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Chapter 724 - Dragon City

For the past several days during their journey, Ji Yun had recommended local foods, each one of them with its own distinctive characteristics. Zhou Li smiled and nodded. But, there was a bottom line that didn’t change. “Go. We’ll split the cost later.”

This was a rule that the two people had decided upon before the trip began. They would each pay for their own expenses.

Ji Yun forced a smile and nodded. “Zhou Li, when are you going to give me an opportunity to please you?” After muttering to himself, he stood up and left.

This was a major reason why Ji Yun was able to obtain a favorable impression from Zhou Li. He was measured and discreet in his actions. Even though he displayed how much he regarded her, he didn’t make her feel any pressure. Although this wasn’t the first time Zhou Li had heard these words that were similar to a confession, her face still flushed red. She turned her head and looked through the thick gla.s.s, appreciating the white clouds beneath the hot sun.

The mountain range twisted like a snake, with long rivers crossing through it. Occasionally, powerful monster beasts could be seen. They stood at the peaks of the mountains and roared at the flying boat as a warning that they had intruded into their territory.

To fly above the world and look down upon the earth below, Zhou Li would never have imagined she would experience such things a year ago. But now, she was sitting in the flying boat. She suddenly felt that everything that happened to her was nothing but a beautiful and illusory dream.

Her thoughts drifted far away, and a figure appeared in Zhou Li’s mind without warning. It was a young man in a black robe, a warm and relaxed smile lifting his face. His appearance was ordinary, but his pair of dark eyes was particularly striking.

Zhou Li instinctively wondered, when did she see this before? It seemed to be the expression when she returned home from herding and saw him conversing with her grandfather.

This was clearly something from several months ago, but when she thought about it now, it seemed distant and remote. She had now changed her destiny and become a true cultivator…as for him…perhaps he was still ordinary, and would continue to remain ordinary in the future.

Dozens of years from now, she would remain the same. But he would be old and gray. Perhaps he would be struggling on his deathbed as his descendants wept around him, until he finally turned back into dirt.

Zhou Li pursed her lips, suppressing these tumbling thoughts. This was because they no longer lived in the same world.

She looked up at Ji Yun who was walking over. His handsome face sparkled with confidence and he possessed a spirited aura, full of vigor and life.

Ji Yun didn’t know that a large part of why Zhou Li was close to him was because of his ambitious and aggressive personality. The man she settled on had to have lofty and great aspirations. They needed to try their best to seek out their own future. They could not be someone mediocre!

“Zhou Li, our luck is good. There are only two fruits on this flying boat, just enough for the two of us. It’s not too expensive; each one is only 50 spirit stones. You can eat while they are fresh. We can settle the cost after we get off the boat.”


The Hidden Fog Sect’s high level figures walked out of the laboratory. Although they tried to suppress it, they couldn’t help but reveal their joy and happiness in each step they took. Mister Ning Qin was truly worthy of being a Grand Expert; his skills were truly astonis.h.i.+ng! In a short period of time, not only had he reversed the backlash, but the dark star ice serpent had advanced forward another step.

In this Beast King War, the Hidden Fog Sect would surely amaze the world with a single feat. If they were the final victors, their harvests would be more than just their reputation.

The conflicts within the seven sects were mostly resolved through the Beast King War. This involved a ma.s.sive amount of wealth and harvests.

Because of this, when Mister Ning Qin mentioned that he wanted to keep the sect’s treasure for self-defense, the Sect Master had agreed without even batting an eyelash. This caused the group of Elders who originally thought of the Sect Master as a coward to look at him with renewed admiration.

As long as they could remain on good terms with Mister Ning Qin, what was a mere treasure? As for the blue marvel orchids that the sect still owed him, they sent him seven in one go. When they heard that Mister Ning Qin’s initial offer was to exchange one-to-one, they naturally had to agree to his will.

“Everyone, the Beast King War will soon begin. We must leave.” The Hidden Fog Sect Master’s eyes swept around the hall. “This time, my Hidden Fog Sect will definitely stand out amongst the seven sects!”

“Yes, Sect Master!” The Elders left. They began to carry out their preparations according to the plan.

Soon only the Hidden Fog Sect Master remained in the hall. His expression returned to serenity and his eyes warmed. Following a long period of silence, he stood up and walked out. After taking several steps he soared into the skies.

He looked down at the entirety of the Hidden Fog Mountain below him, as if he wanted to imprint everything in his mind. A faint trace of reluctance, pain, and helplessness flashed in the depths of his eyes. But, he soon took a deep breath and closed his eyes. When he opened them again, there was a firm look in the Hidden Fog Sect Master’s eyes.

After this matter was finished, the Hidden Fog Sect would no longer be shackled. They would obtain a new life!

Half a day later, a ma.s.sive flying boat shot up into the skies. As countless Hidden Fog Sect cultivators watched, it howled into the distance.

