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Chapter 1570: The power of Apocalypse

The Spirit Tortoise produced a jade disk from its mouth.

「 This is a jade disk for the trial of pa.s.sage. If you take this jade disk to the Mountain Protector Pavilion, the Kirin’s soul will not stop you and instead take you into the trial 」

The jade disk lightly hovered into Reneedol’s hands.

The Spirit Tortoise explained: 「 If you pa.s.s the trial, you will enter the Barren Cloud Heavenly Palace as an official disciple, at that time, I will wait for you inside the Heavenly Palace 」

Reneedol nodded and turned around, flying above the clouds again.

「 Hah, how regretful. If she had been a male cultivator and accepted my great [Untraceable Head & Tail] Thaumaturgy, there wouldn’t have been a need for this tribulation of Life and Death, would there? 」the turtle sighed.


Reneedol opened her eyes and looked around herself.

——good, the dark figure of light isn’t here.

This means that I’m not dead just yet.

There was no wind.

The air was silent and fragrant as if someone had lit a stick of calming incense or something of similar nature.

Faint spirit energy drifted from the ground, silently occupying this entire s.p.a.ce.

This was a Spirit Funnel formation.

Finally some peace of mind after a long while.

The feeling I get from this place is very similar to that of a cultivator’s personal quarters.

Reneedol noticed that she had an extra bit of information in her mind.

Shen Yang.

Martial cultivator.

Barren Cloud Heavenly Palace, sect master’s disciple, ranked 3rd.

I’ve turned into Shen Yang!

Not only did she receive Shen Yang’s memories, but Reneedol had also gained the advanced martial art skills and experiences that he possessed.

However, Reneedol wasn’t too concerned about this ident.i.ty.

Finally, I have a place where I can calmly think about my situation.

She wracked her mind trying to think of a way that would allow her to obtain the Heaven sword.

Rhode’s life is—-

Simply too dangerous, there is a possibility of death at every corner.

I can’t trust anyone.

Through Shen Yang’s memories, I can tell that my cultivation was insignificant during this era.

Furthermore, the dark figure of light wouldn’t be able to help me either.

How would I be able to triumph against everything to obtain the Heaven sword?

Reneedol silently thought about this.

I know a lot of cultivation methods of Deities, as well as the Star Force cultivation techniques that are considered number one among the infinite worlds.

But the trial is already upon me, and I don’t have enough time to cultivate my strength at all.

I first need to pa.s.s this trial!

Other than Star Force techniques, what else do I have?

—–the two Deities of Fate?

In the past, I’ve always left any issue for them to deal with.

But they’re now dead.

They died at Shroud’s hands.

So I no longer have anyone I can use.

—–d.a.m.n you, Shroud!

Reneedol clenched her fists.

Star Force cultivation techniques require time, I no longer have control over the two Deities of Fate and the Divine Artifacts of Fate, what else do I have left?

Quickly think of something.

Quickly think of something!

Hurry up and think of something!!!

Perhaps it was because of her overwhelming will to live, Reneedol suddenly remembered something.

That’s right.

Other than that, I also have true power.

Although Shroud had taken away my ability to summon Apocalypses, I’ve already gotten used to the power of Apocalypse.

Before this Deathmatch Dance even began, I’ve even gotten into contact with a true Apocalypse!

Recalling this detail, Reneedol’s entire body began to shake.

She almost wanted to laugh out loud.

I’ve been in a superior position for so long that when I was suddenly stripped of all my powers and subjected to the fear of death, I actually forgot this crucial matter.

But it isn’t too late yet!

She released a star from her fingertip and used it to quickly draw on her palm.

Wherever the starlight went past, blood flowed.

Reneedol wasn’t concerned about that at all and focused on finis.h.i.+ng the rune.

———this was the most basic Apocalypse summoning rune that was granted to her by the Apocalypse outside the Reality Gate.

That will of destruction bestowed this gift to me upon recognizing the frozen corpse’s hair that I carry.

—–perhaps, that will of destruction had even predicted that I would have to face this Deathmatch.

