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Chapter 526 A Strange Feeling

The road to the Yin Mountain was not difficult. There was only one regular and wide trail that ran directly to the deep mountain, the black dense forest. It was dark and unclear.

“How is the geography completely different from that on the map?”

Wen Hun put down the scroll with a confused expression. The map was drawn hundreds of years ago, but it should not be totally different from the actual geography.

“Could it be that something went wrong when the junior fellow apprentices opened the Tactical Matrix? Isn’t it the entrance of the Yin Mountain!”

Wen Hun was in shock. He began to search the pattern similar to the road in front of him on the map immediately.

Su Li smiled indifferently, and said, “The Yin Mountain is not very big. Even if we were delivered to wrong place, let’s just search for the right one.”

Wen Hun froze for an instant. Then he thought of the terrifying power that Su Li had exploded yesterday, and felt…it was very reasonable. Even the Immortal of Ghost was no match for her, what were these little ghosts and little monsters in the Yin Mountain?

When he opened his mouth and intended to speak, he saw Su Li t.i.tled her head and stared at his side.

It made Wen Hun’s toes curl. He took a few steps sideways and followed Su Li’s eyes to have a look at the same time.

The “Senior Sister Apprentice Yue”, who usually wore black clothes, dressed dazzling white gauze and looked at him with a strange look.

“Senior Sister Apprentice Yue!”

Wen Hun was startled into a cold sweat, and patted on his chest with a look of fear, “Can you make a sound when you come here? It almost scares me to death.”

“Senior Sister Apprentice Yue” in white did not respond, but just stared at Wen Hun gently. After a quite long time, she shaped her mouth.


The gentle voice, like a spring breeze, blew into Wen Hun’s mind, with an inexplicable breath. It was so…warm.

Wen Hun stared at “Senior Sister Apprentice” in a daze. His head gave a throb without any warning, and sorrow crept over him. He touched his eyes and saw salty tears on his hand.

“I… What’s wrong with me?”

He had never felt anything like that.

Could it be…a means of attack?!

He quickly returned to vigilance, and thought of the Master’s instruction. He stared at “Senior Sister Apprentice Yue” in white and asked, “Sister, do you…hear something?”


Su Li raised her eyebrows, “Did you hear her talking?”

Wen Hun nodded solemnly, and slowly pulled the gray blade out of the sheath, “Master is right. Senior Sister Apprentice Yue can influence my mood, but that’s all. I will kill her now!”

After speaking, he jumped and slashed her without hesitation!

“Senior Sister Apprentice Yue” in white was panicky and disappeared in place. The white light flashed, and appeared a little further from Wen Hun. She looked at Wen Hun with her eyes full of sadness.

“She influences me again!”

Wen Hun had a blackout and a heart pain. Then he staggered and stuck the blade in the ground. Covering his chest with one hand, he intended to pull the blade to attack.

“Wait, let’s see what she wants to do.”

Su Li stopped him and looked at Senior Sister Apprentice Yue in white with interest. Su Li felt a familiar breath and… She saw a sign.

Hearing this, Wen Hun hesitated and clenched the blade, “But Master said…”


Su Li chuckled, and smoothed the wrinkles between his eyebrows with fingers, “I am here. What are you afraid of? If she is really mean to hurt you, I will kill her with one blow.”

Su Li said calmly and pacified Wen Hun.

“Well, I listen to you.”

Wen Hun nodded hesitantly. Suddenly, he felt that the heart pain was reduced a lot, so he took a deep breath, “It seems that she wants to take us to a place.”

With her eyes flas.h.i.+ng, Su Li chuckled, “Then let’s go and take a look.”

With that, there was a momentary vibration at the end of the trail. Although it disappeared in a second, she still perceived it.

“It seems that little pig is very courageous!”

Black Lotus held his breath. He was so experienced and sophisticated that he had already perceived a lot of weird things. Su Li was supposed to sense…more than he did.

The white shadow drifted in and out of their sights, and every time it appeared, it moved a few meters away.

Wen Hun had never seen any ghost move like that. He kept vigilant, but his eyes always fell on that white shadow by themselves. Even he didn’t know what appealed to him.

This feeling…was so strange.

Wen Hun touched his heart and showed a confused expression. The pain at that moment almost made him half dead. But he couldn’t detest or hate it at all.

“It’s wired.”

Su Li kept following her. No matter what difficult terrain the white shadow pa.s.sed through, or penetrating rocks, she could level or punch through it. Nothing could impede her, while Wen Hun followed her in a trance and turned a deaf ear to the sounds around him.

Two hours later, a flat stone wall appeared in front of the them.

The stone wall was as smooth as a mirror, as if it had been polished. After the white shadow integrated into it, Su Li was about to punch through it. But she raised eyebrows suddenly and put her fist away. Then she walked to the stone wall, and pointed at it lightly.


The ripples emanated in circles, and the stone wall became transparent gradually. Then, a stone mansion came into the eyes of Wen Hun in astonishment through the transparent barrier.

