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"What? There is nothing here... Ms. Ynaselle did you happen to know what that girl used on you?" The weaponry teacher asked after testing the solidness of the ground.

"No, one minute I was standing on solid ground than the next, I was sinking..." Ynaselle also dusted herself off to look at the area.

Zaos looked at the ground then looked at the tree. 

"Sigh...this group of students are going to be interesting." Turning around he left the arena, leaving all the other teachers and professors behind.

With the end to admissions, the new students were feeling alleviated but also exhausted. Most wanted to go to their rooms to sleep and others wanted food. However, before any of them could do that, their seniors needed to go over the school rules first.

After being led from the arena to the school's courtyard, a stage and screens were organized for the new students to listen to orientation.

"Listen up, fledglings! We are only going to go over this once with you guys. After that, you need to read up on the academy's rules book for more information." Nine seniors stood on stage, while the screens gave a close up of the speaker.

Mid-height with reddish hair, square jaw and very masculine features, the student speaker spoke loudly into the mic.

Mika couldn't tell much else about this person as her group was the last to arrive, and were to standing at the back of the crowd.

"All of you will receive the school's uniform for the summer and winter time, they are to be worn at all times while of campus..." He pointed to the female and male student to his right. They stepped forward the showcase the new students uniforms for everyone to see.

"Aww man, it's yellow!" Mika looked at the color of the uniform on the screens.

"So what? Is there something wrong with yellow?" Jonas was puzzled by Mika outburst.

"There nothing wrong with yellow, it's just not my color." She huffed, when Jonas and Saavi both gave her a condemning look.

"I hope you all have been to the tailor for your proper measurements... Everyone will find their uniforms placed in your rooms along with the rest of your luggage." The boy continued, " Now on to the dormitory rules. Everyone will receive their building name along with their room number. There will be two to six people to a exceptions."


"Two to six people!"

"I have to share a way!"

"There must be some mistake...I'm calling my mother!"

"I am not sharing a room...!"

Protests came quick and loud, the seniors on stage and below shook their heads at the new students' behavior.

"Shut Up!" The boy at the mic shouted, making everyone's ears ring. 

"For all of you who think that you can use your family's wealth or standing to get your way, you can walk right out of the front gates right now! Once you have decided to become a student here, your family has no say in your school life...unless you die! If you can't handle someone else sleeping in the same room as you, then go back to your pampered houses because you won't be welcome here..." He waited a moment to see if anyone would leave.

The seniors standing on stage saw the grief-stricken looks on the new students faces and could help but smirk.

"Good... Now, as I was saying... there will be two to six people to a room. The room a.s.signments go according to your ranking. The higher you scored, the less of a chance you have of sharing a room with many people."

"Aww man!"

"The ranking even applies to the dorms!?"

"d.a.m.nit! Why?"

"I'm screwed..."

" feels good to be smart..." Mika's comment said in a sea of sorrow, wasn't missed by anyone around her.

Tired, hungry and now realizing they wouldn't even have privacy, the students were on edge.

"Besides the occupancy of your rooms, your ranking will also decides the location of your dorm. Those in the special cla.s.s will get the luxury rooms, the A cla.s.s will get the high grade room and so forth..."

"WHAT!" Many new students shouted out.

"ENOUGH! I don't have all day to go over these rules with you every time you want to have an outburst over them. The rules have been in place way before your got here!...*Cough* Now as I was saying, these room a.s.signments will be in place until the next testing cycle. No one, and I do mean NO ONE is allowed to change their rooms."

"What if you and your roommates can't get along?" A student asked.

"If you have disputes with the your roommates, its up to you to solve them. The academy staff is not here to cater to your needs... However, I will tell you that all students can challenge each other... and win takes all." Many of the seniors laughed at the mention of the challenges. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Challenges?" The student who placed the first question, asked.

"Yes, challenges. If you have a problem with any student, you can challenge them, and they you, to a match. The winner takes all and the loser must follow the condition that the winner has set..."

"The teachers allow this?"

"Heh...sometimes the teachers take part..." The new students found this exception to the rules exciting.

"We can bet on anything?"

"Yes, but I must warn you, once the bet is placed there is no backing out."

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