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Chapter 727 Would Not Divorce

On the second day after the case was over, Shao Tianze left Harbor City by plane.

Before he left Harbor City, he repeatedly called Shao Xue.

However, none of the calls were answered.

Shao Xue did not answer Shao Tianze’s phone call until he returned to Yuncheng.

Before Shao Xue received Shao Tianze’s call, she had already thought about how to deal with his questioning.

Therefore, no matter what Shao Tianze asked, she was able to answer fluently.

First of all, she had considered it and believed that she would break off her relations.h.i.+p with the Shao Family in the future, but she could not fall out with them openly.

Alienating them gradually was the best way.

Shao Tianze was aware of her att.i.tude. Since Shao Xue did not say anything when Shao Tianze attacked Luo Jiachi, it showed her stand.

“Shao Xue…”

“Brother, how about you? Are you OK?” After hearing Shao Tianze’s voice, Shao Xue immediately asked him anxiously about his current situation.

Shao Tianze was stunned for a moment and thought that Shao Xue should be clear about his recent situation. Why did she ask such questions?

Shao Tianze wanted to know why Shao Xue asked him.

Shao Xue put on a show.

“Brother, I’ve been kept at home after I got married. Luo Xi doesn’t allow me to go back to the Shao Family. Did anything happen between you two?”

Shao Xue pretended that she did not know anything. After all, when Luo Chen hurt Luo Jiachi and when Luo Xi caught Shao Tianze on the spot trying to kill Luo Jiachi, she was not there.

When Shao Tianze asked her, it was reasonable that she said she had been kept at home by Luo Xi.

Hearing his sister’s question, Shao Tianze said suspiciously, “Didn’t Luo Xi tell you?”

“No.” Shao Xue shook her head, “Luo Xi has not been home for two days. When I called him, he only said he was busy and didn’t say anything else. He also doesn’t allow me to go out. Brother, what happened on earth?”

Shao Tianze lowered his eyes and could not tell whether Shao Xue’s words were true or not.

After these things happened, if Shao Xue sided with Shao Tianze, Luo Xi would definitely lock her up and not tell her these things.

It was possible that Shao Xue did not know what happened.

“Shao Xue, can you go out now?”

“No, I can’t, brother. He hired bodyguards and nurses to take care of me. Actually, I am imprisoned. I am a little scared.”

When Shao Xue said she was scared, Shao Tianze comforted her, “Do not be afraid. Luo Xi dare not hurt you.”

“But I want to go back to Yuncheng. I want to know what happened between the two of you.”

“Shao Xue, there is a very big misunderstanding between Luo Xi and me. I can’t explain to you in detail now. If you want to go back to Yuncheng, you have to divorce Luo Xi.”


Shao Xue frowned.

Shao Tianze nodded and wanted to instruct her. However, before he could say anything,

he heard a messy sound on the other end.

Then, it was the sound of Luo Xi s.n.a.t.c.hing the phone from Shao Xue’s hands.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

“I want to say a few words to my brother-in-law.”

The unclear quarrel came from the other end. Then, Shao Tianze heard Luo Xi’s voice.

“My brother-in-law. No. You are not qualified to be my brother-in-law. I should call you Shao Tianze directly.”

Luo Xi’s cold voice came.

Hearing Luo Xi’s words, Shao Tianze said, “You can call me whatever you want. However, Shao Xue is now in Harbor City. Don’t hurt her.”

Luo Xi was surprised that Shao Tianze still cared about Shao Xue.

However, he also found it ironic, “You killed your own wife. Are you really worried about your adopted sister’s safety?”

Hearing Luo Xi’s mockery, Shao Tianze did not answer at once.

He was not sincerely worried about Shao Xue’s safety.

He was just worried about the dowry he paid for Shao Xue.

Now, Shao Xue and Luo Xi just got married. If they divorced, Shao Tianze would be able to get all the dowry back.

However, if Shao Xue and Luo Xi did not divorce, Shao Tianze would completely lose the dowry worth 50 million yuan.

Shao Tianze wanted to minimize his losses.

Luo Xi saw through Shao Tianze’s attempt and said, “In the short term, I will not divorce Shao Xue. I will treat her well. My brother-in-law, you can trust me. You don’t need to worry about her safety.”

“Shao Xue doesn’t know anything.” Shao Tianze defended Shao Xue.

However, Luo Xi did not seem to believe it and asked Shao Tianze, “How could your sister know nothing about your plan?”

“She really doesn’t know anything.” Shao Tianze said.

Hearing Shao Tianze’s words, Luo Xi glanced at Shao Xue in silence.

Shao Xue asked Luo Xi silently about what Shao Tianze said.

Luo Xi gestured that he would tell Shao Xue later. Then, he pointed to his neck and the phone.

Shao Xue immediately understood what Luo Xi meant. She quietly walked to the door, kicked the door vigorously, and yelled loudly, “Let me go! What did you say to my brother? You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Luo Xi!”