“You are…”

Wen Hun walked to the stone wall in a daze, and looked at the slender young man sitting in the mansion. It was obvious that he was the spitting image of Wen Hun. They looked alike.

“Senior Sister Apprentice Yue” in white leaned against the young man, and her lips was moving, as if she was saying something. But neither Su Li nor Wen Hun could hear it.

It seemed that the young man finished listening to “Senior Sister Apprentice Yue” in white. Then he raised his head and looked fixedly at the outside of the stone wall, but his eyes did not fall on Wen Hun. Then he spoke calmly, and his voice came out of the stone wall.

“I heard from your mother that Yinsi never expected that we could meet, my son Hun. In these years…you suffered a lot.”

Wen Hun was shocked and stared at the young man inside the stone wall incredulously. He slumped along the stone wall and muttered, “That’s impossible. I am an orphan. I am…”

As he said, his whole body trembled suddenly, and his memories… How could he remember the things when he was still an infant? His master told him those things before.

“The people can see the inside scene from the outside. But we can’t see you. I heard your mother say that you look very like me. So, she recognized you immediately at first sight.”

The young man smiled at ease, but said in a guilty and hopeless tone, “I never expected you were still alive. I was sealed here… I can’t do anything. I don’t deserve to be your father. However, since you are here, would you like to talk to your terrible father?”

Wen Hun’s lips trembled. It happened so fast that Wen Hun was unable to tell it was true or false. His mind went completely blank, and he could not say a word.

Su Li wiped the stone wall beside Wen Hun, sat against it, and chuckled, “It seems that…you are the new ghost that He Jiu mentioned, right?”

Wen Hun trembled, and was numbed in shock. He murmured, “New ghost?”

The young man stopped smiling and looked cold and cruel. But the words “Senior Sister Apprentice Yue” in white quickly eased his mind. He said, “New ghost? Yinsi told you that? I am Wen Hun’s biological father, Wen Yuanqing.”


Su Li raised her eyebrows, “The ghost under the ground of the hall of the lord said it. So, is it Yinsi?”

“It seems that you know nothing.”

Wen Yuanqing shook his head, as if he didn’t want to say more, “Since you can take Hun to come here, you must have some skills. However, if you are involved in this matter, you will come to a bad end. Leave the Immortal Cultivation Sect as soon as possible, and even…don’t stay in the Jiuzhou Region any more.”

Su Li smiled widely, while Black Lotus couldn’t help s.h.i.+vering.

Someone was going to be in trouble.

“That little pig really cheated me.”

Su Li murmured to herself, and touched the vacant face of Wen Hun beside her. Although she was smiling, her tone was cold.

“Wen Yuanqing, your son was raised by He Jiu, and he also practiced Ghost Chapter. Now he has become semi-human and semi-ghost, and will not live vary long. Then… Do you still think he can leave the Immortal Cultivation Sect?”

“He Jiu!!”

When Wen Yuanqing heard it, his pupils suddenly constricted. He stood up and wanted to step out of the stone wall. As soon as he took a step, Su Li heard the sound of countless chains echoing off the wall.

Those invisible chains seemed to lock every bone of Wen Yuanqing. If he took a step, he would feel a sharp pain as if being crushed.

But Wen Yuanqing was calm, and continued to tug the chains to walk out of the stone wall.


Snap! Snap!

Snap! Snap! Snap!

The chains snapped one by one. But soon a lot of new chains shot out from the stone wall and reconnected. What followed was the more terrifying pull, which made the body of Wen Yuanqing oddly stretch and made his head extend far away.


Wen Yuanqing poked his head out of the stone wall with difficulty. He saw the pale and dispirited face leaning against the stone wall and…the corners of clothes glowing red light.

“Yinsi, I will kill you!”

His veins protruded in anger and his expression was scary. Unreconciled b.l.o.o.d.y tears streamed from his eyes. The dense chains in the stone wall were tightened at the same time.


Wen Yuanqing’s body exploded and turned into pieces of flesh, which fell into the mansion. Then those gathered and came to shape slowly. His face became as pale as Wen Hun.

“Is it worth taking a look at your son?”

Su Li picked up a piece of b.l.o.o.d.y flesh next to her, and looked at it thoughtfully. Then she sighed with emotion, “You really belonged to the Ghost Clan when you were alive. Now you are the new ghost of the Ghost Clan. That’s interesting.”

Wen Yuanqing panted gently. Upon hearing this, he stiffened suddenly, “You…!”

At this moment, the tranquil void suddenly exploded into a cavity, and a person with a familiar face stepped out of it.

“Disciple, don’t believe the ghost’s words.”

Seeing the puzzled Wen Hun, He Jiu said with an angry expression, “I told you that if you heard “Yue” talking, you must kill her, idiot! You actually believe in the ghost’s words and are reduced in such a situation.”

Wen Hun raised his head blankly and looked at He Jiu’s face. For some reason, he wanted to vomit. Then he looked back at the man who had been torn apart for him. For a while, he couldn’t tell the truth, but only looked at Su Li imploringly.

“I… What should I do?”

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