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Mika was about to ask when she saw Jonas' and Saavi's facial expressions and decided against it.

She shouldn't isolate herself from her only friends.

Wiping the smile off her face, Mika put a despondent expression on her face to match the rest of the room before looking back at Saavi and Jonas.

When Saavi saw Mika's face, she couldn't help but admit that it gave her a little bit of encouragement.

If young miss struggled with this exam and she's one of the smartest people I know than I don't feel so bad about some of those questions I didn't answer correctly.

Saavi consoles herself with this thought, not realizing that was going through Mika's mind at this time.

If these two couldn't pa.s.s this test, they should just go home. Sigh...I'm severely lacking brainpower with my people.

Jonas, who saw Mika's initial confidence smile when the exam was over, refused to be played by her fake mask now.

"Am I really dumber than this brat...?" Jonas dropped his head on the table in heartache.

She gets mad over doughnuts for G.o.ds' sake! If she outscored me in the test, then I'll never judge her again!

Jonas made a silent vow to himself before the proctors came back in with the test scores.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please quiet down. Your scores will be posted on your monitors in one minute. Those of you who scored below a seventy-five, please follow the proctors out of the room."

That minute was the hardest wait of the students' life.

When the monitors light up with everyone's test results, cheers and wails were coming from the room.

Jonas looked at his screen and felt a ton of bricks fall off his shoulders. Taking a peek at the monitors around him, he left more confident about himself.

Catching Saavi's monitor, Jonas saw that she too pa.s.sed, though with a slightly lower score than he did.

"What did you get?" While he was feeling superior about outscoring the students around him, he did see Mika leaving her seat.

"I got an eighty-six (86)." Showing Mika the monitor, he thought she would praise him.

"Mmm...Saavi what did you get?"

"An eighty (80)." Saavi blushed while showing Mika her results. This was the first time she ever took a test or even studied.

"Good job!" Mika gave Saavi and hug before heading back to her seat.

"Wait!... What about you?" Jonas saw she was heading back towards her seat and not out the door, he guessed she pa.s.sed as well.

Mika didn't bother answering him and just lifted her thumb over her shoulder, pointing to her screen.

On it show a ninety-nine (99) with "congratulation on getting the highest score."

You have to be sh**ting me!

Taking a closer look at the screen, he saw Mika's name at the top.

Jonas looked at Mika. She smiled and went back to her seat.

It's okay Jonas, she doesn't know about the vow. It was said in the heat of the moment... you didn't know any better. Now that you do don't ever judge that woman's intelligence by her bratty behavior.

When all the students who fail the test exited the room, Ynaselle guided the remaining few to the school's training grounds.

She had been throughly surprised this year. There were a lot more students who pa.s.sed this year compared to the last five pervious years.

Glancing to the right and then the left, Ynaselle smiled at the two young ladies, who both pa.s.sed to first test with flying colors.

Feeling invigorated by the new students talent, Ynaselle hopes they don't disappoint her at the arena.

Coming up on the school's training grounds, there was nothing but 'ohh' and 'ahh' leaving the students mouths.

With a building all to its self, the academy's training grounds is made up of one gigantic stadium and several mini sparring rings. The size of this stadium has to take up at half of the academy's land.

Coming out of the tunnel, Mika was stupefy. The area she just walked into looks similar to the building in Ash city. Feeling a tingling rush up her spine, Mika felt she was missing something.

Wasn't Ash City the Urumis Empire's city on Inay?

Thinking to herself Mika remember reading that this academy was one of the first schools built at the end of a.n.a.lise' and Calico's reign.
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"Mikaela? is something wrong?" Saavi pulled Mika out of her thoughts. Looking around she saw that everyone had was already standing at the edge of a sparring ring waiting from them.

"No, I'm fine. Let's go."Pus.h.i.+ng her thoughts to the back of her mind for future research, Mika focus on the teacher's introduction.

"Everyone quiet down... I would like to introduce your next test..." Ynaselle spoke once Mika and Saavi joined the group.

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