Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 735 - Loving one’s country: They are enemies! (Part 36)

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Chapter 735: Loving one’s country: They are enemies! (Part 36)

In less than three seconds, Zuo Mu Ran’s eyes became bloodshot and filled with killing intent. There was a layer of red energy, that seemed like a red peony that was blooming.

Jin Wen Dan gasped at this moment, as her expression became a bit worried, but contained even more excitement.

She always wanted Luo Qing Chen to become her armour breaking soldier, she never thought of doing it to Zuo Mu Ran.

If it was Zuo Mu Ran, couldn’t she have him and be together forever?

When she thought of this, the door was opened and Zuo Qi Yue charged in with the eleventh squadron.

Zuo Mu Ran felt his mind begin to blur over and his eyes had trouble focusing, even his breathing became very fast.

“Commander Zuo.”

“Mu Ran.”

Zuo Mu Ran looked at the needle in his right hand and dark blood that dripped out drop by drop.

He looked at Luo Qing Chen who was lying on the ground with closed eyes.

His heart exploded as it exploded with pain.

He knew that he was poisoned, but he didn’t know what it was. He only knew that his mind was filled with layers, all filling up with Jin Wen Dan’s face.

“Take Qing Chen away.” These were his final four words before losing consciousness.

Luo Qing Chen seemed to hear these four words from the Chaos s.p.a.ce, which were filled with power.

It was like he spat out those words through gritted teeth and blood.

“Peng, peng, peng.” The entire prison was filled with sounds of guns firing.

Finally Jin Wen Dan opened a secret pa.s.sage and released all the armour breaking soldiers in the cages.

Although they hadn’t had their blood evaporated, they were all armour breaking soldiers and followed special orders.

Zuo Mu Ran was the most special, he only followed the scent of Jin Wen Dan’s blood and only listened to her orders.

And after everything, Luo Qing Chen woke up in a bed and only heard the news after waking up.

“Reporting to captain Zuo. We searched the entire dungeon, but we couldn’t find commander Zuo. The eleventh squadron is currently searching the secret pa.s.sage!” A soldier came forward to report.

“Un.” Zuo Qi Yue tightly knit his brows and said, “Have you figured out the poison used on commander Zuo?”

“According to the data from the research facility, the poison in the air should be numbing poison which makes people sleep and hallucinate. As for commander Zuo……” That person seemed to be trembling, pausing when he came to this.

Zuo Qi Yue narrowed his eyes and said, “Speak!”

“Yes, captain!” The soldier continued, “We’ve caught one of the people with red eyes and no conscience, he only said ‘armour breaking soldier’. After checking his DNA, the research team determined that there was a poison mixed with his blood, creating an immeasurable amount of viruses that greatly damaged the brain…..”

“You meant that commander Zuo was injected with this poison?” Zuo Qi Yue angrily hit the pillar with both hands, “The j.a.panese actually developed such a heartless poison.”

“I think that we should be worried about…..” Luo Qing Chen slowly stood up with a pale face, but her eyes were filled with determination.

She looked at Zuo Qi Yue as she continued, “Young miss Nai Zi made these armour breaking soldiers to take An Ning City more easily. Now that Zuo Mu Ran is an armour breaking soldier, the first thing she would do is attack the city.”

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Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 735 - Loving one’s country: They are enemies! (Part 36) summary

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