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"Mano! What do you mean?..." Lady Jaelah face went pale as the words left Mano's mouth.

Lord Mano ignored her, and stared at Lulu.

"Where is the weapon?..."

"F-f-father I don't know what you mean...?" Lulu could see the fury in her father's eyes, it scared her so much she was about to pee on herself.

"Lulu this is the last time I'm going to ask you,...WHERE IS THE WEAPON!?" Mano intertwine his gift with his voice, making their ears ring.

"....I..I...I...don't hav-"

"Captain, search her room. And bring a maid to search her....When I find the weapon you will be given to the elders."

"No!...father please." Lulu wanted to crawl to her father for mercy, but three maids walked in.



Two of the maids grab Lulu's arms while the last search Lulu from head to toe. Pulling off all her charms and accessories. One by one they fell on the floor in front of Mano. When the maid reach for Lulu boots, Lulu started to struggle.

"No! Father please...listen...father.."

Finally getting the boots off, the dagger slipped out. Lord Mano bent forward and plucked the blade from the floor. The room grew quiet.

The dagger in Mano hands, Lady Jaelah recognized it. It was 'Torment', the dagger was from her chest.

"Where did you get this dagger from...?"



"I-I found it!...I found it...outside..."

"You use this dagger to hurt your young sister." It wasn't a question but a statement. He looked at Lulu in disappointment.

"Father...I didn't. I swear-"

"YOU DARE!" Mano stabbed the dagger into the tea table beside his chair. "You dare to swear your innocence..Lulu, this dagger you "found" , it's name is 'Torment'. Do you know why...?"

Lulu shook her head no. She though it was just a forgotten dagger at the bottom of her mother's chest.

"The victims of this dagger wounds will never fade. If driven deep enough, the wound will never close. No matter how much healing they go through. But Lulu there is another reason why they call the dagger 'Torment'...The user of this dagger will also receive a mark, in the same place inflicted by their victims....Your beauty charms have been taken off. Take a look in the mirror Lulu, and tell me if you still dare to swear your innocence."

Lulu walked to her mother's mirror and screamed in terror.

"No!, no, no...only she should have this scar. Why me? Why!?"

"Steward!" Lord Mano personal steward came rus.h.i.+ng in, "take down my decree. Young miss Lulu Sugarvine Amara shall never be allow to wear beauty charms again. Captain, take Lulu way and give her to the elders."


"Yes, sir." Ordering two of his men, they hauling Lulu to the elders against her screams and struggles.

"Now....Kamryn, what was in that water you gave Mika?"


Moments ago at the meeting hall...

"If you have something to say, say it..." Mano was in no mood for secrecy.

"Young miss Mikaela did have visitors while she was imprisoned....."


"Young miss Kamryn and Young miss Lulu...."

"Lord Mano!" A healer rush into the meeting hall.

Startled by the head healer who should be at Lady Lyra courtyard, Mano worried something might have happen to Mika.

"Lord Mano, I have something urgent to report concerning your daughter's life."

Everyone's heart tensed, if anything else were to have happen to the young miss where will they be able to hide.


"The wounds over her body are all superficial, with little time in the pod they will be gone, " the healer decided to deliver good news first, " it's young miss Mikaela face and bones that are harder to heal."

"Bones?...we didn't touch her bones!...Nothing should be wrong with her bones." The elders already feeling guilty against Lord Mano's questioning, were quick to relieve themselves of any other problems.

"Silence!...Let him speak." Quieting down the elders sat in their seats, give the healer the a few grumbles.


"Yes..Young miss Mikaela has been poisoned."


"Yes, Lord Mano." Even though everyone shouted out, the healer only answered Mano. "She has been poison with 'Ivory Smother'."

The name 'Ivory Smother' left a bad taste in everyone's mouth. Lord Mano knew of the poison, it was a common used poison back in his younger years. During that time when everyone was fight on land and status, many clans used this poison against their rival's fledglings. Destroying the rival clan's future.

If found out too late the victim had no chance for survival. If found immediately the cure was painful enough to make the victim wish for death.

"What's wrong with the wound on her face?"

"Young miss Mikaela seem to have been slashed with a cursed weapon. the wound is very difficult to heal. Even closing it will take a lot of work and time. I fear their will still be a scar."

Mano closed his eyes, never would have though his family would be capable of doing such things against each other.

"Lady seems I have been too good to you and our daughters over the years...follow me."

Lord Mano led the guards and his servants to Lady Jaelah's courtyard.

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