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Chapter 579 Feeling at Ease

Su Li did not answer his question. She picked up the transparent crystals on the ground satisfactorily.

“The holy crystal of the ghost is the best material to improve the realm of the ghost… Finally, there is something useful.”

The mist dispersed, revealing the original road. Su Li put away the crystals with light flas.h.i.+ng in her eyes.

In fact, the mist was also a ghost. There were two ghosts, the female ghost and the mist ghost. However, the method that Hong Bai used was so dreadful that the mist ghost fled immediately. Now that Su Li got the award, she didn’t bother to chase it.

“It seems that we will not always encounter other people in all side roads, or maybe the person chooses other side roads instead of ours.”

Thinking of it, Su Li went on with Ban Qian.

At the same time, Ling Qinglan and Yan Ziye were both in the tests. Although their cultivation was in the early and middle phase of the nature’s test respectively, they were still more powerful than the general talents. In addition, they got help from Su Li’s secret medicine. So, they got a lot of awards and were barely in danger.

As for Jiang Run—

In the ancestral temple, feeling bored, Jiang Run was lying on the altar and muttered feebly, “What the h.e.l.l is the rules of the clan? I’ve tried a lot. Maybe there are some freak rules, such as… Do not be disheveled?”

After he said it, the golden words appeared all of a sudden.

“The 1,899th error! Please try again. If your answers are always wrong, you will be free automatically after 1,999 years.”

Jiang Run, “…”

Su Li and Ban Qian encountered many tests, including tactical matrixes, strange poisons, various ghosts and formidable enemies. Ban Qian eventually got to know how powerful his ally was. When he didn’t know how to pa.s.s the test, Su Li broke through it with an unknown method.

“I am like a kept man.”

Ban Qian laughed bitterly in his heart. He thought it would be an uphill battle. But it turned out to be so easy because of Su Li.

However, Su Li thought honestly that even if the auxiliary secret method of Ban Qian enhanced her power a little, it still…made her surprise.

Although her actual power was still far away from that of a real Great Emperor, it had long been beyond that of the general Junior Emperor, which could match the early perfection phase of Dacheng Realm!

But Ban Qian was only in the early phase of the nature’s test!

There was the gap of three small realms and one bigrealm!

Since Ban Qian could enhance her power, he was worth his weight in gold.

“I’ve heard from Ban Qian that his auxiliary secret method could help many people at the same time. If he could a.s.sist Ling Qinglan and the others…”

Su Li didn’t say anything, but she was thinking how to let the whole Fenglei Holy Sect support her.

The moonlight shrouded the Shengxian Mountain one day later.

Su Li looked up at the mountain top. They were so fast that they finished sixty percent of the journey just in one day.

“At this speed, maybe we are the first two to reach the summit!”

said Ban Qian excitedly. He didn’t dare to think about reaching the summit before joining hands with Su Li. At this moment, he was gladder to make a right decision at the beginning.

Even if they were not the first group to reach the summit, the awards they got were worth their arduous journey.


Su Li chuckled.

Ban Qian was confused. Then Su Li said, “We need to speed up. Be ready to welcome some pract.i.tioners of the top holy sects whom we may encounter.”


Ban Qian carefully nodded, “I will never be a drag on you.”

“I don’t mean that.”

Su Li gave him a quizzical look, “Forget it. You will understand me when you see it.”

Ban Qian was at a loss. He thought Fellow Pract.i.tioner Su was a perfect person, but she said something weird sometimes.

According to what Fellow Pract.i.tioner Su said, he would understand it two days later. He saw Su Li as a person who deserved his deference and respect more than an ordinary friend. So, he didn’t dare to ask her too many questions.

After many turn-offs, they arrived at a magnificent palace.

With a dome covering it, the palace had four huge red-gold gates on its four sides. Many golden columns inlayed with dragons stood tall and upright in the palace. The stone surface of the ground could reflect people so clearly.

“I’ve never seen such a test before.”

Ban Qian took a deep breath and looked around warily.

“Take care of yourself.”

said Su Li. Then she walked towards the center of the hall. Following her, Ban Qian found the stone surface where she stepped would reflect a black lotus. But he found there was nothing under his feet.

“Black lotus?”

Ban Qian frowned. He felt something familiar, because he might see it in the sect’s ancient books and records.

Then the hall suddenly shook.

When the rumbling noise sounded, Su Li and Ban Qian looked at the source of that sound almost at the same time. The big red-gold door in front of them opened slowly.

“Hahaha. You will both die—”

“Holy Boy, you are invincible. No one could match you!”

The familiar violent laughter echoed in the hall. Ban Qian gave a bad look.

It was him!

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

After a few breaths, two shadows popped into the hall. The man in black must be Qu Qingning from Ankui Valley!

