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Squeaky clean and refreshed from her bath, Mika steps out of the bathroom in clean clothes given to her by Durlan.

With Jonas off being her delivery boy, and Saavi enjoying her own bath. This is the perfect opportunity to visit the Udava clan's tree farm.

Taking the small vials from the spice cabinet, she poured and washes out all the seasonings from inside.

Packing them into her pocket along with some gloves and bag containers, Mika leaves the house heading in the direction of the farm.

Hopefully, with everyone working towards settling up the celebration, no one will notice her being there.

Walking down the last alleyway towards the entrance to the farm, Mika decided to contact Drako.

"You there?" When she had last spoke to Drako and Yumsa about the honey tree in Ash City before she was interrupted by Ailwin's presence. They found out that the tree was sprouting fruit.

It is an unexpected result that no one saw coming. Since she can't see or examine the fruit, Mika has to heal one of these trees. That is if there are any infected ones here that show the same illness as the one in the cavern.

"I'm here." Drako floated in her mind's s.p.a.ce.

"Good, when I reach the farm help me to find a tree to heal. It should give off a stench, and considering the spirits are more sensitive to the elements than I am, it should be easier for you to find a sick tree."

"Okay, but I'll have to correlate with you like how we did when you heal those two males from before..."

"That's fine, just find it as quickly as possible..."


At the end on the alley, Mika slowed down her pace to scout out the area.

Before her was a stone wall that separates the tree farm from the rest of the estate, she will need to either climb over or walk through the gates. Unfortunately, Mike could do neither.

There are two guards stationed at the gate which she's pretty sure won't allow her entry without Lord Tasar approval.
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Secondly, if she were to climb the wall, she would be left out in the open for the guards to see her.

Stepping back into the alley, Mika pace for a while trying to think of a plan. She has already wasted fifteen minutes getting here, and though she left a note for Saavi before she left, she knows it won't hold her for long.

"Think Mikaela, think..." Mika grabbed her head in frustration and leaned against one of the residential structures in the alleyway.

Feeling the bottles in her pocket digging into her hips, a plan finally comes to her.

That's right! I can use Fae dust...but how?

Mika looked at the two guards that were about 15 meters away from her. If she were to walk up to them and throw the dust into their faces, there is an off chance that someone might see.

Thinking of how she used the Fae dust on General Gilwenys and his captains, she wished she had another Yumsa here.

"Drako, do you know if there are any sylph around in this area?"Mika enters her mind's s.p.a.ce to ask Drako.

"No...why?" Weren't they suppose to be finding a tree, now they need to find a sylph.

"I need someone with Yumsa's ability to wind control to help me get past the guards."

"Why don't you do it yourself?"


"I told you, your gifts are similar to a.n.a.lise's...." Mika waited for him to continue.



"a.n.a.lise was an elemental, a powerful one. She was able to control mult.i.tudes of, her great-great-granddaughter have a diluted version of her gifts."

"You're saying I'm an elemental..." Mika felt excitement rush through her.

When she had first awakened, her gifts were just there... she could feel them, but they were still new to her. Plus, with focusing more on understanding a.n.a.lise's writings and making the nan.o.bots, she really didn't have a lot of time to test out her powers fully.

"So, I can make wind....and fire...water...?"

"Yes...yes...and yes, I believe so."

Reining in her excitement, Mika knew she needed to get work done first before she could start terrorizing the people around with her gifts.

"Okay...teach me how to generate wind..."

"First...." Drako gave Mika a quick 101 on wind control.

"Okay, I believe I got this..."

Walking to the edge of the alleyway, Mika pulled out the last bottle she made of Fae dust.

Closing her eyes to concentrate, she called the wind to her to do her bidding.

A gentle breeze blew pa.s.sed the two guards, who thought nothing of it.

Feeling it working, Mika made the wind stronger until the Fae dust could drift in the wind.

Sending it the guards' way, she made sure her enchantment rode in the wind straight into their ears.

Did it work?

Peeking around the corner, she saw the two guards frozen in their spots.

Testing to see if it worked, Mika picked up a rock and threw it at the wall.

The guards didn't move.

Testing one last time, she picked up an even bigger rock, and they still didn't move.

Blowing out a sigh of relief, Mika ran to the wall. Using the s.p.a.cing between the stones of the wall, she climbed up and jumped down.

Quickly connecting with Drako, she allowed him to guide her to a specific area at the back of the farm.

The smell wasn't as bad as the one at the cavern, but it still reeked horribly.

Swiftly taking out her vials, Mika went around to the most critical trees and took samples of everything this time. From the honey to the leaves, if they had any, and then all the way down to the soil.

"Are you going to heal it now...?" Drako was still correlating with Mika.

"No, I don't have time. Plus, I don't think it would be a good idea..."

When Mika entered the farm, she reflected on her initial plan to heal one of the trees.

Most likely after tonight, she and her father will be leaving the Udava clan. She wouldn't have time to see the fruits grow if they do at all, nor will she want to alert Lord Tasar to someone entering his farm.

Taking a few more looks around the area, she collected samples from the healthy trees as well for comparison before leaving the same way she entered.

This time thought more mindful of her samples, she took her time getting down.

Back at the residence, Saavi was about to seek out Lord Mano's help in finding Mika when she walked through the front door.

"Young Miss, where did you go...?"

"Hmm?...oh, for a walk to work up an appet.i.te for the feast we are going to have..."

"You could have waited for me..." Saavi's downcast face had Mika feeling guilty for leaving her behind.

"Sorry, Saavi...I just wanted to see the rest of the Udava estate before we leave tomorrow."

"Hmmm...." Saavi couldn't place her finger on it, but she felt like Mika was hiding something from her.

"Let me just go rinse off then we can go to the celebration...okay?"

" need help?"

"No..I'm fine." Mika walked into the room and pulled out the only bag to survived the fire and dumped all the sample vials inside.

Meanwhile, at another residence, a man dressed as a Udava servant walked into Ailwin's room.

"What happened?" Still lying down on his bed, Ailwin questioned his captain.

"Miss Mikaela went out by herself without her maid and snuck into Lord Tasar's tree farm."

"What did she do once she was inside?" Ailwin sat up.

"She took some samples of the dying trees..." The captain reported everything he saw Miss Mikaela do once she was inside the Udava farm to Ailwin.

"What did she do after that?"

"She went back into her residence."

"Okay, you can go." The captain bowed and then left, shutting the door behind him.

" seems my fiancee has more secrets than I do..." Ailwin laid back down on the bed, closing his eyes.

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