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389. Falling for the Trap (III)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

Ying Feng was not surprised by this, but he was sure that Huhe Huangcheng’s decision would make him unpopular among them.

As expected, after Huhe Huangcheng spoke, Zhou Suye’s three men exchanged a look, thinking that Huhe Huangcheng could not be trusted.

Thinking of this, they made up their mind to take Ying Feng as the leader.

Long Xiaoyuan finally saw what he had been waiting for.

When three people came over, Long Xiaoyuan squinted and said, “Don’t move. Let them come closer.”

Liu Suifeng nodded. “Alright, the trap is behind us anyway. If we don’t do anything on our side, they won’t do anything on the other side.”

Long Xiaoyuan nodded and watched the three people advance.

Two people were Fang Shuoyang’s men and the last one was Zhou Suye’s man.

However, Ying Feng was not among them.

Long Xiaoyuan let the three people move forward without taking any moves.

The three of them were on guard all the way and finally walked past Long Xiaoyuan. At the same time, they released a safety signal to tell the people at the back.

At this moment, Long Xiaoyuan suddenly gave a soft smile.

Liu Suifeng looked at him and whispered, “Why are you smiling?”

Long Xiaoyuan smiled again. “It’s fun.”

Liu Suifeng looked at Long Xiaoyuan helplessly, not getting what was fun about this.

Long Xiaoyuan mouthed, “Huhe Huangcheng is too clever for his own good.”

Liu Suifeng paused, and Long Xiaoyuan said softly, “Listen to my instructions later. I will ask Ying Feng to separate that man from Huhe Huangcheng.”

Liu Suifeng was a little surprised. “Ying Feng? Can you contact him now?”


Liu Suifeng’s mouth twitched. “Then how do you inform him?”

“He will understand.” Long Xiaoyuan said with certainty.

He looked so confident that Liu Suifeng didn’t say anything even though he didn’t believe him.

Anyway, they would see if Long Xiaoyuan was right very soon, so it is unnecessary to say anything now.

Once the people at the back received the safety signal, Ying Feng said, “Let’s not separate and go together. If anything happens, we have enough people to fight and break through.”

Zhou Suye’s two remaining men hurriedly agreed. “Okay.”

Huhe Huangcheng smiled. “Okay. That’s great. Let’s go.”

Since Huhe Huangcheng had no objections, the decision was made.

Ying Feng walked in the front, followed by the two men of Zhou Suye. Huhe Huangcheng and his man were the last.

Long Xiaoyuan smiled at Ying Feng’s arrangement.

Liu Suifeng looked at him in bewilderment, not getting what was funny about this arrangement.

“Isn’t this arrangement the worst for us? Do we attack the last two people after they all pa.s.s by? But it’s not possible to attack from such a short distance!”

Long Xiaoyuan smiled without saying a word.

Liu Suifeng really didn’t understand what he was up to.

Therefore he simply stopped say anything, waiting to see what Long Xiaoyuan would do.

At this moment, Long Xiaoyuan saw Ying Feng, who had been in the front, slow down unnoticed and walk abreast of Zhou Suye’s two other men.

In addition, the gap between them was getting wider.

As they were in a forest, it was impossible for them to walk in file. They had to walk abreast of each other.

Ying Feng had made some s.p.a.ce for the two men of Zhou Suye to keep abreast of him.

Gradually, the two men got closer to Ying Feng.

Once there was more s.p.a.ce, Huhe Huangcheng had to move forward a little.

Gradually, the group of people kind of walked abreast of each other.

Liu Suifeng narrowed his eyes.

At this moment, Ying Feng and the rest were about to get to the tree that Long Xiaoyuan and Liu Suifeng were hiding.

At this time, Ying Feng was almost at the back of the group.

They didn’t walk abreast of each other, and Ying Feng was at the rear of the group.

Suddenly, Ying Feng called out. “There are traps here!”

His voice drew the attention of the people, including Huhe Huangcheng.

One of Zhou Suye’s men immediately asked, “What happened?”

Ying Feng said, “Pay attention to the devices under your feet. I have one here.”

Everyone looked at their feet.

At this moment, a white light flashed not too far away from Huhe Huangcheng. The man protecting Huhe Huangcheng was shocked. “Master!”

The man shouted as he pulled Huhe Huangcheng away.

However, the white light was not a hidden weapon, but…actually a white chicken.

Yes, it was a white chicken.

The chicken looked like a light of sword in the sunlight.

However, it was not a sword light!

Once the white chicken jumped out, everyone was relieved.

But at this moment, something suddenly happened again.

Suddenly, a wave of arrows shot towards the man with Huhe Huangcheng.

The man snorted coldly and hit the arrows with the sword in his hand.

Then there came another swarm of poisonous snakes.

When these poisonous snakes appeared, everyone’s face changed.

Ying Feng immediately said, “Let’s go forward.”

After he spoke, Ying Feng took the lead and leapt forward.

Zhou Suye’s two men immediately followed.

Huhe Huangcheng went forward as well.

The man was about to follow him, but at this moment, another wave of arrows flew at him. When the man hit the arrows, the poisonous snakes had already arrived…

Long Xiaoyuan looked at Huhe Huangcheng who was left alone, saying quickly, “Shoot!”

Liu Suifeng didn’t know where the arrows and poisonous snakes came from, nor did he know how this happened, but it didn’t stop him from shooting by his instinct!

When Long Xiaoyuan gave the order, he instinctively fired an arrow…

This arrow flew with exceptional force when Liu Suifeng used his deep inner power. However, he remembered Long Xiaoyuan’s words asking him not to kill Huhe Huangcheng, so he aimed the arrow at Huhe Huangcheng’s shoulder!

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