“That madman. We are in trouble.”

muttered Ban Qian. He didn’t notice that when Qu Qingning appeared, Su Li’s eyes turned dark.

“Holy Boy Ban, who is that one beside Qu Qingning?”

Ban Qian noticed that person and repliedquickly, “He is a disciple from Han Sect, who called…”

“Han Sect—”

Su Li interrupted him with a smile, “He is useless.”


Ban Qian was stunned. He felt nervous when he looked up at Su Li’s smile.


The disciple from Han Sect who didn’t even keep his feet suddenly turned into blood mist, which sprayed onto Qu Qingning’s clothes and face.



Ban Qian swallowed hard, “You don’t have to kill everyone in Han Sect just because of Zhao Qianlin. Fellow Pract.i.tioner Su, why?”

“Zhao Qianlin?”

Su Li looked at him with a gentle laughter which was filled with endless chill.

“They owe me too much. Just killing a c.r.a.p, who was even not a Great Holy Boy, cannot ease my hatred!”

A deadly chill went to Ban Qian’s head. Suddenly, he thought of something.

“Ha-ha, blood?”

Qu Qingning rubbed the right side of his cheek and licked his fingers. His head was filled with evil thoughts. Suddenly, his hands turned into claws and pounced upon Su Li.

“I love blood!”


He disappeared. Then he shuttled between the columns rapidly to approach her.

Ban Qian’s expression changed. When he was ready to s.h.i.+eld, he was stopped by Su Li.

Ban Qian was puzzled. Qu Qingning stood in front of Su Li and was about to plunge his ten fingers with flickering cold light into her heart.

“Give me blood!”


Su Li raised her arms. Qu Qingning’s claws fell on Su Li’s fine arms, making a colliding sound of metal. But he didn’t hurt Su Li a little.

Seeing it, Ban Qian was pop-eyed with fright.

What…kind of physical body did she have?!

“It seemed that you haven’t been disciplined for a long time.”

Su Li’s eyes twinkled with black light. “Well, I’ll teach you a lesson.”

Then she grabbed Qu Qingning’s wrist slowly, but he couldn’t dodge her.

With red eyes, he opened his mouth to bite the back of Su Li’s hand. Su Li grabbed him overhead and threw him hard on the column.


A deafening noise sounded. Ban Qian covered his ears and stepped back. His ears were shocked to bleed.

Then he stared at the debris of the palace and the crooked column blankly.

The strength… Might Qu Qingning die?

“Uh… Ah-ah!!”

Qu Qingning was smashed down on the ground by Su Li. He screamed like a beast for his fractured back and waist. He sobered a little, but his eyes were still filled with evil.


Su Li raised her brows. She kept silent for a moment and then sighed, “You are still not sober enough.”

Su Li waved her sleeve to sweep him away. Then he was crashed on the golden wall of mural. He was hung on it for a second and then slid down slowly.


Qu Qingning fell to the ground and lay for a moment. Then he jumped out with his arms and legs. When he moved a little more, Su Li appeared and waved her sleeve again and again.


Boom! Boom!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

With a series of heavy whomps, the spurting blood dyed the mural red gradually.

Ban Qian was further from them, and he couldn’t bear to look at it.

Qu Qingning…suffered too much.

“It turns out that she asked me to be ready to see this scene.”

After many hours, panting violently, Qu Qingning lay on the ground like a dead dog. After a long time, he sat up hard and spat out a mouthful of blood and white teeth. Then he gave Su Li a murderous look and asked hoa.r.s.ely, “Who are you?”

“Now you are no longer a beast.”

When Su Li moved closer, Qu Qingning retreated subconsciously. When he realized what he did, his eyes were full of shameful wrath.

“I’ve never seen you before! A man can be killed, not humiliated! Why do you humiliate me? Why don’t you kill me in a move!”

Su Li stood in front of him quietly and looked at him condescendingly.

“You have never seen me before?”

She laughed and squatted down. Then she pinched Qu Qingning’s chin with light flas.h.i.+ng in her eyes, “Are you in the early phase of the nature’s test? How dare you practice the Qiyu Xuangong when you are not in the Reincarnation Mirror? It’s pathetic that you can’t even pa.s.s the second test. Compared to you, Su Qingtan is much luckier. After seven tests, he can rival the holy boys of the top holy sects who enjoy the best resources. You are considerably inferior to him.”

Hearing it, Qu Qingning was shocked, and his eyes twinkled with blue light. Then he became more sober.

“You know Su Qingtan? Who are you?!”


Su Li approached him slowly. She almost touched Qu Qingning’s eyelashes. And the force of her hand almost crumbled his chin.

It seemed that Qu Qingning saw the blazing flames of fury that would never be extinguished in her unfathomable eyes except for calmness.

“Me? Yeah, I’m here to…take revenge!”

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