction, his dignity and slaughter intent so rich that it made the heart tremble.

Suddenly, Undying stood up. With a flick of his sleeve, darkness tumbled and a path opened up, the stone stairs leading down into the unknown.

At the bottom, there was an altar formed from the strength of darkness. Chained to it was a Spirity even more pale than before. Her long eyelashes gently trembled and she seemed to use up an immense amount of energy as she slowly opened her eyes.

Her eyes were still beautiful, calm, gentle, and stoic.

But, there was a weariness and weakness beneath it all that could not be concealed.

“What did you come again for?”

Undying was silent. He looked at Spirity. The chains that bound her to the altar appeared tighter than before, somehow making her beautiful and delicate body appear even more seductive. But, Spirity’s gaze was faint and indifferent, without any embarra.s.sment.

After a long time, Undying sighed. “I want to know whether or not you are good at judging people, or is your luck just that amazing?”

A light flashed in Spirity’s eyes. “It seems that Qin Yu’s performance lately has been very good.”

“Very good?” Undying mulled over it and shook his head. “To be more precise, it is extremely, extremely good, so good that he has exceeded my every expectation. Right now he has already joined the Demonic Path. There is even a chance that not too far from now, he will succeed the throne of the Demon Palace’s Demon Monarch.”

He shook his head as if in deep praise. “Even during our golden years, the Demon Monarch was a peerless powerhouse who helped support the heavens. I never imagined that Qin Yu’s speed of growth would be this high.”

A smile appeared on Spirity’s face. As it did, it seemed like warm flowers were blooming in the spring around her. Something that could be called a soul-stirring atmosphere began to surge in the air.

Her eyes fell into a trance. She was remembering the calm and insistent face of a young man from a long, long time ago.

Perhaps from the moment they met, she had already recognized that this seemingly common and average young man would have an incomparably bright future ahead of him.

She hadn’t misjudged him…

Undying reached into his chest and drew out a pure white light. The yin chill in the air drew away from this light, causing a warm feeling to fill the surroundings.

Spirity looked over and frowned. “What is the meaning of this?”

Undying smiled. “It’s simple. I have discovered that Qin Yu has the potential to walk even further than I antic.i.p.ated, to have even greater achievements than I hoped. As for you, the price you paid will be returned to you ten times, a hundred times in the future. So, I am prepared to please you and flatter you. This pure yang strength is a token of my sincerity.”

Spirity was incredibly weak. In order to block off the perception of the demonic altar, she had to constantly lose her source energy. This ma.s.s of pure yang strength would be of great help to her. But, she didn’t reveal any urgency. On the contrary, her look became increasingly indifferent. “I can sense the traces of three formidable auras left behind on this pure yang strength. It should have been divided into four parts.”

Undying nodded. “True. The Cosmic Seacross Bell, the purple moon, and blue sun, they each have a part.”

Spirity knit her eyebrows. “You are playing with fire.”

Undying lightly said, “They cannot discover my methods.” A cold intent rolled all around his body. “Of course, even if they detect something is wrong…so what?”

A cruel and vicious momentum broke free from his body!

Undying had already savored the taste of despair, so he would never allow himself to fall into such a situation again. As long as he could make his future brighter, he didn’t mind doing anything.

Moreover, even if the Cosmic Seacross Bell and the two inheritances of the great Lunar and Solar Holy Lands were mystical and powerful, he didn’t dread them.

Spirity could guess what Undying’s thoughts were because that despair had also left her drowning many years ago in the past. After several moments of silence, she closed her eyes and said, “I owe you a favor.”

Undying’s smile became blindingly bright. He lifted his hand and the pure yang strength flew towards the altar, melting into Spirity’s body. “Later when I do this again, I’ll keep a part for you.”

He turned and walked away, whistling in his heart.

Spirity had accepted the pure yang energy; this meant that there was now an agreement between them. Even if the Cosmic Seacross Bell, purple moon, and blue sun all had good relations, he wasn’t afraid he would be pushed to the side.

Because he knew that one day, the little master would understand who sacrificed the most for him. Since Undying couldn’t do what Spirity did, he could only take a step back and search for benefits elsewhere.

Where there were people, there was intrigue…these words were applicable anywhere. Of course, none of them would allow Qin Yu to notice this sort of minor internal strife. Otherwise, how would he be at ease and allow them to stay around?

This was a tacit understanding between them all.

After patiently waiting for another month and determining that his actions didn’t cause any waves, Mu Xianglin finally decided to see what the aftermath was. Without much effort, he obtained some news from the Endless Sea because the information channel had been closed and isolated.

A total of four signaling jade slips were sent out. The first and second were requests to open the Endless Sea Array Formation. It seemed that the Holy Nether Guard had found out where the problem was. But what a pity, these two signaling jade slips didn’t receive any response. Then, the third signaling jade slip was a message that they suspected the current Commander Yao Bin had been murdered. The last signaling jade slip was a letter of apology from the Holy Nether Guard…after that, there was no more communication.

Mu Xianglin smiled in satisfaction. The Holy Nether Guard were pitiful and unlucky fellows, but they weren’t all idiots. It was already difficult for them to realize what was happening. Since there was no further news afterwards, this must have meant that they decided to suppress this information.

After some years pa.s.sed they would casually find an excuse and report that Yao Bin had died. With this, the Mu Family would be thoroughly cleared of any suspicion.

The Holy Nether Guard would be spared punishment, the chess pieces he manipulated would be preserved, and the Mu Family wouldn’t have to bear any pressure from the other factions…this result couldn’t be any more wonderful.

After casually crus.h.i.+ng the jade slip in his hand, Mu Xianglin laughed several times, fully satisfied with his scheming. The hot emotions erupted within his body once more, causing him to feel as if he had caught on fire.

“Men, choose ten…no, twenty maids from the mansion and deliver them to my room.”

Following this, he engaged in carnal revelry for nights and days.

The hidden calamity of the Mu Family had died and their prospects were bright once again. Such splendid news was worthy of being celebrated.

There was nothing wrong with that.

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