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Looking around, Kaze realized that there were no guards patrolling here. Finding it odd, Kaze walked further into the garden, hoping to find some clues.

In the back gardens, Kaze saw the back gate was wide open, and a group of different clothed men was standing guard. Drawing the shadows closer around himself, Kaze stood still listening in trying to catch some information from their conversation.

"When can we start killing? This place looks rich! We could probably get a fortune from here..." A young man leaning against the gate dor said as he turned to look back at the multiple residences inside the Udava clan.

"Soon...Did you take care of that body?" Asked an older man who seemed to be in charge of this group of men,

When Kaze heard "body", his mind automatically thought of Joanos. Moving in a little closer, he slowed his breathing and erased his presence as much as he possibly could to hear the young man's words.

"Yeah...I threw him into the barn like the maid said to do..."

Getting the information he needed, Kaze quietly removed himself from the group's presence and ran towards the only barn in this area.

Stealthily, Kaze entered the barn, hardly making any noise. Not wanting to risk alerting the enemy, Kaze didn't use any light and searched the barn blindly, well almost.

Praying there was enough breath in Joanos' body for his gifts to detect, Kaze released a scanty amount of his powers. Letting it slither around the barn seeking Joanos' signature.

After a couple of minutes pa.s.sed, trepidation started to set in. If he couldn't find Joanos in the next five minutes he will need to leave, he couldn't leave Mikaela alone and unprotected any longer.

Upping the quant.i.ty of his powers just a little bit more, Kaze searched the barn again.

Coming up on the five-minute mark, Kaze was about to retract his powers when he felt a little tug at something familiar at the for corner od the barn.

Promptly, Kaze went to the corner finding Joanos' body buried underneath a pile of hay.

His body was cold, and his breathing was almost nonexistent. Responding swiftly, Kaze ripped off his outer coat to staunch the wound before positioning Joanos onto his back and carrying him away. Still keeping to the shadows, everything in him told Kaze to get Joanos to Mikaela, if he wanted him to survive.

Knowing that Mika and Saavi should have already made their way to Lord Tasar's off, Kaze headed there without stopping.

Reaching the building, Kaze saw no guards station here, which he once again found odd. Deciding to search the office anyway, Kaze bust through the door, coming face to face with Mika, Saavi and Lord Tasar.

"Miss Mikaela...Lord!" Running to the sofa in the room, Kaze carefully set Joanos down.

"Joanos!?" Lord Tasar moved to Joanos' side, giving him a check-up.

"It was Wyn. Lady Vanya had planted him by Joanos' side to watch over him as a spy...I've already killed him." Kaze voice was stiff, but Mika could see he was shaken.

"...He won't last long like this..." Tasar had heard everything Kaze said, but he was already reckless once, he couldn't afford to be again. He knew if he wanted to protect the rest of his family and clan, he needed to be coolheaded.

"Lord Tasar, can't you help him?" Kaze was wondered why Lord Tasar wasn't doing anything.

"He can't. Lady Vanya gave him Jinx, and still some traces of it inside his system..." Mika informed Kaze of Lord Tasar current predicament.

"What!?" Kaze watched Lord Tasar as he gently rubbed Joanos' head.

"Then how about I get a healer?" Kaze made to leave the room, but Lord Tasar shot him down.

"By the time you are able to find a healer, it will be too late. And you might alert the other side..."

The room fell into complete silence.

Looking at the open doorway, Saavi got up to close it.

"Wasn't there a guard at the door?"

"There were no guards around...." Kaze solemnly replied.

"It makes no difference, we didn't know if they were friend or foe anyways..." Mika stated as Saavi came back to her seat.

"Lord Tasar, what exactly happened here after we left?" Mika needed to get a full grasp of the whole situation before they could up with any plans.

"After I had Vanya escorted to my office...." Tasar proceed to tell the group everything that happened to him, and Lady Vanya's plans.

"Wait!" After hearing what Lord Tasar went through, Kaze couldn't understand how he was standing in front of them perfectly fine. "How are you fine!? Who healed you if you couldn't use your powers because of Jinx!"

"That was one of the things I meant to ask Mikaela after I woke up, but other things took precedence."

Saavi turned her head to look Mika's way as Mika raised her hand.

"Miss Mikaela...? You-" Both Kaze and Lord Tasar were shocked. Was this her awaken gifts?

At first, Lord Tasar didn't know what to think, but then looking back at Joanos made hope spring in his heart.

"I don't have much energy after helping Lord Tasar."

"But you can help him...?" Kaze asked.

"Yes, but-" She was unable to continue as Lord Tasar got down on his knees and banged to head against the floor, begging for Mika to save his nephew's life.

Mika looked at Lord Tasar then at Kaze and Saavi and finally at the dying Joanos.

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