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"Where would you find such a pushover again?"


"Young miss, I just meant that compared to the other princes of the royal family, Prince Ailwin is very understanding of you..."

"Are you saying I'm difficult...?"



Saavi and Jonas answer at the same time.

"Young master Jonas seems to have a lot of problems with me..."

", I just find you to be more daring than most young ladies of your age..."

"Uh-huh...sure." Patting his chest, Jonas thank the G.o.ds for sparing him Mika's wrath.

"Young miss what should we do now?"

"Were any of our belongings saved during the fire...?" This has been on her mind for a while now. Her sword and her mother's bow was kept in that house, she prayed they aren't ash.

"Some things were recovered, but since we were mostly focused on escaping, the majority of the stuff is gone." Saavi sighed for the lost items.

"Take me to what is left..."

"En...Before we left Lord Tasar had given us a new residence, so we just left everything there." Saavi and Jonas showed Mika the way to the new house.

Along the way, they observe the clean estate and the new construction taking place on some of the buildings.

"Wow...Lord Tasar, has already gotten the estate back to its original state." Saavi marveled at the before and after of the Udava clan.

She thought for sure that it would take Lord Tasar at least a month to get everything back in order.

"The Udava clan is one of the wealthiest houses in the Steppe. Uncle Tasar should be able to get the Udava clan back up and running in no time." Jonas proudly showed off his uncle's work, almost as if it is his own.

Mika wondered if Jonas has always been this way, or has it developed after his family was murder.

"Ugh!...why are you talking as if you were the one who made it happen...?" Saavi pushes away from Jonas as they came upon the new residence.

"Young miss, this way. The servants already gave me the keys..." Saavi unlocked the door and turned on all the lights so Mika can see better.

"'s almost the same as the old one." Mika walked through the front doorway into the living room to see all their brunt item piled on the floor.

Diving into the pile, Mika looked all over for her sword and bow. As her hands and clothes got covered in soot and ash, Mika didn't care and continue the search. Until finally spotting the bow case her mother gave to her before she left for the Steppes.

Slowly pulling out the case and wiping away the dirt and grim as best as she could with her sleeve; seeing as the case is still intact, she has high hopes for her bow.

Opening the lid, there lays her mother's bow just as she left it.

"Young miss, when we bought you back I placed it inside the case for safekeeping. The Udava servant must have found it after the fire..." Mika nodded her head as she hugged the bow close to her chest.

This was their family's heirloom, the only one of its kind. She would have been heartbroken if it was lost to the fire.

"What about my sword...?" Mika looked up from the floor at Saavi, hoping that too was saved. It was the first weapon she ever picked for herself.

"....young miss, the sword was not so lucky..." Saavi picked up a bundle wrap in cloth over to Mika.

Mika carefully places the bow back in its case, closing and locking the lid.

Taking the bundle from Saavi's arms, Mika laid it down on the floor before unwrapping it.

Inside the dual-edge sword was in two pieces with their handles completely brunt off, the blades darken and warped by fire.

Mika looked down at what was left of her sword. Testing the blades and the grip, Mika realizes they're salvageable.

"Saavi, wrap these back up and keep them in a safe place until we leave."

"...okay..." Saavi just figures, Mika couldn't let go of her first sword.

Looking around at the rest on the stuff crowding the living room, Mika wanted to just throw them away. Even if they were somewhat usable, they were covered in filth that probably will never come off.

Locating the comms in the house, Mika called Durlan Steward to see if the Udava clan had any extra clothes for her and Saavi to wear as hers, Saavi's and Kaze's were destroyed.

"Steward Durlan..?"

"Yes, Miss Mikaela. Is there anything I can do for you?"

" maid and I have no clothes, I was wondering-"

"Say no more, I will have someone bring clothes for both of you."

"Thank you."

"Anything else, Miss Mikaela...?"

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"Yes, is my father and Lord Tasar still discussing with Prince Ailwin?"

"No, Prince Ailwin and his people have already retired to a residence before the feast....but your father is still talking with Lord Tasar. Do you want me to connect you over?"

", I was just checking. Thank you again, Durlan..." Mika cut the call, just as Saavi return to the room.

"Young miss, what should we do now?"



"Yes. Bath. I have been in these clothes for the last couple of days, without having a proper bath. I. need. a. bath."

For the past couple of days, Mika has been doing well at keeping her disgust at her body odor and uncleanliness away from people's eyes. However, now that a working bathroom is right before her, there is no way she cannot give in.

"Okay, miss I'll go start it." Saavi rushed off into the bathroom.

"Well, I'm going to back to my home." Seeing as the ladies will be doing their personal care, Jonas felt he had no reason to stay.


"What?" Turning around, Jonas was a little take aback.

Does she want me to help with her bathing? Jonas' face turned beet red.

"Get your mind out of the gutter!... Who do you think I am? I may be daring as you say, but that doesn't mean that I'll get engaged to a prince one minute, then jump into your lap the next!...No, you will go send some clothes to Kaze before retiring before the feast."

"You know my leg is broken, right?" Why can't she send a servant to do it, Jonas thought.

"You know you're my b****h now, right?"


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