Supreme Emperor of Swords Chapter 1166 - Chapter 1166 The Last Two Light Gates

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Chapter 1166 - Chapter 1166 The Last Two Light Gates

Chapter 1166 The Last Two Light Gates

Ding Hao felt a trace of the aura of Clay Bodhisattva from the experts of the Heaven Sound Pavilion and the Earth Sight Pavilion, so he speculated that these two forces should also be a kind of divination sect similar to the Divine Design Valley. They both found some clues according to the divination before verifying the news they got.

No matter how good such sects’ divination skills were, it was impossible for them to be on par with Clay Bodhisattva.

Thus, it was within Ding Hao’s expectations that they did not know where Hades True Immortal was.

After observing this, Ding Hao lost interest in the Heaven Sound Pavilion and the Earth Sight Pavilion, and he was no longer in the mood to explore the ins and outs of these two sects.

In the next month or so, Ding Hao traveled around the continent.

He even went to explore the Seven Seas alone and met the dolphin Adorable and Li Yiruo. Nowadays, the Sea Clan of the Seven Seas had gradually become unified, and the royal clans of the Seven Seas had recognized Adorable as the descendant of the Sea G.o.d. With the support of firm and unified beliefs, the Sea Clan was in a much better situation than the other clans on land.

Adorable’s strength was growing at a crazy speed every day.

That kind of growth was not because of cultivation but the gradual increase of the bloodline power. Even if the little dolphin just ate and slept every day, its strength would also increase. In particular, with the improvement of the tides of Spiritual Qi between heaven and earth and the completion of the rules, Adorable’s strength would grow faster and faster. One day, it might really restore the power of the former Sea G.o.d when he was at his peak.

However, because of the last calamity, Adorable was obviously affected by the power of Hades True Immortal. Although the dark seed in its body had been removed, its memory could not be restored. It was still full of attachment to Li Yiruo and was almost obedient to her.

The Sea Clan of the Seven Seas had no choice but to make Li Yiruo the Scepter Priest of the Sea G.o.d Temple and give her high status. Whether it was a big deal or a small one, they had to discuss it with Li Yiruo first and then pa.s.s on the message to the little dolphin through her.

Of course, it was also because of Li Yiruo’s other ident.i.ty as the Saber and Sword Addict Ding Hao’s wife. If Li Yiruo were an ordinary person of the Human Clan, the Sea Clan would not be treating her so well.

Ding Hao stayed in the Sea Clan for three days and then continued to travel.

In the next year, Ding Hao had been wandering around the new world with thousands of incarnations. Occasionally, he would take action. He would appear unexpectedly and disappear mysteriously, leaving a legend of the Saber and Sword Addict everywhere in the world. His fame was rising.

He had even gone to the Beast Clan’s territory to pay his respect to the Little Ape King, the War G.o.d of the Beast Clan. He was now the Great Ape King, the Undefeatable War G.o.d of the clan. He was the strongest amongst the beastmen, almost on the same level as the ancient ancestors of the Beast Clan in the Immortal Period.

Of course, in addition, Zhu Ganglie, the weirdo of the Pigman Clan, was also a talent of the Beast Clan. If it weren’t for the fact that he acted absurdly and casually, his reputation would not be much lower than that of the Great Ape King.

Ding Hao’s arrival attracted great attention from the Beast Clan. The chiefs of all the major tribes came to see the demeanor of the Saber and Sword Addict. The Great Ape King and Zhu Ganglie also showed up and drank with Ding Hao happily.

Back then, before the new world was formed, the three of them had some interactions, but they didn’t have a deep relations.h.i.+p. Now, the world seemed to be calm, but in fact, the trend was complicated and confusing. Only the ones as powerful as the three were qualified to sit at the same table and talk about the general trend of the world.

The Great Ape King was arrogant and unruly. Zhu Ganglie seemed to be casual, but in fact, he was an extremely proud person. Only a world-famous supreme expert like Ding Hao could make these two unique beastman geniuses swallow their pride and meet him in person.

The Beast Clan held a very welcoming ceremony for Ding Hao’s arrival.

Ding Hao also sparred with the Great Ape King and Zhu Ganglie to verify their martial arts and gain some insights.

This matter caused a great sensation in the whole new world. It was regarded as a sign that the Great Ape King, Zhu Ganglie, and Ding Hao were on the same side. This was a signal, and there was a great force behind them.

After leaving the beastmen’s tribe, Ding Hao continued to travel around the world.

A year later, Ding Hao returned to the Mountain Gate of Fortune.

This time, he completely went into seclusion.

As time went by, the sun rose and the moon fell. Ten years pa.s.sed in an instant.

The Spiritual Qi was more and more abundant in the new world, and the rules of heaven and earth were more and more complete. More and more G.o.d Realm Masters of the new generation appeared, and many sects, big and small, appeared on a large scale. Both the Land of Divine Grace and the Land of Infinity ushered in a real spring of martial arts. The power of various living creatures on the two continents increased sharply.

By the Mountain Gate of Fortune.

In the Immortal Music Adobe.

Ding Hao was surrounded by six-colored lights, which were slowly flickering and extremely lively. They flickered along with his breathing as if they were breathing at the same time. Meanwhile, the six lights began to slowly merge with each other. It was as if they were connected by something.

Ding Hao slowly opened his eyes after half a day.

