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Pace quickly pulled Kara away from the door and around the hallway corner. Before Lila left the room.

Standing in the dark corner, Pace watched as the girl named Lila exited the Commander's office. Once the hallway was still again. He peek over at Kara, seeing her in dazed he knew she had not plan for her 'friend' to turn against her.

"Let's go some where quite to come up with a plan." Pace once again pulled Kara along, as he made his way to her room.

In front of Kara's door. Pace shook her awake. Kara snapped at the sudden jerky movement.

"Why are you shaking me?" Looking around Kara realize they are in front of her room door.

'How are we in front of my room?' Kara thought.

Looking at Pace, and his hands on her arms. Kara immediately put s.p.a.ce between herself and Pace.

"What do you think you are doing!?" Crossing her arms over her body

"Tsk...What do you think I want?....Open the door so we can talk about your little genius helper."

Bring her back to the important issue at hand. Kara had no choice put the open her door and welcome Pace in her room. Before someone hears their conversation.

"I knew from the first time I met you, you were a 'fraud'." Pace said as soon as he entered the room.

Turning around he waited for her to deny it. Kara closed the door, not willing to face the music. She pretended she didn't hear one word he said.

"I truly feel bad for your 'friend', to have had a leech like you taking her talents." Pace continued to taunt her.

"What do you want? You want to tell the Commander everything go a head. With Lila already telling him, it's only a matter of time before they rush in here to arrest me for stealing my seat."

Facing Kara's pitiful face took the wind out of Pace's sails. This was not how he saw this conversation going.

Scrutinizing Kara's face he understood why she was so admired. Her body was lean with womanly curves. Her face was soft and fair. With black hair raining down her back. Adding on her charm, she made for an amazing woman.

Pace has never been one to pay attention to women, this was a first for him.

Feeling his face flame with heat after being caught staring. Pace tried to rectify to situation.

"What are you going to do?"

"What can I do? I never thought the Commander had his suspicions about me. "

"So, you're just going to give up like that. After faking it this far you are going to let everything go?"

Kara couldn't understand why Pace was interested in her problem. Of course she saw how he was looking at her. 'Was he infatuated with her? No, that couldn't be it.' Pace was the type of person to forget the opposite s.e.x for his own ambitions.

"Do you want my help?"

Drawing Kara out of her thoughts. Pace's question only gave to more confusion.


"Why?.....Why, What?"

"Why are you trying to help me? This doesn't seem like something you would do?"

"It's not. Truthfully after I was embarra.s.sed by the Commander in front of you. I sought to exposed you for who you are. But as I observed the way you handled everyone, even the Commander. Created opportunities where there weren't any. I knew you are what I needed."

Pace walked to Kara's bed and sat down.

"Studying has been my life from the time I was in kindergarten and the teacher gave me my first excellent star. Being first and having everyone idolize you became my drug. But as you get older the rules start to change. One needs EQ and IQ to be at the top. I didn't realize this until now."

The light in Pace's eyes, captured Kara's heart. This feeling Pace had described made Kara remember the first time she took Lila's work as her own and received first place.

The sense of standing on top, of being idolize. That was too hard to give up. Which has lead to her now predicament.

"I understand what you mean. At first I only did it because I forgot to do my own homework and Lila had always been out sick. So no one would know. "

Kara took a huge breath as she recalled erasing Lila name and putting down her own.

"It became easier once people showered me with congratulations and gifts. Privileges was given and respect from peers and teachers were ent.i.tled. "

Kara and Pace reminisced on their childhood.

"But things got harder as I got older, they expected more and Lila was no longer an option." Kara stressed.

"We can get back what we lost in our childhood. I lost my EQ. You lost your IQ. We complement each other, no? You can cover for what I lack in EQ and I can cover for what you lack in IQ. No one will ever know. We will have the whole universe at our feet."

Seeing the plan Pace put forth, Kara found new hope. The desire to continue on with the lies renewed.

"But Lila....she'll expose the truth. Everyone will know...the Commander will know."

"I have a plan but we need be in an agreement. From this day forth we are one."

Kara looked at Pace. He wasn't exceedingly handsome, but he held his own with his tall height, rope tight muscle body. Plus with his intelligence, he was a catch.

With Lila and the Commander breathing down her neck, Kara really couldn't be choosey.

"Okay. We are one."

They shook hands. Pace then gestured for Kara to sit side him.

"Now let's bury the past."

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