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Chapter 393 Mansion Spirit

There was a small hut in the valley suffused with singing birds and fragrant flowers.

There were many common panacea plants next to the hut, exuding a faint fragrance. Su Li was sitting quietly beside the stone table enclosed by the wooden fence, looking thoughtful.

The pale young man sitting opposite Su Li was staring at her. Unusually, he looked anxious rather than composed. Obviously… he wanted something from Su Li.

Su Li broke the silence when she heard the light footsteps coming from outside the valley.

With a flash of light in her eyes, she finally said, “I promise! But you should also know that I can’t guarantee.”

The pale young man suddenly relaxed when he heard it. It seemed that Su Li’s promise was the best result. “Your honor, thanks for what you have to do. If it is true as you said that the situation is irreversible, then… please keep my son safe and take him away from this place. I have recorded everything that happened in that year as agreed.”

With a flash of light in Su Li’s eyes, she took over the jade slip handed out by the pale young man, stood up and walked into the house silently.

She suddenly stopped her steps, and said indifferently with her back to him, “I also understand the feeling of being a parent, and… I am not a holy girl. Don’t call me that again.”

The pale young man was stunned. Thinking of all the past in the illusion of reincarnation, he could not help but smile bitterly.

Just as Su Li entered the hub, a shout mixed with surprise and joy came from the gate of the valley courtyard, “Father! It’s really you!”

Dongfang Yi stared at the pale young man’s face, and couldn’t help but walk quickly.

The pale young man instantly pulled himself together and turned to look at the three people outside the door. When his eyes fell on the face of the young man in the middle, a smile suddenly appeared on his cold face.

Yes, he was Dongfang Yi’s father, Dongfang Wuxue.

In the illusion of reincarnation, he incarnated as the Twelfth Prince of Dahan Country. However, in the real cultivation circle, he was still the evildoer of Dongfang Family. With his own luck, he was able to play an important role in the illusion.

Illusion of reincarnation… had been existing since the ancient times. It was probably an extended world centered on the luckiest person in the inheritance illusion. If someone could unify the illusion of reincarnation, the Reincarnation Mirror would naturally recognize him or her as its master.

Of course, this rule was completely abandoned by the psychic mirror spirit. Under her control, there would never be such a person. Once there was a sign, she would destroy her future master in advance in the same way she destroyed Su Li!

However, even if it was impossible to have a real master, the cultivation practice methods and treasures in the Reincarnation Mirror were coveted by people in the cultivation circle.

In the hub, Su Li kept silent for a while when she thought of Dongfang Wuxue’s previous description. She finally knew why so many people in the previous life were keen to let her open the world in Reincarnation Mirror.

The previous life that was originally vague finally became much clearer at this moment in this life.

“Yi’er, you’ve grown up.”

Dongfang Wuxue had not forgotten his agreement with Su Li. He pulled himself together as soon as he lost focus. He looked up and down at Dongfang Yi and sighed, but he had no intention of getting up to touch his son.

Dongfang Yi didn’t think so much about it. He came forward to hug his father with a look of excitement, but he staggered and came through Dongfang Wuxue’s body.


Dongfang Yi’s face changed immediately, and he nervously got down on one knee in front of Dongfang Wuxue, carefully observing his father’s body. When he saw a beam of light penetrate Dongfang Wuxue’s body, his face suddenly became miserable.

“How could it be phantom? Father, are you…”

“I am not that easy to die.”

Dongfang Wuxue laughed and scolded, before the whole sentence came out.

Dongfang Yi suddenly sighed with relief, but he realized that his back was drenched when he came back to his senses. Finding his father dead when they met again, was the cruelest punishment given by fate.

“Fellow pract.i.tioner Dongfang, I’m much honored to see you. Thank you for saving my life and I would never forget it!”

Old Lady Duhua came up and said warmly. Anyway, they were out of danger. This place was also very suitable for healing. They were safe for the moment.

“Don’t mention it, fellow pract.i.tioner Du.”

Dongfang Wuxue lifted his head, with his face returned to peace. He smiled lightly and said, “I also saw that you had saved my son’s life along the journey, so we are even.”

“Can you see the situation in the cave of inheritance?”

Old Lady Duhua was shocked, and subconsciously recalled that her old friend had told her many times to bring Dongfang Yi with her. It turned out that this was the reason.

Dongfang Yi’s father was in this cave.

Hearing what she said, Dongfang Wuxue laughed without saying anything, but he felt bitter in his heart. If he could, he would rather give up this ability.

“Are you Dongfang Wuxue?”

The wounds of Immortal Bingshu covered with blood were healed with scab, and his hair was bonded with blood clots. He was even more abject than beggars, but his face was calm. Looking at Dongfang Wuxue, he said in a deep voice, “My name is… Yan Ziye.”

Dongfang Wuxue’s plain expression immediately changed, and his tone was no longer casual. He said in the same deep tone, “It turned out to be Brother Yan, but Brother Yan’s…”

Yan Ziye grinned, “Not everyone is as lucky as Brother Dongfang. I was badly injured when coming out from there and I have not recovered yet. I’m sorry to let you see how I am struggling in the cultivation circle now.