The six-colored lights swirled and turned into six light gates, appearing behind Ding Hao.

“After all, the Heavenly Samsara Disc can’t be fully connected. Does it mean that the Six Paths of Reincarnation can’t be completely restored?” Ding Hao was lost in thought.

Over the years, he had been refining the Heavenly Samsara Disc with all his might. He kept nurturing it every day. He had finally realized how to control this Divine Artifact. He had also gradually experienced the feeling of being one with it, and could gradually control this strange Divine Artifact.

With the help of the Heavenly Samsara Disc, Ding Hao could now enter and exit the h.e.l.l Path, the Asura Path, and the Hungry Ghost Path at will.

Among the h.e.l.l Path, all the Ten Halls of Yama were in place. The Kings of Yama were all selected from thousands of Spirits of the Dead. They were the most blessed people and had made the greatest contributions in their previous lives. Ding Hao tested them one by one before they were conferred the t.i.tles of Kings of Yama.

The Book of Life and Death of King Qinguang was also quickly perfected.

The River of Forgetfulness, the Road to the Netherworld, the Karma Mirror, Granny Meng, and some other legends from his previous life had all been built by Ding Hao. At the moment, the h.e.l.l Path and the h.e.l.l he had imagined were gradually integrating.

The only thing that disappointed Ding Hao was that although Lin Xin and Li Canyang’s consciousness fragments had been strengthened countless times and were almost complete, they still could not take the initiative to revive. They were suspended in the sky above the h.e.l.l Path like two big stars, illuminating the world.

“It seems that I can only keep waiting.”

Ding Hao came to this conclusion.

In the Hungry Ghost Path, the Yin and Yang seawater finally began to retreat, and land appeared in some areas. Since ancient times, water had been called the source of all things. This was not unreasonable. Ding Hao found that in the areas where the seawater receded, plants miraculously appeared. The Hungry Ghost Path was getting more and more vigorous, and it had changed a lot. Except for the sea occupied by bone beasts and huge sea beasts, these land areas seemed to be suitable for living creatures to live.

Ding Hao tried to put some ordinary fierce beasts into these areas and found that they could survive well and did not die.

However, they would still be troubled by the hunger power of the rules from the Hungry Ghost Path. No matter how much they ate, they would still be hungry. Over time, they would become agitated and full of aggressiveness as if they had lost their minds.

Ding Hao had once set foot in the sea of the Hungry Ghost Path and found that the people living in it were some Valiant Ghost masters who had survived before the mutation of the Hungry Ghost Path. They lived in a golden pyramid, and there were about ten thousand of them. They had a strict hierarchy. Among them, there were ten Ghost Lords, who had fought against Ding Hao and were defeated by him, so they were much more well-behaved.

Ding Hao didn’t want to interfere too much with the development of the natives in the Hungry Ghost Path, so he just let them be.

In contrast, the Asura Path had changed the most.

After so many years, the little girl Dangdang had become a graceful and beautiful woman. Under the care of the souls of the women in the Ice-heart Jade Pot, her cultivation and strength had improved. She also understood the origin of this world, the history of the Asura Path, and the legends of the six paths.

Dangdang was extremely attached to Ding Hao. Even though she knew her ident.i.ty and Ding Hao’s, she still regarded him as her father.

Now it could be confirmed that Dangdang was indeed Asura’s descendant. She was the most unique female Asura bred in the sea of blood all over the sky. She was extremely beautiful. A woman in the Ice-heart Jade Pot thought that Dangdang was very likely to be the Asura Queen bred by the Asura Path. She was a progenitor of Asura, which meant that the Asura Path had gradually revived and begun to produce new lives.

Ding Hao also agreed with this judgment.

Unfortunately, this young Asura Queen did not possess the memories of the Asura Clan. As such, she was unable to explain exactly what had happened in the Asura Path during the long years.


As for the 24 extraordinary women in the Ice-heart Jade Pot, they finally got rid of the jade pot with the help of the strange rules of heaven and earth and the Asura Path in the Asura Path. They could live freely in the vast world on the Asura Path.

Ding Hao told them what had happened to Ding Honglei.


All the women were extremely sad. Ding Hao left Ding Honglei’s jade in their hands and asked them to take care of it carefully. He also wanted to try to awaken Ding Honglei with the help of the Reincarnation Power and the strange rules of the Asura Path. This was because he found that the power of the Asura Path had a very special meaning for the recovery of the female soul.

As for the Asura Golden Sunflowers, Ding Hao had completely planted them in the Asura Path.

However, the current Asura Path was peaceful and had no wars. There had never been a male Asura. Ding Hao hoped that there would be no wars in the future and that these Asura Golden Sunflowers would never come in handy.

Now, among the six paths, the Hungry Ghost Path, the Asura Path, and the h.e.l.l Path were completely clear. As for whether the new world was the Human Path or the Heaven Path, Ding Hao had a vague judgment in his heart. More than 30 years ago, the G.o.d of War of Mysterious Frost in the Northern Region and the other top 10 War G.o.ds disappeared from the Hungry Ghost Path, and no one knew where they went. Ding Hao guessed that they had probably either gone to the Human Path or the Beast Path.

Ding Hao refined the Heavenly Samsara Disc day and night in the hope that the last two light gates could be opened so that he could uncover all the secrets of the six paths.

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