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Chapter 757 Conceal from Lu Feng

The pain of losing her daughter in her dream was piercing.

When she suddenly woke up, she felt that the whole world seemed to have become gray-black.

Song Yunxuan’s eyes abruptly opened. She fixed her eyes on the ceiling with cold sweat on her forehead.

The housekeeper saw her wake up. She asked her excitedly, “Miss Song, how do you feel?”

Song Yunxuan turned her head slightly to the housekeeper.

The housekeeper wore a worried look.

Song Yunxuan closed her eyes, asking the housekeeper in a hoa.r.s.e voice that even she felt unfamiliar with, “How’s Miaomiao?”

The housekeeper did not know how to react for a second.

Mei Qi came to her bed as soon as he heard that Song Yunxuan had woken up.

“Manager Song, how are you feeling?”

Song Yunxuan opened her eyes and asked Mei Qi, frowned, “Did I have a nightmare?”

Mei Qi didn’t know what to say.

Song Yunxuan hoped that she merely had a nightmare.

But it was impossible.

Because it really happened.

Miaomiao fell off a roof and died.

“Tell me it was a nightmare.”

Mei Qi bit his lips, “Manager Song…”

He couldn’t bear to speak it out. The housekeeper put her gaze on Mei Qi worriedly, wondering if Mei Qi should tell the truth.

Noticing Song Yunxuan’s persistence, Mei Qi answered, “Manager Song, it wasn’t a dream.”

Upon hearing this, Song Yunxuan burst into tears, “Is she really gone?”

Did Miaomiao really leave the world?

“Manager Song, I’m sorry for your loss.” Mei Qi comforted her.

Song Yunxuan’s tears flowed from the corner of her eye. She had a lot to say, but her throat was so painful that she couldn’t say anything.

Mei Qi looked at Song Yunxuan weeping quietly by the bed. He was also sad.

But what was gone was gone. Miaomiao was dead. There was no way to change it.

The only thing they could do was to move on and live their lives.

Mei Qi consoled her, “Manager Song, don’t be so sad.”

“How can I do that? She’s my…”

“Manager Song.” Mei Qi interrupted Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan was slightly startled before swallowing the rest words.

Then she said, “I need some rest. Will you leave my room?”

“Sure, Manager Song. How are you feeling? Got any problem?”

The housekeeper was still worried about Song Yunxuan’s health.

Song Yunxuan shook her head, raised her finger, and placed it on her forehead, “I’m fine. Could you stay outside? I want to be alone.”

Miaomiao was dead.

Her daughter was dead.

Song Yunxuan had always been aware that Miaomiao was in danger in the Shao Family. She had always wanted to bring her around.

But in the end, she still failed to bring Miaomiao around and protect her with so much effort.

She was a big failure as a mother.

She took a breath, turned around, buried her face in the pillow, and closed her eyes.

Mei Qi went out of the room with the housekeeper.

The housekeeper asked Mei Qi worriedly, “About Miss Song…”

“Watch her carefully. You must watch her more carefully than before.”

The housekeeper nodded, “Although she looked sad, she didn’t seem to be too gloomy. I suppose she’ll get better soon. Besides, Miaomiao is not related to her. Miss Song…”

The housekeeper knew a lot about Song Yunxuan.

However, not like Mei Qi, she knew little about what was between Song Yunxuan and Gu Miaomiao.

Therefore, she was uncertain about it.

Mei Qi knew it was a sensitive topic. Since the housekeeper hadn’t figured out the connection between Song Yunxuan and Gu Miaomiao, he didn’t need to tell her.

Mei Qi replied, “It’s her business. She has her reasons to be sad. We shouldn’t guess.”

The housekeeper knew what he meant. She nodded, “You are right. We shouldn’t just guess.”

As Miss Song’s housekeeper, what she should do was to follow her instructions.

She shouldn’t ask why.

Even if she did, the answer wouldn’t do her any good.

On the contrary, it was safer for her to know less.

Mei Qi spent a long time thinking. He still felt uneasy. After Song Yunxuan let them get out of her room, Mei Qi did not leave.

He waited for Song Yunxuan to get better in Song house.

Lu Feng, who had just learned about Miaomiao’s death, also rushed here.

However, as soon as Lu Feng entered the house, he saw Mei Qi. He asked Mei Qi, frowned, “How is Yunxuan?”

“Not good. Manager Song caught a cold last night. She’s not feeling well. Now she’s resting in bed.”

“I’ll check up on her.”

While Lu Feng was talking to Mei Qi, he motioned to his a.s.sistant to lift him upstairs to see Song Yunxuan.

But Mei Qi stood in front of Lu Feng, “Manager Song is asleep. Mr. Lu, it’s better to see her next time.”

