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Chapter 646 Suffering

Hearing Su Buw.a.n.g’s cold words, Ling Li felt bitter in his heart, but he didn’t show it. He just nodded and said, “I’m going now.”

He turned around, but then heard a sound breaking through the air behind him.

He thought for a while and didn’t dodge.


The wine bottle exploded directly from the top of his head, scattering the fragments all over the floor and pouring the wine over his body.

“Don’t expect me to forgive you, even if you have left the Shengtian Shrine and come here!”

Su Buw.a.n.g breathed heavily and shouted hysterically with a red face, “No matter what troubles you have, it has nothing to do with me! From now on… don’t come here again. It’s disgusting! Get out of here!”

Every word from Su Buw.a.n.g was like a knife penetrating Ling Li’s heart.

Ling Li covered his chest and smiled bitterly with a pale face.

Su Buw.a.n.g really knew how to hurt others with words, which was like his mother…

With a soft sigh, Ling Li left silently without turning to look at Su Buw.a.n.g.

When Ling Li disappeared in front of the courtyard, Su Buw.a.n.g put away his fierce look instantly and was filled with a sense of loss. He sat on the ground with the wine basket in his arms. Looking at wine stains on the ground, he had a mixed feeling.

It was Ling Li’s fault, and he had driven Ling Li away. But why…did he feel desolate?


Su Buw.a.n.g yelled angrily, opened a bottle of wine and began to drink.

He didn’t want to think about anything, and he would never…forgive Ling Li!

Ling Li returned to the entrance of the seal of Chimo Circle. Here, Chi Tian looked at Ling Li who was with alcohol fumes in amazement, but without asking anything, he continued to practice with his eyes closed.

Four days later.

At the central temple of the Chimo Circle, Ma Jintian breathed heavily and looked at the high tower in front of him with a pale face.

He had to cross almost half of the Chimo Circle to get to the temple from Ma Camp. It needed seven days normally, but he only spent four days.

Obviously, he paid a high price.

Barely regaining some strength, Ma Jintian took out the Ma Camp token and threw it into the groove of the temple. The next moment, the door opened and he immediately entered.

“What? The Lord had gone to the exit of the seal?”

When Ma Jintian heard this news, his face became paler. He had no more energy to rush to other places.

The person who greeted Ma Jintian was a young man in a blue warrior uniform and with a gentle face.

“It seems that in order to get here as soon as possible, you have used some extraordinary means, losing much pneuma and blood.”

Then, the youth took out a blood essence from his universe ring and handed it to Ma Jintian, “Eat it.”

“Lord Bing Feng, this…”

Ma Jintian looked at the blood essence in the young man’s hand. This was a sacred item for replenis.h.i.+ng pneuma and blood. As a type of strategic supplies, only Emperor Warriors were qualified to use it.

“Eat it when I let you do so!”

Bing Feng smiled very warmly, “At this very time, everyone in need can use it. My speed is not as fast as yours, so you must hurry up to recover and then take me back to Ma Camp. As for the Lord, I have his divine thought for sensation. I can send a message to him as soon as he comes back, so don’t worry.”

Hearing this, Ma Jintian had no more doubts, and began to absorb the blood essence.

At this moment, Ma Camp had been under the attack of the corpse demon for six days. The rampart was still standing tall, but the eighth-level rune tactical matrix had already been damaged to a considerable extent.

On the rampart, twenty King Warriors were in a hurry to recover their state, relying entirely on the rune tactical matrix to fend off the two giant corpses.

“The rune tactical matrix will not last long.”

The King Warrior in red opened his eyes which were full of fatigue. And it was the same with other King Warriors.

The plan could not keep up with changes.

The giant corpses were stronger than everyone’s imagination. Their strength and hardness both exceeded the capability of ordinary King Warriors. In order to slow down the progress of giant corpses, they had to fight together as a group of ten.

As a result, they had no rest time.

The twenty men persisted for a total of three days and three nights before they finally could not hold out any longer and retreated to the rampart.

Without the resistance of King Warriors, the giant corpses sped up naturally. They soon reached dozens of feet outside the city and stopped after activating the eighth-level rune tactical matrix.

The eighth-level rune tactical matrix lived up to expectations and had persisted for one day and one night so far. But it was obviously impossible to only rely on the matrix until Ma Jintian returned.

Li Hong took a deep breath and stepped forward with a determined look, “Uncle Ma, let me go!”

The chubby old man did not stop Li Hong this time. He turned his head to Ding Gang and the others, “Have you rested enough? A team is needed to cooperate with him.”

Ding Gang looked at Li Hong with a stunned look and then turned to the chubby old man.

The coward actually took the initiative?

Ding Gang said nothing for a long time, making the chubby old man frown slightly. At this moment, the King Warrior in red stood up and said in a deep voice, “Can I help you, Chief Ma? I have regained some strength and I can continue to fight.”

The chubby old man nodded and said solemnly, “At first I wanted to see if we could kill the two giant corpses by ourselves. However, since the giant corpses’ old weakness has disappeared and the new weakness cannot be found… Li Hong will fight alone against a giant corpse. And the twenty of you can be divided into three groups to fight against the other so that you can make time for a break.”