Dongfang Wuxue laughed meaningfully when he heard these words. He did not spoke out, but transmitted the sound in silence, “With your background, it is easy for you to recover from the damage to the foundation. Did you betray your own sect as I did?”

Yan Ziye narrowed his eyes. Dongfang Wuxue revealed his own indecent past, and calmly replied, “That kind of practice is not in my way! No common goal, no common cause to cooperate. I have no regrets for betraying the sect!”

“And… even though it sounds absurd, Su Li did have a lot of influence on me in the illusion. Therefore, I can no longer be close to my mentors, who were conspiring in such a way. Who became whose pract.i.tioner on earth? Hehe, it is really ridiculous…”

Dongfang Wuxue pursed his lips slightly, “You are wrong. Not everyone keeps the memory of the illusion like us. Those who came out from the illusion with the Life Ring in advance only remember the practice methods and secret skills. If there was no accident that year…”

Yan Ziye’s expression immediately changed, “Is that so…”

Dongfang Yi and Old Lady Duhua watched Dongfang Wuxue and Yan Ziye who suddenly remained silent at the same time. Naturally, they knew that these two people were transmitting the sound. It seemed that they knew each other in the past, but did not get familiar with each other.

Old Lady Duhua was so sophisticated after living a long life. She had no intention of inquiring into the relations.h.i.+p between the two, so she just sat aside and healed herself.

Dongfang Yi sat aside anxiously, for that he was worried about his father who did not have a solid body.

Half a day later, the communication between the two talents in those days came to an end. They had a touch of smile on their faces, for no reason.

Dongfang Wuxue looked inside the hut without a trace, pondering in his mind.

“Yan Ziye clearly entered the cave with Su Li. Su Li might have recognized him a long time ago. Fortunately, he is not clear about what happened back then. My bargaining chips are still enough. However, with Yan Ziye’s help, the certainty may be bigger…”

Then, they stayed here to heal themselves. Although Yan Ziye and Old Lady Duhua’s injuries were severe, they were not difficult to heal. With the help of panaceas, they returned to their peak state before entering the cave in just one month.

As for Dongfang Yi, he was receiving Dongfang Wuxue’s teaching, which complemented the missed inheritance at his childhood. However, Dongfang Yi was very uneasy when learning. He felt that his father was telling him what to do after his death, in a pensive mood.

“Since you both have recovered, how about coming over and sitting down for a talk?”

Dongfang Wuxue smiled and invited. Yan Ziye and Old Lady Duhua naturally had no objection. They sat down next to each other. For the first time in countless years, the small and square stone table was full of people.

“This cave was left by Immortal Cang Lei. You should have known it from the stone table, but…”

When Dongfang Wuxue said this, his voice suddenly became low, “The content on the stone table is not totally true.”


Dongfang Yi was too young to keep calm. He couldn’t help but exclaimed. Yan Ziye and Old Lady Duhua also changed their complexions slightly. They had never doubted the authenticity of the stone table.

“Although I had a faint sense when you entered the cave, it disappeared when the sparrow existed.”

Dongfang Wuxue then said a name. Yan Ziye frowned when he heard it, “Who… who is it?”

“He is the one known as Heaven Rover.”

Dongfang Wuxue looked at Yan Ziye, and whispered an astonis.h.i.+ng fact, “Heaven Rover was walked in by the sparrow 100 years ago in this cave, and the man who came here with him… was me.”

“The sparrow was originally the mansion spirit of this cave. It was responsible for waiting for the descendants of Immortal Cang Lei. After a long time of waiting, the sparrow had its own spirit. It broke loose from the cave and became an evil spirit.

Dongfang Wuxue said tonelessly, but he clenched his fists hidden in the sleeves unconsciously, “I came here together with Heaven Rover and we were caught by the sparrow. Heaven Rover was walked in by it, and my soul was deprived by it to replacing the original one.”

The small courtyard was stuck in silence for a long time.

“I see.”

Old Lady Duhua’s face turned pale. The truth was often far beyond one’s imagination.

A mansion spirit, who was arranged by the master to manage the cave, became unfaithful after living for countless years. It actually tried to break away from the concept of spirit to become a human and even the heir of its master.

Such an evil thing, I am afraid, was definitely rare, even in the ancient cultivation age.

Dongfang Wuxue continued, “Because of this, I can vaguely sense what happened in the cave. However, I am not the real mansion spirit after all, so many things are not under my control. The sparrow stripped my soul back then to make me become an unconscious puppet, but it didn’t know that I had the protection of a strange treasure to keep my thoughts intact. Otherwise, I’m afraid I won’t be able to save you by surprise.”

“However, since I appeared in front of the sparrow this time, it probably already knew my existence.”

Dongfang Yi suddenly panicked when he heard it, “What should we do? Father, will the sparrow…”

“Yi’er, don’t worry.”

Dongfang Wuxue shook his head and smiled, “The sparrow naturally has to give up something if he wants to get the inheritance. He has already given up his ident.i.ty as a mansion spirit. He can’t come here without my permission.”

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