That’s why it gave this to me as a last resort!

Reneedol calmed down.

She lightly pressed her hand on the ground and whispered: “Apocalypse, using my body, imbue your boundless power of destruction and destroy all of my enemies”

Blood began to spread all over the ground, slowly forming into a mystical rune pattern.

The rune pattern flashed.

Instantly, all the blood disappeared.

Reneedol’s hand also returned to normal without a single wound.

She silently stood still.

The fear and unease she felt earlier had all disappeared.

“So everything was so simple, which kind… of power should I choose now?” she muttered to herself.

A soft glow suddenly manifested from the void of s.p.a.ce.

Glancing at this glow, a piece of information popped up in Reneedol’s mind.

——–she had a visitor.

She followed Shen Yang’s memories to open the gate using a bit of spirit energy.

A man with a sword on his back came out of the gate.

He spoke: “Junior brother, Master has issued an emergency summon”

Following Shen Yang’s memories, Reneedol appeared doubtful and asked: “Eldest brother, didn’t Master say he would partic.i.p.ate in this year’s banquet of the Divinities?”

Indeed, the man standing in front of him was the first disciple of the sect master, sword cultivator Zhao Kuan.

Zhao Kuan replied: “I’m not sure, something seemed to have happened, Master is urging us to come quickly”

“Very well” Reneedol replied.

She followed Zhao Kuan out of her personal quarters and flew with him towards the Barren Clouds Heavenly Palace’s top mountain.

During their flight, Reneedol observed the ground from above.

The entire mountain range was covered in various silent lights, cultivators were flying in various directions, all of them appeared to be excited and a.s.sured.

Because it was currently the end of the year.

Everyone would temporarily stop their cultivation and worries in order to enjoy new year’s eve.

During this time, the Divinities would also organize a grand banquet and invite the most excellent cultivators to partic.i.p.ate.

Reneedol looked into the distance.

There was light illuminating every path, as crowds of people were walking to one place or another.

Right outside the sect, Reneedol could even see some bustling marketplaces.

Streaks of light occasionally flew across the night sky.

They were airs.h.i.+ps.

Additionally, there were also several large s.h.i.+ps abundant with light that floated in the sky.

Many cultivators were gathered there, drinking, eating, dancing, singing, debating about Dao, or competing against one another.

Men and women walking together could be seen everywhere, some were even flying above the clouds to enjoy themselves.

A very lively scene!

Reneedol silently grinned.

If I can destroy all of this, I would be able to obtain even more power!

I wouldn’t have to fear any trial or worry about my survival at all.

——what a refres.h.i.+ng feeling.

At the top of the mountain, there was a palace.

This was where the Heavenly Palace’s master resided.

A cultivator with a short Blade was already waiting for them here.

This was Shen Yang’s second brother, spell user Huang Zhan.

“Eldest brother, third brother, you’ve come” Huang Zhan spoke.

“Hm” Reneedol replied.

“Let’s go in, Master is waiting for us” Zhao Kuan urged them.

The three of them went in.

In the hall of the palace, a black-robed, white-haired cultivator was standing with his back facing the three of them and his hands behind his back.

An undecorated ancient-styled sword was silently floating in front of him.

The Earth sword!

That’s the Earth sword!

“Master!” all three disciples greeted him at once.

The Barren Cloud Heavenly Palace’s master deeply sighed, apparently a bit sorrowful, but still hadn’t said anything.

The three disciples exchanged glances.

The eldest brother Zhao Kuan couldn’t help himself anymore and asked: “Master, didn’t you leave to partic.i.p.ate in the banquet? Why did you return so soon? And why did you sigh?”

The Barren Cloud Heavenly Palace’s master pointed at the Earth sword and spoke: “It was injured”

Zhao Kuan was surprised: “This sword was a Divine Armament that s.h.i.+fu had spent countless resources on, even asking for the help of the 9 Venerable Smiths of the Heavenly Realm and took 81 days to complete, who could have damaged it?”