Shao Xue scolded Luo Xi loudly.

She also slapped the wall and the door, pretending that she was controlled but still struggling.

After hearing these voices, Shao Tianze frowned and said to Luo Xi, “If you hate her because she is my sister, you can divorce her right away.”

Luo Xi sneered, “You don’t want your sister to live a happy life. You just want to get back her dowry.”

Luo Xi’s sneer reached Shao Tianze’s ears.

Shao Tianze said, “You and I can’t possibly cooperate. Why do you have to be entangled with my sister and reluctant to divorce her?”

If Luo Xi could quickly agree to the divorce, Shao Tianze’s loss could be less than 50 million.

Shao Tianze kept calculating in his heart.

And Luo Xi was not stupid. He said, “Don’t be delusional. Your sister is in Harbor City now, not Yuncheng. I firmly disagree to divorce her. Do you think she can get a smooth divorce just because she wants?”

It was naturally impossible.

As long as Luo Xi did not agree to the divorce, Shao Xue couldn’t get a divorce.

Shao Tianze pursed his lips. And Luo Xi did not want to continue talking with Shao Tianze, so he said, “Don’t call again. Since I’ve married Shao Xue, I will take good care of her. Do not worry.”

“Luo Xi, wait. I want to talk with Shao Xue…”

Shao Tianze still wanted to say a few more words to Shao Xue.

However, Luo Xi would not give him this chance at all and mocked him, “What else can you say to Shao Xue? Have you forgotten how you married Gu Changge?”

Luo Xi’s words took an effect.

As soon as he said, Shao Tianze immediately recalled that he killed Shao Xue’s parents.

Shao Tianze was afraid that Shao Xue would know about it.

He pursed his lips and did not continue to speak.

Luo Xi sneered and hung up the phone.

As soon as the phone was hung up, Shao Xue asked Luo Xi, “What did Shao Tianze say?”

“He wants you to divorce me. Then, he will be able to get back the dowry worth fifty million yuan.”

Luo Xi’s face was sullen.

Shao Xue relieved him, “Divorce is off the table.”

Of course, she would not divorce Luo Xi easily because Luo Xi was the last resort Song Yunxuan found for her.

If she had not married Luo Xi, Shao Tianze and Gu Changle would have married her to a worse man.

It was better to be with Luo Xi than to live with that kind of man.

As for the dowry…

With a dowry of 50 million, Shao Xue could help Luo Xi and live the rest of her life with it.

It was Shao Tianze’s fond hope that he could take back the dowry.

Hearing Shao Xue said that they would not get a divorce, Luo Xi turned to look at her, “Don’t worry. Since you are married to me, I will take good care of you, whether we are only nominal or not. It’s just that the Luo Family is having a hard time. Our life may be rough.”

“It’s OK. Since I am married to you, I am your wife. I will do my best to help you.”

Luo Xi nodded.

Shao Xue smiled and began to look forward to the future.

In the past, when she talked about the future, all she thought of was revenge.

However, now she had married Luo Xi. She felt that there were other things she could do except for revenge.

After Shao Tianze returned to Yuncheng, Song Yunxuan went back to Yuncheng immediately after getting the news.

Zang Linger came to the airport to say goodbye to Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan remembered Shao Xue and the Luo Family. She told Zang Linger, “Please pay attention to Shao Xue and Luo Xi. Thank you.”

Zang Linger nodded, “Trust me. As long as Luo Chen and Shao Tianze are not in contact, it is easy for Luo Xi to control the situation. What’s more, old Mr. Luo is not dead yet. No one dares to act rashly.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, “Please notify me if anything happens. I will help them.”

Zang Linger made fun of her, “Do you look down on me?”

“No, I don’t.”

Zang Linger said, “Don’t worry. I can help him stabilize the situation. If we do fail, I will ask you for help.”

“Thank you.”

“If you really think you are causing me trouble, invite me to Yuncheng in the New Year. I heard that the New Year in Yuncheng is very lively.”

“I will come and pick you up then.”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, Zang Linger laughed, “You’ve made the promise. Keep it.”

“Of course, I will.”

The two people chatted a lot and did not intend to stop.

Lu Feng had to interrupt their hot conversation and reminded them, “It’s boarding time.”

This made Song Yunxuan and Zang Linger say goodbye to each other.

Then, Song Yunxuan and Lu Feng boarded the plane.

After they got on the plane, Lu Feng asked Song Yunxuan, “Do you feel sad to leave Harbor City?”

Song Yunxuan smiled and looked out of the window, “The most suitable place for me is Yuncheng. If I don’t want to leave somewhere, it will be Yuncheng.”

She grew up in Yuncheng. Whether she would survive or die, Yuncheng was her battlefield.

Her battle with Shao Tianze was coming to an end now. Naturally, she would go back and take a good look at the place where she lived.

She wanted to watch how Shao Tianze would lose everything in Yuncheng.

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