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Chapter 794B – His Goal

Qin Yu hummed in acknowledgment and then motioned for her to wait at the side. He said, “Divine Seat, I believe you should already know of some matters. Today I hope you can help me by placing a Holy Seal on my disciple.

“I can also achieve this. But in the end, you, the Divine Seat, are the walking representative of the Dao Monarch on this world. Your Holy Seal represents the entire Western Tomb.”

It was only now that Yun Die reacted. When she swept her eyes around and also heard the t.i.tle Qin Yu used, she was suddenly frightened.

Western Tomb’s Divine Seat!?

So her matter wasn’t over yet? Even she knew what the Western Tomb’s Holy Seal was. Only the Western Tomb’s most reverent believers, or those that had made immense contributions, had the possibility of being granted one.

It represented not just unsurpa.s.sed glory, but it was also a status symbol. Those with the Holy Seal were sheltered by the Western Tomb!

Even with her teacher’s status, wouldn’t it be difficult to obtain something so precious?

As she was lost in her own thoughts, Yun Die somewhat ignored the later words Qin Yu said. Otherwise, wouldn’t she also be surprised that her teacher said he could condense a Holy Seal himself?

But what happened next far surpa.s.sed her expectations. High on the throne, the Western Tomb Divine Seat smiled and readily agreed. “Since she is the Saint Son’s disciple, of course she has the qualifications to obtain the Holy Seal.”

For some reason she felt that there was a bit of relief in his tone.

A ma.s.s of holy light emerged from nothingness. It condensed into a mote of light that fell in between Yun Die’s eyebrows.

A four-sided Holy Seal the size of a thumb appeared. It was bright and woven together with bright lines. Although it had no meaning in itself, anyone who saw it could sense the dignity inherent within it.

Yun Die regained her composure and her eyes flew open. Saint Son…when did teacher become the Western Tomb’s Saint Son…

Qin Yu smiled, “I thank the Divine Seat.”

Ji Xiangtian said, “Come, let me bring you to see Lord Dorelis.”

The Subordinate G.o.d Temple stood outside the 108 holy temples. When Qin Yu walked in, he was welcomed by a pair of beautiful eyes.

“If you had come just a few days later, I fear this projection would have disappeared by then. You really know how to take your time.”

Qin Yu cupped his hands together. “I don’t understand what you mean.”

Dorelis smiled, but the words she said next were as sharp as a saber. “The power of the holy light in your body might come from the Dao Monarch, but it wasn’t granted by him.”

There was a profound and horrifying meaning behind her words.

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows. He looked up at the beautiful woman in front of him and said, “Lord Dorelis, do you have any advice?”

She had seen through his ident.i.ty but didn’t expose him. If she helped him cover it up, that meant she had her own reasons for doing so.

Dorelis snapped her fingers. A faint wave swept across Qin Yu and he furrowed his eyebrows even deeper.

“Don’t worry. This is just a minor method I use to block out spying eyes. You also don’t hope that outsiders pry in on our conversation, right?”

Qin Yu said, “Please speak honestly.”

Dorelis’ smile disappeared. “It’s simple. I hope to make a transaction with you. As for whether or not you are interested, you can listen to me first.”

She stepped in front of Qin Yu. She was tall enough that Qin Yu only needed to tilt his head down a little to see into her plunging cleavage.

It was unfathomably deep.

A light fragrance filled the air. It was fresh and soft, yet contained an enticing power behind it. Qin Yu’s heartbeat couldn’t help but quicken. He moved a little but immediately paused. He looked straight into her eyes.

But his small actions didn’t escape her eyes. After all, this was the projection of an absolute powerhouse. Her smile brightened.

“I think you should be puzzled by that existence who lent you strength and regards you so highly…or to be more exact, that existence can clearly resurrect by himself, so why did he drag you in?”

Qin Yu’s eyes lit up, like a lamp exploded in the dimly lit room. He kept his eyes firmly fixed on her, as if trying to see the thoughts hidden in her heart.

But to his surprise, Qin Yu gained no harvests. He couldn’t determine if she was probing him or whether she truly knew something.

“Lord Dorelis, as you said, your projection will soon disappear. So if you really are honest, let’s go straight to the topic.”

Her smile stagnated. A trace of appreciation flashed in her eyes. “For you to remain calm even now, I am much more confident in our cooperation.”

She said, “To express my sincerity, I will explain my demands and position first. As you’ve seen, I am attached to the Dao Monarch and am the Subordinate G.o.d spoken about in the Western Tomb…although this isn’t the case in reality, it is troublesome to explain. So, it's fine if you think this way for the time being.

