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Chapter 565 Mysterious Thatched Cottage

“Apologize? No way!”

Luo Hong sneered. Then his whole body suddenly burst into a black mist and scattered away. His ethereal voices came from all directions, “A traitor is a traitor! If I have used higher means, do you think you could have defeated me easily?”

Zhou Linfeng tightened the flying sword in his hand, but found that Luo Hong’s figure had flown off the ring. Luo Hong’s voice was full of killing intent, “Our Xiuluo Holy Sect is not good at fighting head-on. We will let you live for two more days, and you must be killed in the Tianjiao Battle!”

Zhou Linfeng was gloomy slightly, but there was no fear in his eyes.

“Holy Boy Zhou, here is your prize.”

The administrator of the ring brought a universe ring. Zhou Linfeng took it. Taking a deep look at the direction that Luo Hong left, he left the ring calmly.

Luo Hong didn’t use cards in his hand, and he, Zhou Linfeng, also didn’t use an ace in the hole.

It was not yet known who would win by that time.

Yan Ziye was hidden in the crowd, and his eyes flashed with light.

“Junior fellow apprentice has really grown up, but he still defends me like this. I’m afraid that in the sect…”

Thinking of it, Yan Ziye frowned and followed without a trace.

Seeing the scene, Su Li didn’t continue to follow him.

Although she hated the holy sects, she did not hate all disciples of the holy sects, like Zhou Linfeng, who still defended Yan Ziye to this day. If there was a chance later, she would invite Zhou Linfeng to the Ni Sect for proper cultivation.

After the Reincarnation Mirror, she naturally understood the importance of forces. If she wanted to fight against the many holy sects in Qingshui Circle, she could not do it alone.

After a while, Su Li left the square and followed the streets of the ancient city to the building complex at the foot of Shengxian Mountain.

Shengxian City was very large, but not all areas were inhabited. There was inexplicable mighty pressure in some areas, squeezing the nimbus in the void, and no one wanted to come.

Following her heart, Su Li came to one of the places with mighty pressure—a dilapidated thatched cottage.

Following the weedy path, Su Li slowly stepped into the thatched cottage. She raised a thick layer of dust on the ground, which constantly swirled in the light beams.


Su Li stopped suddenly. Then she looked down to see that a slab of stone on the ground shattered into powder under her feet and was blown away, revealing the original black soil. The soil was a little reddish like flesh and blood at a glance.

The world seemed to be quiet suddenly. There was silent without any sound. Even if the thatched cottage was with warm tone, it made the sense of terror more intense.

“Here is just an ordinary thatched cottage, which has decayed for tens of thousands of years, but it hasn’t collapsed yet.”

Su Li looked around, and her eyes flickered with caution. There was a strange pneuma everywhere.

“Don’t be careless.”

Black Lotus flashed out from the ring with a vigilant gaze. And his tone was more serious than usual.

“I don’t know why the Ecstasy Ghost Town is here. But back then, it was a mysterious realm of the Ghost Clan, and even I didn’t fully know the secrets in it. For example, here… I have no impression at all! There was no such place in the ghost town in the past!”

Su Li replied softly, but didn’t mention the feeling of summoning.

After she stood for a while, the thatched cottage was still quiet, without any abnormality.

Su Li narrowed her eyes slightly, and then took another step. In this time, she pa.s.sed over the weedy courtyard into the thatched cottage.

The light dimmed suddenly. There was a faint damp feeling on her face, but Su Li didn’t feel uncomfortable.

The inside of thatched cottage was too simple. There were a few futons randomly thrown on the ground, and a high statue of Guanyin was consecrated in the middle.But the lotus throne below the statue of Guanyin was black for some reason.

“Twelfth-grade Black Lotus Throne!”

Seeing this stone statue, Black Lotus’s pupils suddenly contracted, and he exclaimed in a low voice, “Danger! Don’t go there!”

Su Li stopped after hearing this, but the vague sense of summoning in her heart became stronger and stronger. She heard of the Black Lotus Throne because the foundation in her pubic regionwas lotus-shaped. And it was eighteenth-grade, while the statue of Guanyin was only twelfth-grade.

“Unexpectedly, someone would come to this place.”

When she was about to ask about the Black Lotus Throne, an old voice suddenly came to her ears, which made her scalp numb, so she quickly retreated to the door.

At this time, the old voice sounded hurriedly, “I had some trouble in walking. If you go out, you won’t be able to hear me.”

Su Li looked serious slightly. Then she stopped abruptly, looking behind the statue of Guanyin.


An elder in a black coat stooped and slowly paced. He was wrinkled with cloudy eyes. There were age spots on his face, as if he might die at any time.

He couldn’t seem to see Su Li clearly. With dim vision, he looked at Su Li’s direction and smiled.

“It turns out to be a little girl of Human Clan. This place…is not suitable for you.”

Su Li pursed her lips slightly, and said respectfully, “Senior, may I ask who you are?”

“Well, I forgot.”

