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Chapter 1553: Are They Thinking Of Regaining Control Of This World Again?

Mag and the ladies returned to the palace maids' dormitory unscathed. Amy and Gina were attacking a badly beaten orc guard when they arrived. There were orc guards lying around everywhere around the door.

Mag c.o.c.ked an eyebrow. This fighting capability had indeed made him proud.

“Let's go. Let's leave here first,” Mag said to everyone after kicking that knocked-out orc aside.

“How about Big Sister Connie? We're not waiting for her?” Amy asked Mag after checking her surroundings.

“Yes. Would it be very dangerous to leave Connie alone here?” Miya was also looking at Miya worriedly.

Everyone turned to Mag in unison.

“There are many orcs closing in now,” Elizabeth said softly as she waved the door closed, and added a few layers of ice wall at the same time.

“Connie's walkie-talkie is no longer in use, and we cannot find her. We have to leave here immediately now that we are exposed, otherwise we will be in grave danger.” Mag shook his head at everyone. “Connie is very good at hiding and stealth, and she grew up here, so it's not difficult for her to evade the search party. Even if she was caught, given her ident.i.ty, she would not be executed immediately. She would most likely be executed together with her brother at tomorrow's conferring ceremony, and we would still have a chance to save her.”

Bam! Bam!

The sounds of breaking down the door had already appeared.

“Let's go. Our plan will fail if we get caught.” Mag walked into the teleportation portal first.

After hesitating for a moment, everyone followed Mag, and entered the teleportation portal.

“Babla, activate the teleportation portal,” said Mag.

Babla touched the bangle on her wrist. A silver starlight lit up, and landed on the teleportation portal underneath their feet.

Dazzling light shone brightly instantly. After three seconds, the light disappeared, and all of them in the teleportation portal disappeared along with it too.


The dormitory's door and ice walls were smashed to smithereens by a great impact. All the orcs rushed in, but they only saw the knocked-out palace maids. There were no intruders in sight.

Darryl and Kurt, who was grasping his waist, walked through the door.

Darryl stood in the center of the dormitory, and crouched down to swipe his finger across some white residue on the floor. After smelling it, he got up with a sinister look. “Those fellows had set up a teleportation portal here!”

“d.a.m.n it! They actually have a formation master among them!” Kurt smashed his fist into the wall angrily. His agitated movement pulled the wound on his waist, and made him snarl in pain.

“First, it was the Hairless Monk, followed by the mysterious powerhouse in the west of the city. Then, a bunch of people snuck into the palace. There could even be a 10th-tier powerhouse among them. Seems like many people are against our Falk Tribe,” Darryl said with furrowed brows.

Right then, an orc jogged over, and reported, “My lords, the chief is awake!”

“Let's go. Let the chief decide on this matter.” Darryl's eyes lit up, and he strode off immediately.

“Things are easier to settle now that the chief is awake.” Kurt swiftly caught up with him.

Why is the little one not out yet? Is she in some trouble? Rex stood on the roof of a stone palace as he worriedly gazed at the palace.

After hesitating for a moment, he halted, and muttered, “If my disciple couldn't even get out of a place like that, she would have failed badly.”

“Attention, all units; attention, all units! Apart from losing contact with Connie, everyone has evacuated safely. Tonight's operation has ended, and we will return to our individual courtyards according to our plans,” Mag spoke into the walkie-talkie as he looked toward the palace on the top of a cliff. He couldn't help feeling worried.

He didn't know where that la.s.s Connie was, or whether she was in danger.

Elizabeth and the ladies were also silent. It felt bad to leave their companion behind.

“Let's go back first.” Mag held Amy's hand, and walked down the cliff.

Elizabeth looked at Mag's retreating back with doubt and wonder. Was he the mysterious person who suddenly dashed out in the corridor and stabbed that orc?

That speed and explosive force must be already very close to 10th-tier, right?

Everyone easily returned to their courtyard amidst the darkness and chaos.

Irina had also returned to the courtyard with a grave expression, and told everyone, “I went to the palace on my way back, and I didn't find Connie, either. Her presence doesn't seem to be in the palace now.”

“Seems like she has already left the palace on her own. That's good news,” Mag said with brightened eyes.

Everyone visibly relaxed after they heard that.

“If Big Sister Connie has already left the palace, why is she not contacting us? Why doesn't she come back here?” Amy asked perplexedly.

“Perhaps she has found something in the palace,” Mag murmured. It was indeed weird for Connie to suddenly lose contact with them. Given her hyper character, she should be the most active one in the walkie-talkie channel.

“She will definitely appear tomorrow. Ferdinand will be executed at the conferring ceremony. She's not a person who easily gives up.” Mag smiled and concluded today's operations and conversations. He asked everyone to return to their rooms and rest.

After everyone left, Irina stayed back, and asked Mag, “Do we need to look for her again?”

“There's no need to. We won't be able to find her if she wants to hide from us.” Mag shook his head. Connie was someone who could enter and leave Bastie Prison at will, so she was naturally invincible at hide-and-seek.

“However, somebody in the Falk Tribe has made a deal with the devil. The black fog may be present. Did you find any suspicious areas when you went into the palace earlier?” Mag asked in a lowered voice.

“It's here too?” Irina raised her eyebrow slightly. After pondering for a moment, she said, “I did feel a little uncomfortable when I entered the palace. I didn't pay much attention to it then, but now that I think back about it, that could've been my basic reaction to the evil presence. However, that feeling was very faint. I didn't even think about that because of it.”

“Seems like the source is indeed within the palace.” Mag nodded thoughtfully. At least, they could narrow down the target now, and the possibility that it was Gary had greatly increased.

“The Wind Forest, the Boundless Sea Realm, and now the Twilight Forest. What do those evil G.o.ds want? Are they thinking of regaining control of this world again?”

Mag shook his head with a grave expression, and said, “We are not certain about their motives yet. However, evil breeds wherever the black fog appears. If this situation spreads all over the continent, then civilization and order will be completely destroyed, and this world will be destroyed too.”

Mag could still remember that small island shrouded in the black fog in the Boundless Sea Realm. Allowing the black fog to develop would have a disastrous impact on this world. No one would be able to escape.

“They're really a bunch of nauseating fellows.” Irina frowned. After a moment of silence, she told Mag, “I'm afraid we are not able to eradicate all the black fog that could appear in this world with just the two of us alone.”

“This is a matter that every species has to face. The two of us aren't enough.” Mag nodded slightly. “Hence, I decided to report this matter to all the people in charge of the species during the peace negotiations, and let them know about the existence of black fog. We will try our best to combine our efforts to fight against evil.”

“This is impractical.”

“How do we know if we don't give it a try.”

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