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Chapter 756 Yunying’s Visit to the Prison

Hearing Song Yunying’s words, Song Yunqiang was instantly on the alert.

Song Yunying came straight to the point, saying, “Brother, don’t side with the wrong team and say something wrong.”


Song Yunqiang didn’t understand what his second younger sister meant.

Now he was in prison and wasn’t able to get out in a short time.

So what could make him take a side and what wrong thing could he say?

Song Yunqiang felt confused. Seeing that, Song Yunying said frankly, “Yunxuan has been through a lot lately. It’s a little hard for Yunxuan to cope with Shao Tianze. Maybe someone will think of you. You’d better ponder over whether you can still fight or not before weighing the benefits others can give you.”

Song Yunying’s words enlightened Song Yunqiang. He replied, “You mean someone wants to help me fight against Song Yunxuan?”

“That’s possible.”

Song Yunying responded.

Actually, Song Yunqiang wavered.

Since Chu Mochen had died, Song Yunxuan lost her most powerful backer.

Now if he fought with Song Yunxuan again with the helper, no one knew who would have the last laugh.

Thinking of this, Song Yunqiang got excited.

Although his prison life was very stable now, who would foolishly give up getting out and choose to continue staying in prison when there was a chance to leave?

Looking at her eldest brother’s countenance, Song Yunying knew that he would fight again once there was someone that could help him.

She felt that she shouldn’t have come.

But she was not willing to leave like this. Thus she frowned and thought for a moment. Then she said, “Brother, although Chu Mochen has died, Song Yunxuan had a stable foundation. Even if you are rescued, others will only use your name to fight against Song Yunxuan. And even if you win, you will only get an empty Song Family.”

Song Yunqiang said, “I can accept that. At least, I will be free. I don’t want to stay here any longer.”

“But brother, if you stay on in this prison, you can at least live on. If you get out and fail to beat Song Yunxuan, you will lose your life.”

Speaking of this, Song Yunqiang felt somewhat afraid.

Freedom was precious, but life was more valuable.

Song Yunqiang pondered and lost heart.

After that, Song Yunying added, “Brother, you gotta keep how the eldest sister ended up in mind.”

“How Yunjia ended up…”

Song Yunqiang muttered and shuddered with fear.

At that time, they were four siblings.

Three of them wanted to kill Song Yunxuan.

They thought killing the b*tch was like stamping an ant to death.

But now it appeared that neither he nor Song Yunjia ended up well except Song Yunying who did everything as Song Yunxuan said.

Song Yunjia even lost her life.

His situation was relatively better. At least, he survived.

It was just that he might be in danger lately.

Song Yunqiang asked Song Yunying worriedly, “Who is Song Yunxuan fighting against now?”

The enemy of Song Yunxuan’s enemy was his friend.

He must know the answer.

Song Yunying replied, “The Shao Family.”

“Shao Tianze…”

Song Yunqiang said to himself.

Song Yunying said, “I can’t stay here too long. My baby doesn’t like to be here. I’m leaving. Brother, if you still want to live, remember what I told you.”

Song Yunqiang frowned, replying, “Are you listening to whatever Song Yunxuan says recently?”

Song Yunqiang’s words made Song Yunying frown, but she did not refute him. Instead, she said, “As long as I can live a good life. Yunxuan can back me up.”

Because of Song Yunxuan, her life in the Xue Family was stable.

If Song Yunxuan hadn’t backed her up.

Her life in the Xue Family must have been hard.

Because there were b*stard Xue Tao and the two old farts in the Xue Family.

Even if she brought the baby into the world, she could not establish herself in the Xue Family.

With Song Yunxuan’s help and support, no one in the Xue Family dared to offend her.

As life went on and her child grew up, she could be the hostess of the Xue Family.

Besides, she could keep her secret.

What was more important and what was the best choice.

Song Yunying knew very well.

She ended the conversation with Song Yunqiang. Then she left the visiting room with the nurse, holding the baby in her arms.

After Song Yunying left, Song Yunqiang was taken back into his cell by the prison guards.

No sooner had he returned than his inmate walked up to him, asking, “You’ll leave here soon?”

Hearing that, Song Yunqiang thought of Song Yunying’s words and turned to scold him, “Are you nuts? Isn’t it great to be here?”

After being scolded, his inmate frowned, thinking that Song Yunqiang must be crazy.

“That’s odd. Someone actually wants to be in here. If I’ve got a chance to get out, I’ll accept any term.”

Hearing his words, Song Yunqiang couldn’t help but sneer, “Even your life?”