“What? Li Hong…will fight against one giant corpse alone?”

Ding Gang said in shock, “It couldn’t be possible. That’s a giant corpse…”

Li Hong turned around, and his gaze was sharp and dazzling. Ding Gang suddenly lost his voice. At this moment, he finally sensed the power of Li Hong.

Then a senior King Warrior sighed and transmitted the sound in silence, “Ding Gang, you came late, so you don’t know it. When Li Hong was young, he was the strongest in Ma Camp, and now it has been…ten years since then.”

“Li Hong…you are the Knife King of Ma Camp!”

The King Warrior in red laughed heartily, “I have been wondering why the strongest warrior does not appear when Ma Camp is in great danger. Good! It is my honor to fight side by side with the Knife King today!”

Li Hong didn’t say too much. He nodded lightly and pointed to the giant corpse on the left, “Please try your best to prevent this one from destroying the rune tactical matrix. Do what you can and try not to get hurt!”


The twenty men were quickly divided into three teams, with two teams of seven and one team of six.

Li Hong stared at the giant corpse fiercely with a sharp long knife in his hand.

“Let’s go!”


One day and one night later, loud noises began to echo in the ears of residents in Ma Camp. Ordinary people could do nothing but put their hands together to pray for the warriors.

In the rune camp, Li Qingling’s right hand trembled slightly as she held the rune pen. Her forehead was sweating and her face was pale. She had not rested for four days, but she still didn’t want to stop, nor did she dare to.

Every moment she spent engraving the runes meant another chance of life.

As for the other rune artificers in the rune camp, some had not rested for nearly a month and had fainted from exhaustion.

Wu Rong, Li Dazhuang, and Dai Hechun were constantly travelling through the city to ensure that Su Li would get the latest news when she woke up.

At this moment, all of them were fighting for survival!


The long knife slashed the back of the giant corpse, like a blunt knife cutting on the leather, creating an unpleasant sound.

Li Hong’s gaze remained unchanged as he flicked his feet on the shoulder of the giant corpse. Then he flipped flexibly back to the front of the giant corpse and waited while holding his breath.

On the rampart, many of the less experienced warriors were shocked.

“Lord Li has blocked a giant corpse alone?”

“He is so strong!”

“Although Lord Li is serious on normal days, I have never seen him fight against others. I didn’t expect that he is so strong.”

“Great! We can hold on for a longer time!”

Ding Gang leaned against the bricks of the rampart and looked at Li Hong’s back. With a complicated look, he took a deep breath and cursed in a low voice, “You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! A lie again! When I go back this time, I will send you into the scout camp!”

Hearing these words, many King Warriors smiled and relaxed for a while. What Ding Gang’s younger brother, Ding Zhang, had done was not a secret.

Morale was raised a lot because of Li Hong, but warriors relied on their own pneuma and blood to fight instead of borrowing energy from heaven and earth.

In a normal battle, since warriors were strong and brave, they might defeat a cultivator of the same level in an instant. This was also the reason why Chimo Circle was able to defeat Qingshui Circle in the past with a force inferior in number.

But in the case of stopping a monster like the giant corpse, the drawbacks of warriors immediately became apparent.

Their methods were too single.

Their endurance was also too poor. After consuming too much of their pneuma and blood, they would have to spend a long time replenis.h.i.+ng it

Thus, after just three days—

The twenty King Warriors were all exhausted on the rampart, unable to fight again.

With a pale face, Li Hong stood on the wall and stared solemnly at the giant corpses which were destroying the rune tactical matrix with huge arms.

He still had the strength to fight, but if he fought against two giant corpses at the same time, he would probably not be able to survive. And this would be of no use in stalling for time.

“Uncle Ma.”

Li Hong took a deep breath, walked to the chubby old man, and said in a low voice, “The rune tactical matrix can last for half a day at most.”

The chubby old man nodded calmly.

“Today is the fifth day.”

Li Hong was anxious. Only he could understand Uncle Ma’s words.

It would take half a month for Ma Jintian to ask for help. Now only five days pa.s.sed, so they had to hold on for another ten days!

The chubby old man took out a palm-sized tripod and wore a hesitant look for the first time.

This object, at a conservative estimate, could help the camp hold on for five days, but how to make up for another five days left?

Seeing the tripod in the hands of the old man, Li Hong changed his expression slightly.

Uncle Ma did not have high cultivation. When he was in danger, Uncle Ma relied on this object to rescue him from the corpse monster. He could not understand the characters on it, but this object must be an ancient treasure.

However, now that Uncle Ma hesitated to use it, that meant…even such a treasure might not be able to resist the giant corpses for a long time.

Although half a day was not a short time, it pa.s.sed very quickly under the attack of the giant corpses.

As more and more cracks appeared on the rune tactical matrix and as warriors in the city began to despair, the chubby old man sighed and decided to save the Ma Camp first…

He turned his palm and made a strange gesture. If Su Li were here, she would have been able to recognize that this gesture was similar to that of the treasure of Tianhe Sect.

But before the gesture could be completed, the two giant corpses suddenly raised their heads and roared, hitting the broken rune with their four fists.

Everyone’s face turned pale!


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