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Chapter 847 - Dragon Devouring

I am an Ancient. I have set up a great plan and after waiting for countless years, I shall finally pull in the net and bring everything to a perfect ending.

But can someone tell me why after the net has been opened, the largest fish still hasn’t arrived?

Did he see through my plan? That shouldn’t be possible…but if that isn’t the reason, where did the problem occur?

At this moment, no one could have imagined that the Ancient who was confined in the black hole and being ‘beaten up’ had such thoughts swirling in his mind.

In truth, the betrayal of the Dragon Soul was indeed unexpected, but it was still within his plan’s range of tolerance. Even if it collaborated with the Myriad Dragon Body and brought in a group of powerhouses to support them, in the eyes of the Ancient they were nothing more than a pack of yapping dogs and chickens, peons that would collapse at the first blow.

The only reason he was patiently enduring all of this was to wait for the biggest fish to come. Only when he arrived here could the final gap in his plan be filled in.

Why wasn’t he here yet?

The Ancient subconsciously frowned.

This caused all of the experts that were pouring out all their power outside the black hole to suddenly suck in a sharp breath and caused their spirits to be inspired. They all thought that they were finally making the Ancient feel pressure. But, the battle had just begun. Brothers, let’s work harder; the moment of his death is close at hand!

As if they had been splashed with chicken blood, the experts that came from influences all around suddenly screamed, desperately pouring out all their energy.

A trace of confusion appeared in the eyes of the two dragons. Had they overestimated their master’s strength? Was this his limit?

And at this time, the big fish that the Ancient was waiting for was also in a state of extreme irritation. He was fighting without holding back, yet while the puppet across from him swayed and shook, it still failed to fall over.

He had already been delayed here for a considerable amount of time. As the Dao Monarch thought about how the Ancient could complete the suppression of the Myriad Dragon Body at any time, a cruel look emerged in his eyes.

Originally, this card had been prepared for the time when he came face to face with the Ancient. But now he couldn’t bother with such things. He couldn’t allow himself to be held down here.

With his mind set, the Dao Monarch took in a deep breath and placed a hand between his eyebrows. A mote of light suddenly appeared there.

This light was dim at first but it immediately brightened. Like a clear moon hanging in the night skies, it sprinkled down rays of silver brilliance.

“Great Dao Prospers Forever!”

A deep sound came from his throat. Invisible fluctuations of Laws instantly flooded out like a tide. Deep below the First Moon Mountain Range, in the mysterious s.p.a.ce where the giant palace floated in the void, there was a sudden explosion as two figures revealed themselves.

Liu Yun frowned. He stared at Dorelis. Just what problem had occurred with this formidable G.o.d projection now? Or, was this all a trap of hers, to deliberately lure him in by revealing a flaw?

As Liu Yun felt dread and didn’t dare to go forward, Dorelis’ complexion rapidly faltered. Her eyes flew open as she looked at the nothingness in front of her. Her eyes seemed to pierce through s.p.a.ce and fall onto another figure.

“Impossible! This is impossible!” She screeched out loud. Struggle and horror filled her eyes. Then, an invisible force wrapped around her and she was pulled into the void, disappearing from sight.

Liu Yun’s complexion sank. A cold and cloudy look appeared in his eyes. What was the meaning of this? What was he supposed to think it was? Everything had ended so abruptly!

What was the reason for him to have fought for such a long time, slowly consuming Dorelis’ strength? Wasn’t it to avoid harming the G.o.d rules inside that projection so he could obtain them wholly intact?

Just as he was about to harvest the fruits of his efforts, an accident had occurred. Not to mention where Dorelis’ projection went, he had no idea whether he could obtain her.

Hohoho, hohohoho, he absolutely couldn’t endure this!

Liu Yun stepped forward and vanished into the void. He followed the traces of Dorelis’ aura, chasing after her.

No matter who it was, no one could stop him today.

He arrived – it was right in front!

Shua –

Liu Yun emerged from s.p.a.ce to see Dorelis’ figure rapidly shrinking. In the end, she became a small round bead. And in that round bead were the G.o.d rules that he longed for in his dreams.

The Dao Monarch glanced at the pursuing Liu Yun and furrowed his eyebrows. Then he reached his hand forward and took the bead.


Liu Yun wanted to roar out loud and rush forward to teach the Dao Monarch a lesson. But with just one glance, he knew that he couldn’t fight him at all.

Hadn’t he been thinking that no one could stop him just now? This kind of aggrievedness and embarra.s.sment was enough to blow up his lungs!

But a wise man knows when the odds are against him. I will bear it, I will bear it!

Not only did he have to bear it, he had to hurry up and leave. In this scene, weren’t there two big brothers fighting against each other? If he stayed here and got drawn in somehow, he wouldn’t even have time to cry.

Liu Yun was resolute. He stepped back, and just as he was about to leave, a distant pair of eyes locked onto him.