Words failed the inmate.

His face turned blue, and he couldn’t say any witty remarks.

Indeed, if someone had to choose between life and freedom, seldom would choose the latter one.

Although they were imprisoned in a fixed s.p.a.ce, they did not feel lonely. They had got inmates to talk and communicate with. Besides, they were not oppressed, beaten, or scolded. Therefore, they thought it was good to live even though they were not free.

After all, life mattered more.

After Song Yunying left the prison, a car window was rolled down immediately.

Looking at the woman who was flicking the ash of her cigarette outside the window in the rearview mirror, the driver in the front seat asked politely, “Miss Ding, do you want to go in?”

“Everything’s been settled?”

“Yes. You are allowed to visit him.”

Ding Tong frowned, saying, “In that case, why did the prison officer allow Song Yunying to visit him?”

Ding Tong stumped the driver with that question.

“Because Song Yunxuan has bought over one-third of the seniors in the prison. It’s not easy to plant our people. Few people can call the shots. It’s not up to us whether Song Yunying can visit Song Yunqiang or not.”

His words made Ding Tong impatient.

She couldn’t help snapping, “A bunch of losers.”

The driver in front was still young. Hearing Ding Tong’s remarks, he was afraid that Ding Tong might be angry. Thus he advised, “Miss Ding, please don’t be annoyed. Song Yunying can’t say too much to Song Yunqiang. She just showed her kid to her eldest brother.”

Hearing the driver’s words, Ding Tong felt more annoyed and said coldly, “If she just wanted Song Yunqiang to see her child, why did she come at this moment? It’s been a long time since she had the kid. Why didn’t she show the kid to Song Yunqiang before?”

Words failed the driver.

Ding Tong sucked on her lady’s cigarette in her hand, threw it out of the window, and continued, “It’s clear that the woman went to give Song Yunqiang a warning.”

“What warning?”

“Don’t you know? You are so stupid. How can you work for me?”

Ding Tong was already very angry, and the driver’s words irritated her more.

Being scolded by Ding Tong, the driver immediately shut up. Then he looked at Ding Tong timidly, saying, “I’ll do whatever you tell me. Don’t be angry over me, please.”

Though this man was stupid, he was a smooth talker.

Hearing that, Ding Tong did not continue scolding him because of his foolishness and talkativeness.

Instead, she said to him, “Go back now. I’ll see Song Yunqiang some other day.”

Hearing that, the driver started the car and left the prison.

On the way back, Ding Tong pondered for a while and asked the driver in the front, “Are there any prison guards listen to us?”

Hearing Ding Tong’s question, the driver nodded at once, replying, “Yes, sure.”

“Then tell them to teach Song Yunqiang a lesson.”

Hearing that, the young driver in the front knitted his brows, saying with embarra.s.sment, “I’m afraid we can’t do that, Miss Ding.”

Ding Tong frowned, looking at him and saying, “You can’t even do this?”

“Yes. Song Yunjia once used this trick. So after Song Yunjia died, Song Yunxuan took efforts to keep Song Yunqiang safe. Though she has never been to the prison before, most of the prison guards have been bought over by her. Therefore, they won’t hurt Song Yunqiang.”

The driver’s words made Ding Tong’s face cloud over with anger.

Then she lit a cigarette in the car, frowning.

Then the driver in the front said, “Miss Ding, it’s the sixth cigarette. Please no more for today.”

“Mind your own business!”

The driver said in injured tones, “But Mr. Yuan told me to take good care of you, so it is my business.”

Hearing that the driver mentioned Yuan Xi, Ding Tong put out the cigarette and tossed it out of the car.

She would listen to whatever Yuan Xi said.

She had just thought of making her move on Song Yunqiang. However, Song Yunying was one step ahead of her and gave Song Yunqiang a warning.

She really underestimated Song Yunying.

She actually thought of this without being reminded by Song Yunxuan.

She really astonished Ding Tong.

Since Song Yunying had given Song Yunqiang a warning, Song Yunqiang might not be willing to prove that his younger sister Song Yunxuan wasn’t the real Song Yunxuan.

Ding Tong had better wait and see what Song Yunxuan would do.

After that, she could return to see Song Yunqiang.

After all, only the members of the Song Family who were close to Song Yunxuan could prove that Song Yunxuan wasn’t the real one that the Song Family a.s.signed to Qingcheng.

Song Yunqiang and Song Yunying were two of them.

It was not easy to talk around Song Yunying. But Ding Tong believed that she could talk the fool Song Yunqiang over as long as she had more time.

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