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Xue Ren appeared in his home world.

Of course, he was in the elven world, so everything was all safe and nice. He spent a lovely time with his elven queen and their daughter, then proceed to continue his shadow training. It was the most important thing right now.

In order to deal with the darkness divinities, his shadow must go up in a ranks!

Though Juliet was here, Xue Ren had a little time as the shadow puppet's long absence surely is going to give them some thoughts and ideas.

Anyway, Xue Ren wasn't really hurrying at all.

"The divine blacksmith can strengthen our swords! This is a very unique power that is highly compatible with our powers!"

"Wu! Wuwuwuwu?"

"Uhh... It should be possible!"

Duan Qiu was very close with Eva as someone who knew her for a long time. Though other ladies also had visited her, they weren't really pushy and just expressed their good will to live in a harmony!

Everyone loved the same man after all.

Right now, Duan Qiu was explaining a lot mysteries regarding this divine blacksmith abilities to her daughter to which Shenyi just exploded with ecstasty! It meant that her little divine sword can be bigger!

That's what she thought!

The bigger sword means more damage! It also should increase the fruits of her hard sword training, so small fluff truly hoped to get a big sword! Her eyes were s.h.i.+ning with a huge antic.i.p.ation that even Eva could feel it while working on Duan Qiu's sword.

Soon enough, she left her divine formation and two small hands reaching for her popped out!

Shenyi was holding her divine sword tightly while the other hand was gesturing to power it up!


Power up!

"Haha~~ I can power it up, but it won't increase in a size."

Eva just put the small divine sword onto her formation, feigned that she works on it, then pa.s.sed it to a small fluff that was happy with at least this... Small steps towards the bright future!

Shenyi knows how hard the life is!

Or at least it looks like that.


"No problem."

After thanking deeply, the small fluff went to the side to try her new sword... Just the words of Eva caused Shenyi to feel like she has gotten stronger even though nothing really had been done to her small sword...

She is just too small for any 'strong' buffs.

Even so, that's how one deals with the kids.

"Thanks, Eva. How about we go for some cold drinks later? s.h.i.+ni is going to welcome us merrily."

"I will think about it."

Then, Eva pa.s.sed the divine sword of sword G.o.ddess. It was surely increased in a strength and with Xue Ren's new finding, Eva was slowly mixing up other divine swords along with their souls... What was left is to soak this sword in the fresh blood of various races.

It's not hard and easy to achieve.

One has to go around the worlds, but it's nothing for current Duan Qiu, Eva and Xue Ren.

"You should go and look after Shenyi, Qiu Qiu... She migh try to challenge the stronger sword intent."

When Xue Ren's words reached her ears, Duan Qiu unconsciously turned to her daughter that was already stomping hard on the gra.s.sland full of flowers with the sword intent!

"Shenyi! You little!"


"I am off!"

""Have fun~~""

The daughter, like a hero, stepped forward.

And the mommy rushed after her like a good attendant.

Quite funny.

"It's a little nostalgic, isn't it?"

Xue Ren held Eva's hand, then both of them spent some time on the bench while looking at the Duan Qiu running after Shenyi who felt like a hero way too much! Though she had stepped off the road to the stronger sword intent, the small fluff was still trying to take way more sword intels than usual!

Power up! She is stronger!

Let's go!

"It is..."

In the past, Uris and Eva were looking after their kids and descendants in a very similar way. And children can not be restrained for a long time! A lot of sons died or began their new families, a lot of daughter wed and so on.

Because the family was very big already, Uris just surrendered himself to a training and pursuit of his goals. He himself was also limited by the seven qi even though he could use it individually.

These limitations put a huge burden on his body and Uris eventually left his family by dying surrounded by his descendants.

His life might had been not perfect, but it was still a pleasant and nice ride.


However, Xue Ren's goals were so big that the time was meaningless now.

He himself didn't feel much limitations nowadays and only a powerful support that could only push him forward.

With his hand extended, Xue Ren caressed Eva's white hair that turned into this color out from the stress and other various emotions. He held it gently, then raised it up to caress her cheek. It was slowly getting a beautiful blush that warmed his heart!

As the lady turned her eyes to him, Xue Ren closed up distance slowly and both of them ended up kissing softly. This soft kiss increased in a heat, then Eva's body flew up. Led by Xue Ren, the lady found herself in her new house that was constantly visited by Xue Ren.

The good s.e.x G.o.d was taking things slowly, so they were just sleeping together.

But now, Xue Ren slowly began taking off her clothes and as there weren't any signs of refusal, he continued to do so until the two of them became all naked.

What Eva hadn't noticed was that the divine equipment of Xue Ren's main divinity was the one she softly fell onto! The moment she got sucked in that fluffy blanket, Eva let out soft moan and that was so euphonious Xue Ren lunged forward.

He began kissing her neck while sniffing that delicious fragrance.

And as her arms wrapped around his back, Xue Ren softly stopped, then whispered.

"I want to see you even more happy, Eva."


The lady just bit her lips, then Xue Ren's whispers continued to a.s.sault her mind. He thoroughly conveyed his desires and will to her, thus, before Eva could properly process it, her body was so hot and sweaty all for him.

"A cute fluff is what we need."

"Yes... I want... a little demoness... Ahhh~~"

A lot of ladies had a cute demonesses!

Not blood related, but all born thanks the huge love for Xue Ren and his good weapon!

And the beautiful blacksmith lady is going to join the ranks of the happy ladies! Her body got reminded of the feeling of being a woman rather quickly. Xue Ren's whispers and powers could easily turn her to be all ready for him.

All wet and hot, Eva felt the invasion of Xue Ren that was a very welcoming invasion!

Submerged in the fluffy blanket that also could transmit Xue Ren's touch and his will, Eva experienced the best o.r.g.a.s.m in her whole long life!

And it was only the beginning.

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