Yun Die sat near the window, not reading or studying. Her chin was resting on her hand as she looked outside at the pa.s.sing scenery around her. Every once in a while she would turn her head and look at her teacher’s closed room, admiration in her eyes.

Even when travelling, her teacher didn’t slack off. He was the most diligent and hardworking person she had seen in her life.

No wonder teacher was able to have his current achievements. And the confidence and composure that reflected this hard work gave Yun Die confidence.

Teacher would win, he would definitely win!

In the dark hall, six Senators gathered around a round table. They had already obtained news of the Hidden Fog Sect leaving.

Lone Mountain frostily said, “The Dark Parliament has agreed to the bet with Ning Qin. We must prevent the Hidden Fog Sect from being the final victor. If every partic.i.p.ating spirit beast dies, we will have already won.”

Oriole’s eyes brightened. “That proposition isn’t bad.”

Limitless laughed, his voice dark and cold. “You can try.”

Sage lightly said, “The reason the Dark Parliament can remain hidden today is because we keep every promise we make, so insiders can stay silent and we can keep our existence from being exposed. If we break our promise with Qin Yu today, there will be no one else that ever trusts us. Three Senators, do you want to see this situation?”

Lone Mountain coldly sneered. Although he rarely spoke, he was the most radical member of the parliament. But what Sage said was correct. After a moment of silence, he suppressed this proposition and no longer mentioned it.

Sage continued to say, “Senators, the Dark Parliament has already completed preparations. Even if Qin Yu is a true Grand Expert, he won’t necessarily win.

“We will be open and forthright in winning this bet and obtaining the Chaotic Sky Chronicle…I hope that until then, everyone will keep quiet. This is the respect that should be given to formidable opponents.”

The Beast King War was conducted in a grand and majestic city located in the heart of the Eastern Great Plains. The seven sects had started dozens of conflicts because of this city, but none of them had been able to annex it and add it to their territory.

It was rumored that this city was far more ancient than the seven great sects, and that a shocking secret was hidden beneath it.

Whoever could obtain it would become the genuine master of these vast Great Plains. As for the city’s name, it was – Dragon City.

Above the city gates were two large characters that had been weathered over countless years. The edges had already become blurry. But whenever anyone stood before the city gates and looked up, they would feel nothing but endless awe from their hearts.

As if the person who left behind these characters had poured in a part of their own spiritual will, so that it remained there even after countless years!

“It is said that in the ancient times, Dragon City had a ma.s.sive number of the dragon race suppressed within. They were ridden by the first and original rulers of this world. But afterwards, some accident occurred and these rulers vanished without a trace. As for the dragons living in Dragon City, they disappeared in a single night.” Ji Yun sighed with emotion as he spoke.

Zhou Li was shocked. Her eyes became incomparably bright. This world was far more vast than she ever imagined. The more she learned, the more awe she felt. As she listened to Ji Yun narrate the story of the ‘Dragon City’ characters, her eyes blurred. Then, a magnificent picture scroll seemed to slowly unfold before her eyes.

She ‘watched’ as a giant golden dragon, one that was hundreds of thousands of feet long and with shackles wrapped around its horn, was controlled by a person to soar in the highest heavens.

Then, the person above the giant dragon maliciously grasped at the earth. An entire city rose from the plains.

Soon after that, he leapt off the dragon and stood outside the city gates. He lifted a hand and wrote two characters.

“Ahh!” Zhou Li cried out in alarm. The scene in front of her rapidly vanished as Ji Yun looked at her with worry, “Are you alright?”

Zhou Li looked at the ‘Dragon City’ characters in a daze, her mind constantly recalling the images she had seen. This was because the two characters that person wrote were right in front of her.

Could it be that it wasn’t an illusion, but something that truly happened long ago?

The city gate guards rushed over. One of them wore dragon-patterned armor. He bowed and asked, “May I ask miss what you saw?”

Zhou Li nodded in a haze. “I saw an enslaved giant golden dragon…” As for the rest of it, she didn’t know why but she didn’t describe it.

Perhaps it was because subconsciously she didn’t believe it.

The guard turned a hand and took out a stone. “Miss, please place your hand above this stone. Don’t worry, we have absolutely zero ill intent.”

To the side, Ji Yun widened his eyes, surprise on his face as if he were watching something unbelievable. He welcomed Zhou Li’s gaze and slowly nodded.

Zhou Li hesitated for a moment and then placed her hand above the stone. In the next moment there was a dragon’s cry as a translucent dragon phantom flew out from the stone.

The guard instantly fell to his knees. He respectfully said, “After 1700 years, Dragon City finally welcomes a new guest!”

There was a loud cry from the crowd of onlookers. After remaining silent for nearly 2000 years, Dragon City began to stir once more. Eyes filled with awe and wonder gathered onto Zhou Li.

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