Song Yunxuan was too sad to deal with Lu Feng, Mei Qi thought.

He might as well let Lu Feng stay in the living room.

Lu Feng was unhappy about being stopped by Mei Qi. He glared at him, “Are you the one in charge of the Song Family right now?”

Mei Qi turned to the housekeeper, “Why not let our housekeeper tell you what Manager Song had just said?”

Mei Qi threw the problem to the housekeeper.

The housekeeper knew what Mei Qi was doing. She paused for a few seconds and answered Lu Feng, “Miss Song is asleep. She told me that she didn’t want anyone to disturb her. She’s a light sleeper. Mr. Lu, please come back when she wakes up.”

Mei Qi said it was not a good time to see Song Yunxuan.

Lu Feng didn’t buy it.

But he had to believe Song Yunxuan’s personal housekeeper.

He was puzzled, “Yunxuan is pregnant. How could you be so careless? How could you let her catch a cold?”

“Well…” The housekeeper made no reply.

Mei Qi said, “It suddenly becomes cold. The temperature drops drastically. It’s not a big deal.”

“Yesterday, Miss Song opened the window at night. She was blown by the cold wind. This morning she ran a fever. A doctor came by. Now she had just taken the medicine and fallen asleep. Mr. Lu, could you please not disturb her?”

Lu Feng understood what trick these two were playing. Today, he wouldn’t be allowed to see Song Yunxuan anyway.

Mei Qi and the housekeeper stood in their way. Lu Feng couldn’t go upstairs.

He had no choice but to shoot them a cold look. Then he was ready to leave.

When he was leaving, he ordered the housekeeper, “Notify me as soon as Yunxuan wakes up.”

“I will, Mr. Lu.”

After Lu Feng left, the housekeeper heaved a great sigh of relief. She asked Mei Qi, “We can’t tell Mr. Lu that Miss Song is sad about Miss Gu Miaomiao’s death, right?”

“Yes, don’t tell him about this.”

“But what if Mr. Lu finds about it from Miss Song…” The housekeeper hesitated.

Mei Qi raised his head and glanced at Song Yunxuan’s bedroom upstairs.

Then he said, “Let’s hope Manager Song cheers up soon.”


The housekeeper murmured.

Gu Miaomiao’s death went wild this morning.

At noon, Yuan Xi called Ding Tong, “I heard you went to the prison.”

Ding Tong was squeamish about the driver’s big mouth, but she didn’t mean to withhold it from Yuan Xi. She replied, “Yes.”

“To meet Song Yunqiang?”


Ding Tong continued, “I saw Song Yunxuan appear at the scene where Gu Miaomiao fell off. She seemed to be greatly devastated when she saw Gu Miaomiao die.”

“Did she do anything unusual today?”

“Shortly after Song Yunxuan started the relations.h.i.+p with Lu Feng, she has been going out little and rarely showed up in the Song enterprise. Her a.s.sistant, Mei Qi, takes care of things for her. Only people inside the Song Family know how she is, but they are all as mute as a fish. I tried to question them, but no one talked.”

Yuan Xi couldn’t help frowning, “No one talked?”

“Yes,” Ding Tong said, “In another way, it suggests that Song Yunxuan is in a bad place.”


Yuan Xi nodded.

If everything had been all right, Song Yunxuan should have made a public statement to show her condolence after the accident.

But she stayed at home, giving no response.

“What did you say to Song Yunqiang in the prison?”

Yuan Xi asked her.

Ding Tong said, “I originally planned to cooperate with Song Yunqiang. I would rescue him and ask him to identify whether Song Yunxuan is the girl who grows up in Qingcheng, but I found out Song Yunying visited him before I went there. ”

“What was she doing there?”

Yuan Xi frowned.

Ding Tong said, “Song Yunying married into the Xue Family. As far as I know, the Xue Family detests her. It’s Song Yunxuan who has been helping her in the Xue Family.”

“You are saying that Song Yunying is on Song Yunxuan’s side, right?”


Ding Tong said so.

Yuan Xi nodded, “Guess what she said to Song Yunqiang?”

Ding Tong said, “She must have persuaded Song Yunqiang not to cooperate with others against Song Yunxuan.”

“Is she that smart?”

“Song Yunqiang is in jail. Song Yunjia died. Only she gained a foothold in the Xue Family now, which means that she’s smart enough.”

“What are you going to do?”

Yuan Xi was not concerned about Song Yunying.

From beginning to end, what he had been paying attention to was Song Yunxuan.

And how Ding Tong was going to help him deal with Song Yunxuan.

Ding Tong said, “I will find a way to persuade Song Yunqiang. Let’s see how Song Yunxuan reacts before making any plans.”

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