The Barren Cloud Heavenly Palace’s master shook his head and explained everything.

“Zhao Kuan, Huang Zhan, Shen Yang, the three of you are my direct disciples, I hereby order you to flee from Barren Cloud Heavenly Palace, hide your ident.i.ties and escape to the lower realms and maintain a seed of our sect’s heritage”

“You will leave tonight!”

The three disciples all appeared unprepared.

“Master, the Divinities wouldn’t go that far”

“How could that be!”

“It was only a duel, why would our sect be—–”

They were all trying to persuade their Master.

The Barren Cloud Heavenly Palace’s master sternly shouted: “Quiet, all three of you!”

The three of them all went silent.

The Barren Cloud Heavenly Palace’s master spoke: “Zhao Kuan!”

“Your disciple is here!” Zhao Kuan knelt down.

The Barren Cloud Heavenly Palace’s master spoke: “You were the earliest one to join, but your swordsmans.h.i.+p still hasn’t achieved Great Attainment, I now leave all of our sect’s scriptures with you. When you reach the lower realms, you must never be distracted, study our sect’s swordsmans.h.i.+p, reform our sect on the lower realms and light a new fire”

“Understood!” Zhao Kuan responded.

The Barren Cloud Heavenly Palace’s master spoke: “Huang Zhan, among the three of you, your expertise with spells and magic is the greatest. I want you to protect the Earth sword, lead it to the lower realms and hide it away, survive through this turmoil and wait for the next opportunity”

Huang Zhan couldn’t help asking: “But Master, this is your personal sword, if I bring it away, what will you use?”

The Barren Cloud Heavenly Palace’s master sternly spoke: “I can use any sword, but nothing must ever happen to the Earth sword. It carries the secret of humanity’s fate, the last hope of mankind as a whole, you must make sure to protect it well”

“Yes, Master” Huang Zhan solemnly said.

The Barren Cloud Heavenly Palace’s master then turned to Reneedol: “Shen Yang, you are the purest among the three of you, so Master has something personal that I want to entrust to you”

The Barren Cloud Heavenly Palace’s master explained: “The Divinities claim that my daughter is naturally insufficient, so her natural life span wouldn’t go past 7 years. But I only found out later on that she was born with a golden lotus that allowed her to directly absorb the essence of heaven and earth, causing the envy and hatred of Divinities, so they had placed a curse upon her”

“Together with the greatest cultivators of the Heaven realm, we exhausted every solution to finally find a certain method that would allow her to escape the curse and extend her life”

“Unfortunately, our method would require several hundred thousand years to completely negate the curse of the Divinities, allowing her to awaken from the ice crystal”

He slightly raised his hand and summoned a large piece of ice crystal.

Reneedol looked at the ice crystal.

Inside the crystal, hundreds of thousands of Spirit Jade Flowers were bound together, surrounding a golden lotus.

On top of the lotus sat a little girl with an innocent and immature expression, currently deep in slumber.

“This is my daughter, perhaps she wouldn’t wake up for another few hundred thousand years, so I would most likely not see her again within my lifetime”

“Shen Yang, bring her to the lower realms, shelter her, and take good care of her for me”

The Barren Cloud Heavenly Palace’s master glanced at the little girl inside the ice crystal.

His gaze became gentle and attached.

“If one day she does wake up, please tell her in my place that her name is Xie Dao Ling”


Observing the young girl inside the ice crystal, Reneedol felt a bit strange.

As she accepted the ice crystal containing the sealed girl, she felt the power of Apocalypse from her body becoming excited.

How strange.

Without waiting for her to think any further, a voice resounded in her mind——

From the void of s.p.a.ce, a voice suddenly called out.

「 Her… 」

「 Remember her… whereabouts… 」

「… outside the Reality Gate… 」

The voice was discontinuous and distant.

Reneedol was a bit surprised.

But since I’m currently in the middle of the trial, there’s not much I can do, and I need to take this girl and flee anyways.

—–let’s reconsider after I leave.

She silently decided.

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