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Chapter 1552: That Person Is Boss?

“Leave from the back with Miya. I will stop him,” Elizabeth told Babla in a cold voice as she looked at Kurt with a stern expression. Although she wasn't sure if she could stop this fellow, she had to create a chance for them to escape.

Babla threw a glance at Kurt, and then pursed her lips. “You will die.”

“No, I won't.” Elizabeth's reply was sure and resolute.

“Alright.” Babla backed off as she pulled Miya along. With a wave from her, those orcs behind them seemed to be sent away with a giant hand, and a path was created for them.

“Sister, no.” Miya turned to look at Elizabeth with panic and fear in her eyes. She couldn't imagine what would happen after she left Elizabeth here. Those scary orcs would tear her apart.

“No one can be spared. All of you have to die!” A cruel smile appeared on Kurt's face. He had suffered a huge setback due to Rex tonight. Encountering such weak opponents was rare; he had even decided how to torture them to death after he caught them.

All the orcs had already parted. Lord Kurt was one of the Falk Tribe's strongest powerhouses. With him around, all intruders had no way to escape.

“Ice Seal Domain.” Elizabeth used her most powerful technique with a grave expression. Frost spread out from all sides along the corridor, and everything within it was sealed with ice.

“Ice magic caster? Interesting.” Kurt slashed his sword across, and the cold air that moved toward him seemed to be slashed open by a sword. It couldn't stop him at all.

All the orcs lit up their eyes. The ice magic that set them back was negligible in front of Lord Kurt.

A smug smile appeared on Kurt's face. He loved to be the center of attention. Slaughtering his opponents was indeed very exciting.

Elizabeth narrowed her eyes. The great power of a 10th-tier had exceeded her expectations. This orc was so much stronger than Fox. The Ice Seal Domain couldn't even slow him down.

A lot of solutions flashed across her mind. She had obviously no winning chance if she chose to attack him head-on. She would have to reveal her giant dragon ident.i.ty so the other party wouldn't kill her, and she could wait for Mag to rescue her.

However, she wouldn't want to depend on the Frost Dragons' reputation if she could help it. This wasn't in her character.

“Then, let's fight my way out first!” Elizabeth stared at Kurt as a long ice-blue spear gradually consolidated in her hands. The crystal clear spear gave out a coldness. Instead of retreating, she dashed toward Kurt, stepping on the ice.

“You're seeking death!” Kurt smirked and pursed his lips as he looked at Elizabeth's actions. How dared an 8th-tier fellow launch an attack at him. She really didn't know what was good for her. He simply swung his sword as he began to think about how to toy with this woman who had quite a good figure.

However, just as Kurt went past a T-junction, a gale suddenly blew in the side corridor. A cold gleam flashed and crashed into him.

“Who is that?!” Kurt got a shock, and he swung his sword toward his side instinctively.


The crisp sound of clas.h.i.+ng metal could be heard in the long corridor.

Kurt's sword was actually cut in two in the clash. Everyone stared at that broken blade that flew through the air and got stuck in the ceiling with wide eyes.

Meanwhile, Kurt slammed hard into the wall. He had a 10-cm-wide cut on his lower abdomen, and blood stained his clothes instantly. He stared at the empty long corridor with shock.

“Lord Kurt!” All the orcs rushed forward and protected Kurt in the center as they stared at their surroundings in fear.

They, too, only saw a cold gleam. They didn't see who attacked Kurt, either.

Elizabeth also had shock on her face. Although she also didn't see who attacked Kurt, she could sense that person's presence. He had an incredibly terrifying speed and an awe-inspiring burst of energy.

“Elizabeth, retreat. Go straight down the third corridor at the back.” Right at that moment, Mag's orders sounded in her ears.

That person is Boss? Elizabeth raised her eyebrows slightly. However, there wasn't much time for her to ponder. She halted her advance, turned around, and dashed toward the back. Next, she tossed the ice-cold blue spear forward hard in an attempt to skewer those orcs who tried to block her.

“Babla, bring Miya into the corridor in front of you. Go straight through it, and I will be waiting for you all at the juncture.” Mag's voice appeared again.

Babla was taken aback, but she still obeyed his instruction, and brought Miya into the corridor in front of them.

The attack on Kurt caused fear and panic among all the orcs, and n.o.body could bother about Elizabeth and the ladies at that moment.

Lord Kurt was a powerful 10th-tier orc. However, his sword was actually severed, and he was injured. The other party had to be a formidable opponent.

The most terrifying thing was that the other party could actually conceal himself. They only saw a cold gleam the whole time. They couldn't see who the other party was.

Kurt leaned against the wall, still in a shock, but he still loudly ordered, “d.a.m.ned fellow! Find them! I want to kill them!”

All the orcs could only force themselves to pursue Elizabeth, the ladies, and that invisible killer.

Mag took out a piece of cloth as he stood at the juncture. He wiped the blood on the cleaver away carefully before he kept it. He then kicked the orc whose leg was revealed back into the room.

His peak 9th-tier power gave him a rather good explosive power. With Gina's invisible bubble, he found the other party's moment of weakness, and gave him a dangerous strike.

However, the other party was a 10th-tier orc who was well-versed in close combat, after all. His sense of danger and basic instincts were all excellent. Therefore, it was a waste that he could only sever his sword and deal him an inconsequential strike.

If Mag had used the Tian Du sword, that strike would have pierced through Kurt.

However, it would've been very hard for him to hide his tracks then.

Mag couldn't help muttering, “That la.s.s Gina is really a natural a.s.sistant.” The invisibility bubble was simply too practical. It was a waste that it could only last for three minutes.

Footsteps appeared in both the corridors very soon, and Elizabeth, Babla, and Yabemiya appeared in his sight.

And right behind them were even more intense sounds of footsteps.

Miya was delighted to see Elizabeth come from another corridor before she nervously said, “Boss, there are many people after us. You'd better run quickly!”

“Let's go. Little Amy and Gina are already waiting for us.” Mag smiled at the three of them.

Elizabeth gave Mag a meaningful look before waving her hand. A long wall of ice appeared behind her and sealed the corridor shut completely.

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