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She is that s.e.xy and surely victorious la.s.s!

Her powers completely f.u.c.ked up the plan of the darkness divinity! He had planted his own darkness formation, then focused all his powers on escape and yet, all of this ended up with him smas.h.i.+ng his own body against the 'darkness'.

Which was not really a darkness anymore, but a shadow!


Darkness boi shouted while turning into a darkness yet again. His body dispersed into thousand dark particles that blended into a whole darkness formation. It was easy to guess his plan...

It was to rely on the seven winged divinity while he tries to break the darkness formation that lost its 'attribute'.

The tool... is in the end tool!

Xue Ren, who saw it, shook his head disappointingly! The knife divinity was sharp and deadly weapon that could be utilized in many ways, not only in an But because they were treated as a tools, the darkness divinity's descendant himself didn't try to think about using his strong supply of divine energy to break through lost 'dark formation'.

He just told him to fight Xue Ren and Victorious Wife while trying to get back the control over dark world on his own.


And it was something so pitiful Xue Ren continued to taunt the knife divinity.

They weren't really friends... but an obstacle Uris had to deal with in order to get that divine power. However, in the end, Uris had failed and so this man became a divine! The knife worlds were in similar state to others, so it was fine for them to seek a power on their own.

But even now, after all these years, they were a tools yet again.

In order to blend the knife and darkness divinity into one... or at least get a little of their bloodline to begin a new path... The knife divinities had to deal with a lot of 'missions' than one can imagine!

This was also one of these missions.

As the divine knife got clenched, Xue Ren could see it being thrown at him!

The knife multiplied mid-air, then went into every direction like a rockets! One might think the knife divinity was trying to attack Xue Ren from an every angle, but it was a mere setting to unleash that knife dimension!

"Trying to use a dimension so that I won't reach the darkness formation? Trash."

Juliet chimed in, her shadow powers devouring the knives! The lady regretted it the moment the knives disappeared as one could see her lips releasing a two streaks of blood... In the end, the seven winged is strong, no matter what kind of divinity!

Anyway, she is a victorious!

Her shadow powers devoured the knives, then she herself turned into a shadow to deal with an darkness divinity.

"Don't act too rashly."

Xue Ren reminded just when Juliet was about to completely blend in that dark formation. She heard him clearly, then properly settled herself in that formation. The loud rustles of darkness and shadow could be heard incessantly in the knife dimension.

Then, Xue Ren faced a lot of knives trying to pierce through his skin.

The sharp weapons had to be dodged!

There were also a special 'divine strings' attached that were building up a lot of obstacles for Xue Ren. It was hindering his movement and he had to quickly work! Of course, with the dark world being under Juliet's control, Xue Ren could unleash his full powers.

So he decided to... send this knife divinity straight to his own world!


That's why, Xue Ren's sudden movement startled the knife divinity! Instead of trying to avoid all the knives with the shadow powers, Xue Ren just threw himself straight at him! Furthermore, some powers also appeared on his body!

Xue Ren was naturally using more than just a shadow divinity now!


Thus, when knife divinity could feel a powerful flames enveloping Xue Ren hand, he put his knife near his face going for that guard stance! Ready to intercept the sudden outbreak of a new kind of power!

However, Xue Ren just needed to lower his defenses a little!

As the white flames exploded, Xue Ren and knife divinity fought for a while in a close contact, both soaking themselves in a lot of blood.

Then, the sight trembled and both of them went straight to a new world.

In their place, a multicolored orb appeared, but it was all protected by the shadow!


'Where am I?'

The knife divinity, f.a.gras, asked himself as he realized that way too many strange things happened in a brief moment. There was a shadow divinity with an unique 'ruler' powers erupting with even more unique ones, thus, it was truly a wild rollercauster of emotions for sure.

f.a.gras appeared in a strange island and nothing else other than a dirt could be seen.

The sky was white and bland...

And other islands also couldn't be seen.

Everything was rather too pitiful.

"Right? That's why, you are a perfect fit here.'


However, the pitiful man didn't really need to wait long for someone to greet him! The divine blacksmith with her husband appeared not too away from him! There was also Kyouka who was someone so unexpected f.a.gras just opened his eyes widely.

"I have heard about Yoras' death... So it was your doing..."

f.a.gras muttered these words, but it was the worst thing he could've done!

The lady unleashed her divine knives personally made and refined to deal with the knife divinity! Her husband and friend also went out, blending with the flying knives! The sword divinities along with powerful white flames exploded!

The show of a power was truly astonis.h.i.+ng here!

"I can't use my dimension?!"

"Correct... Your divine equipment was within my hands many times."

Eva's cruel words entered the ears of the knife divinity mercilessly. For a while, it was the only sound f.a.gras could hear... He was comprehending everything with utmost disbelief while his body unconsciously fought against two other divinities...

The power of an angry divine blacksmith!

"You can't use your dimension nor your divine avatar..."

The cruel reality truly shocked him!

"And you won't get any powerful outburst as my husband will take your divinity for himself."

The effects of the divinity losing in a powerful match won't be achieved! Everything was sealed in front of the divine blacksmith who had even more understanding of their weapons than the 'tools' themselves had.

What Eva lacked was more strength, but Xue Ren was filling this gap.

His strong back was always eyed by the beautiful blacksmith lady.

Her heart overwhelmed by warmth and this was not a warmth coming from the divine ruler flames!

"Maybe... there was no hope for us... from the very beginning... The new start... was not meant... for us...."

These were the last words of the knife divinity as his body slowly fell!

He was that seven winged divinity, but in front of Eva, f.a.gras had many guilty feelings overfilling his heart. His powers were also being sealed and as the more time pa.s.sed, he realized that the husband was the very same man that had fought against him back then when he was still a normal disciple.

His movements were all known by Xue Ren!

But he himself was totally not aware of the astonis.h.i.+ng power of white flames along with the demon's ruler bloodline that was feeding on his 'guilt'.

In the end, f.a.gras fell with the sword and knife piercing through him.

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