He trembled as a cold air shot up from his heart. Liu Yun glanced at the tattered and nearly ruined puppet. He thought, hey, what are you looking at me for? Your opponent is right over there. I was just pa.s.sing by, so why don’t you two go back to what you were doing?

Then, tragedy occurred.

The puppet roared and opened its mouth towards Liu Yun. A terrifying suction force erupted, locking onto the s.p.a.ce around him.

Liu Yun was stunned. Then, every hair on his body rose on end. What are you doing right now? I just appeared for a brief moment and I was about to leave, but now you are doing this to me?

Are you insane or something? Don’t you know that you are going to be beaten to death!?

Of course, he wouldn’t stand there and wait for death. A resonant dragon’s cry came from his mouth as his human figure broke apart.

In the blink of an eye, he transformed into a great dragon. If someone saw the sight of the other two dragons, they would discover that all three of them had completely identical appearances.

After turning into his dragon form, the great dragon swung its tail. Black cracks appeared in the surrounding s.p.a.ce as the imprisonment violently shook.

But at this time, the puppet widened its mouth, roaring even louder. The swallowing strength instantly rose and the great dragon wailed out loud as it was forcefully pulled towards the puppet’s mouth.

The great dragon had a ma.s.sive body and the puppet was small. With the puppet’s size, even if it opened its mouth to the widest, it couldn’t even bite down on half a scale.

But a strange sight occurred. The great dragon didn’t shrink and the puppet didn’t grow, but it actually managed to swallow the great dragon into its belly.

There seemed to be an absolute contrast of size between the two, but this difference lost all meaning due to the function of the Laws.

“No! No! I won’t be swallowed!” The great dragon roared in horror and panic. Half of its body had been swallowed and the rest was frantically struggling to escape.

The puppet raised a hand and pressed down on the dragon’s head, forcing it into its mouth. Then, with a gulp, the astonis.h.i.+ngly large and formidable dragon was wholly swallowed up by it. And the puppet’s size didn’t change at all compared to before.

But at this moment, the puppet’s aura began to rise dramatically. The great dragon that it had swallowed had become a new fountainhead of its strength!

Seeing this, the Dao Monarch nearly cursed out loud. He had just used one of his cards and was about to beat this puppet to death, but a great dragon had appeared out of nowhere to deliver supplies to him. Was this all a joke?

Suddenly, the Dao Monarch frowned. No, something was wrong…the feeling this great dragon gave off, how come it seemed a little familiar…

The Dao Monarch’s eyes lit up and he fiercely looked at the puppet that had swallowed the dragon.

He finally realized what was unusual about that great dragon…

If the Dao Monarch wanted to brutally tear this puppet into pieces before, then now he wished he could grab hold of it and kiss it.

Great, this was great!

Although he had no idea where this great dragon came from, it was a genuine part of the Myriad Dragon Body. Now that the puppet had swallowed it up, the Ancient could forget about obtaining the complete Myriad Dragon Body.

Moreover, if the Dao Monarch eliminated this puppet and ruined the great dragon with it, would it affect the Ancient’s plans, potentially even causing them to fail?

The Dao Monarch’s eyes grew increasingly bright. He suddenly thought that he had grasped some key aspect of the situation.

“Dao Monarch, not even the heavens side with you today! With the dragon helping me, I will pull you down to h.e.l.l with me!” The puppet snarled as it approached.

The Dao Monarch laughed, “If I could destroy you once before, I can destroy you a second time. Then today, I’ll make sure you disappear forever!”

Bang –

Terrifying fluctuations of strength erupted from both sides. The entire First Moon Mountain Range, and even the depths below, violently shook.

At this time, the Shadow Clan that came from the distant Dragon City finally arrived at the fog-covered region of the First Moon Mountain Range.

It was unknown how this fog was formed, but it could even cover up the shockwaves coming from the battle between the Dao Monarch and the puppet. As the troop stood in the fog, they couldn’t feel anything at all.

The Shadow Clan Patriarch lifted a hand, stopping the troop. His heated eyes swept across the fog. He found it difficult to suppress his heart, and even his arms were s.h.i.+vering beneath his robes.

They had arrived. It was this place, the place their master had informed the Shadow Clan to come to. As long as they entered and helped their master’s revival then the Shadow Clan would welcome a new world.

He took a deep breath and suppressed his surging state of mind. He turned and bowed, “Your Highness Saintess, we have arrived at our destination. I will now open a path in the fog.”

Zhou Li calmly said, “Everything shall be handled by the Patriarch.”

The Shadow Clan Patriarch’s palm flashed and a jade talisman appeared. Its surface s.h.i.+ned with a halo of light.

He carefully poured in his strength and tossed it forward. The jade talisman howled into the fog. Wherever it pa.s.sed through, the fog drew back and dispersed.

But this kind of dispersion didn’t mean that it vanished. Rather, where the jade talisman pa.s.sed, it formed a channel that one could clearly see.

“Continue onwards!”

The Shadow Clan Patriarch waved his hand and the imperial carriage continued forward. The Shadow Clan cultivators slowly marched into the fog.

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