The elder in the black coat laughed, as if he didn’t know what the troubles were. “I haven’t seen the living creatures for some days. This place is supposed to be forbidden for Human Clan, but I haven’t talked for a long time… Little girl, chat with me for a moment. Then I will let you go.”

Su Li’s eyes flashed, and she smiled softly,“Okay.”

The elder in the black coat was startled, and then his smile became more kind. He asked, “Little girl, what’s your name?”

“My name is Su Jiuzhou for the time being.”

Su Li sat down directly on the threshold. The elder in the black coat was stunned again after hearing her reply. Then he shook his head and laughed.

“Which year is it in All Spirits Calendar outside now?”

“All Spirits Calendar?”

Su Li smiled and shook her head, “Senior, the All Spirits Calendarwas obsolete, and now it is Qingshui Calendar.”

“The calendar was changed?”

The elder in the black coat was stunned, with a touch of sadness flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes, “It seems that I have slept long enough. Little girl, can you tell me what the outside world has become?”


Su Li narrowed her eyes, “In exchange, you have to give me some rewards.”


The elder in the black coat suddenly laughed.

What? How dared a girl of human clan ask for something from a person of Ghost Clan? It was true that newborn calves were not afraid of tigers. However, he didn’t refuse after thinking about it. During the long years, it was rare to have such a little fun.

Next, Su Li told the well-known history of Qingshui Circle. She clearly noticed that when it came to the unclear history between the Qingshui Calendar and the All Spirits Calendar, the elder’s look changed. Although it was just a brief moment, she could feel it.

And when she talked about Shengxian City and Tianjiao List, and portrayed their shapes, the elder was stunned instantly and then became gloomy.

“Three major schools are integrated into one? Who did this?”

“Our Ghost Clan has been annihilated?! Even our holy city has been transferred, but I don’t even notice it! Then what am I protecting the holy lotus throne for?”

The elder obviously didn’t expect that there were so many drastic changes in the world after waking up, and he was so dazed that he even forgot to keep calm.

Seeing this, Su Li didn’t bother the elder’s contemplation, and leaned on the tumbledown door. She took out a bottle of spiritual wine from the universe ring, and drank it slowly.

There were still two days before the Tianjiao Battle, so she didn’t need to worry.

Although the elder in the black coat was old, he had a quick mind. He regained his composure after only two hours, and signed, “Little girl, do you have more wine?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Su Li took out a bottle of wine from the universe ring and threw it out, “The wine does not taste good. Please don’t mind.”

The elder in the black coat took a sip of wine, and then said with a smile, “Little girl, you are so funny. I planned to kill you, but the world changes a lot, so killing is meaningless. How much do you know about the Tianjiao Battle?”

Su Li turned her head and glanced at the elder in the black coat. She sighed, “No good deed goes unpunished. I stay here because you are alone. I never thought that you want to kill me, and also want to get something from me?”

Hearing these words, the elder in the black coat laughed, “Well… I will give you the reward for explaining. I have no money, but fortunately, there are some treasured small things.”

As he said, he waved his sleeves and threw out a light. Su Li caught it. After the light dissipated, there was a shabby book lying in her hand.

“Thatched Cottage Essay?”

Su Li read the words on the cover of the book, and the elder in the black coat couldn’t help being surprised, “You can read the characters of Ghost Clan?”

Su Li didn’t reply. She opened the book and glanced at it. Then she was immediately attracted by the advanced practice methods, and was surprised in her heart.

It was indeed something that the old guy from the All Spirits Calendar brought out. This book looked unremarkable, but recorded true interpretation of Will of Sword. Although she knew it, she had made no progress by exploring alone, so that Destruction Will of Sword could not be used.

But with this book, practicing Will of Sword was no longer difficult.

A smile appeared on Su Li’s face.

Even if she only got this book in Shengxian City, she also felt satisfied.

“Now that you understand the characters, it addresses a lot of troubles.”

The elder in the black coat faintly spoke, but he felt a little regretful. Originally, he could still use the characters of Ghost Clanas a bargaining chip, but he did not expect to miscalculate.

“I am very satisfiedwith your gift.”

Su Li put it away and said in a slightly cheerful tone, “Regarding the Tianjiao Battle, it has something to do with the holy sects. I heard it from an elder of high-grade sect on the way here.

Shengxian Mountain is related to the fortune of Qingshui Circle! And the Tianjiao List is even more related to the fortune of the sects in entire Qingshui Circle! In short, if young disciples in the sect can get a good place in the Tianjiao List, the sect will have a bright future!

And if the sect can get one percent of the fortune of the entire Tianjiao List in the Tianjiao Battle, then it would be qualified…to ascend to be the position of the holy sect! And if the sect gets more than half of the fortune, it will be…the top holy sect!”

“Holy sect?”

The elder in the black coat frowned as he listened. He asked, “What is the use of the position of holy sect?”

Su Li narrowed her eyes, and said gently, “Only ascending to the position of the holy sect can the pract.i.tionersin the sect break the bottleneck, otherwise… they can only be trapped in nature’s test for a lifetime and wait for death!”

The elder in the black coat was shocked… Was it the limit of natural law?!

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