“You should already be aware that in the distant past, there was a battle between two super powerhouses on this world. Although the result was that the one behind you was defeated, the Dao Monarch was also extremely injured. And, the one behind you left traces in the Dao Monarch’s body, causing him to suffer immense problems in the future.

“Mm…the Dao Monarch is still alive, but he has fallen into an endless slumber. There is a possibility he wakes up and returns, but there is also the possibility that he vanishes forever in his sleep. As a woman of ambition, I hope that I can replace the Dao Monarch’s status. So, if he remains forever sleeping or even fades away to nothingness, that would be the result for me.

“I cannot explain the specifics for the time being, but if the one behind you is resurrected, the Dao Monarch is likely to reawaken. This conflicts with my interests. So now, you should already understand my position.”

Qin Yu’s thoughts raced. He slowly nodded.

“Great. I like to deal with smart people. It saves effort and worry.” Dorelis’ smile brightened. “Then, let’s talk about your problem now…mm, about that one standing behind you, it’s best not to mention his name. Even the code of his race isn’t good. Beings that reach his boundary will likely sense something, rendering my tiny s.h.i.+eld useless.

“Thinking about it, perhaps from the very start, losing that great battle was all a plan of his. By using his ‘death’, he avoided the calamity that struck his race…mm, you should also know about this, right?”

Seeing Qin Yu nod, Dorelis continued to speak. Her face was full of acclaim and admiration as she said, “Perhaps even the wise and formidable Dao Monarch never discovered that he was being used from beginning to end. By using the Dao Monarch’s hand, that ‘one’ behind you managed to escape like a cicada from its sh.e.l.l, surviving safely until now. In fact, that one has already taken a step beyond and has begun to plunder the Dao Monarch’s Great Dao.

“Of course, his most ingenious and exquisite preparations are all on you…I am not yet sure what methods he used to calculate your arrival, but it’s clear he was prepared beforehand. So while he could revive a long time ago, he waited until you appeared.”

Dorelis leaned in closer. Qin Yu could feel her warm breath on his body and a light voice echoed in his ears. “Because that existence is waiting for a perfect specimen, someone that can allow him to transform and further his mortal body…and his goal is you.”

A cold chill gushed out in Qin Yu’s heart and swept through his body. Although this was only Dorelis’ one-sided guess, the dread and restlessness he felt this entire time caused him to mostly believe it.

Moreover, there was also another minor detail. From the very start, the Ancient had never asked Qin Yu what his name was.

Perhaps he didn’t care. Perhaps things like ‘names’ were meaningless to Ancients. Or perhaps in the eyes of the Ancient, Qin Yu was the only remaining descendant of the Ancient race in the world, so there was no need for anything else to represent a symbol of ident.i.ty…

But in Qin Yu’s eyes, this represented a kind of indifference.

Dorelis moved closer. From a distance, it looked as if she and Qin Yu were close lovers hugging each other.

“It looks like you’ve already sensed this. You really are a smart little boy; you’ve saved me a good deal of time explaining things.

“Now, are you ready to accept my deal?”

Qin Yu was expressionless. From such a close distance, he could even feel the soft and tempting friction of her chest on his body. But, his eyes were calm and waveless, without any fluctuations.

“Why should I believe you?”

Dorelis laughed. “Because you have no other choice.” Her expression was languid and a.s.sured. “You should have discovered that after meeting the person behind you, you’ve become like a conscious puppet. You clearly feel fear, but yet you dare not reveal it. And what is even more horrifying is that even though you want to get rid of him, you can’t find a way to do it. You can only follow his will, one step at a time.

“And in this world, I am the only one who can help you. Only I can rid you of that person’s shadow and allow you to regain your freedom.”

Qin Yu was silent for a long time. As Dorelis smiled even brighter, he suddenly took a step backwards and opened up the distance between them.

“You aren’t human.”

Dorelis frowned.

Qin Yu continued to say, “You are just a projection that has spanned endless amounts of s.p.a.ce, trillions upon trillions of miles, to arrive here. To be more accurate, you are just a projection that has been exhausted of strength and will fade away at any moment. Even if everything you said was true, you are not in a condition to help me.”

His tone changed, “Moreover, while I acknowledge that what you say may be true, there is also the possibility that you are deceiving me. After all, you are a follower of the Dao Monarch and I am a bloodline descendant of that person. Relatively speaking, my position with that one is much closer, and from how things look for the time being, not only has he not done anything to me, he’s actually helped me a great deal.”

Dorelis lightly said, “What do you want?”

Qin Yu said, “Proof.” His eyes were deep and profound. “You can give me proof, and not just these pale words.”

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