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Chapter 759 Yunqiang’s Rejection

Hearing Song Yunxuan might be manipulated by a ghost, Song Yunqiang couldn’t help thinking of scary things. There was no doubt that a normal human should team up with a human instead of a ghost.

Since Song Yunqiang was a normal human, he was surely afraid of ghosts.

Biting his lips, he was about to say okay to Ding Tong.

But he suddenly thought of Song Yunying’s warnings before he spoke.

Thus, after biting his lips, he seriously said, “I’ve got to consider about it.”

“Are you kidding?”

Ding Tong smirked, “You’re safer with a human than a ghost, you know.”

“But sometimes human beings are more horrible than ghosts.”

Ding Tong didn’t expect that Song Yunqiang would say so. She sneered, “You’ve learned a lot in jail. Seems like Song Yunxuan has really taught you a lesson.”

“Not her.” Song Yunqiang said.


“It was Song Yunjia.”

Speaking of Song Yunjia, Ding Tong got a little bit intrigued.

She thought Song Yunjia was on Song Yunqiang’s side. How did it come that she taught him a lesson?

Noticing Ding Tong’s confusion, Song Yunqiang said, “Yunjia had hurt me once, making me realize that people can change. It’s horrible.”

Amused by Song Yunqiang’s explanation, Ding Tong couldn’t help giggling. “Horrible or not, Song Yunjia is dead, and Song Yunxuan has something to do with it, right?”

“Yes. Song Yunxuan has something to do with it.”

“If you’ve known it, shouldn’t you ally with me now in case you would be messed up by Song Yunxuan?”

“But Song Yunxuan has put me into jail, so she won’t target me in the near future. No matter what you say, I won’t miss this point.”

Ding Tong’s brows quirked, her eyes s.h.i.+ning with cruelty and frustration. She thought Song Yunqiang would have been easy to persuade.

Never could she imagine that she would be defeated by the nerd’s logic.

He rejected to ally with her.

“Take your time to consider my suggestion, but I’m afraid you’d get killed first.”

Ding Tong rose to her feet and intended to leave the visiting room.

Song Yunqiang said, “None of your business.”

“Fine. I’ll come here again to check your reply. See you.”

Song Yunqiang watched her leave the visiting room.

And then he asked the officer, “Can I call my relatives?”

The officer frowned. “What’s the matter? Your sister just visited you yesterday.”


Song Yunqiang finally learned to beg others.

Most prison officers had taken the advantage of the Song Family.

They were told to take good care of Song Yunqiang.

Both Song Yunqiang’s sincere begging and the Song Family’s advantage forced the officer to agree, “Just a quick one.”

“Thanks, sir.”

Song Yunqiang thanked him and followed him to the office to make a call.

After deliberation, Song Yunqiang decided to call Song Yunying.

Picking up the phone, Song Yunying furrowed her brows, saying, “Brother, why calling me?”

“Someone paid me a visit today.”

His words made Song Yunying nervous.

As she had expected, Song Yunxuan became a bit moody due to Miaomiao’s death, allowing others to take her down.

So, who wanted to jump at the chance?

Song Yunying frowned and asked, “Who went to find you?”

“A woman called Ding Tong.”

“Ding Tong…”

Song Yunying repeated the name, but it didn’t ring a bell. She pressed, “What did she tell you?”

After long deliberation, Song Yunqiang decided to tell her all the details. “She said Song Yunxuan wasn’t the real one.”

“She’s not the real one?” Song Yunying frowned. “Didn’t dad make a paternity test to prove her ident.i.ty? It turned out that she’s our sister.”

“Yes, she is, but Ding Tong insisted the present Song Yunxuan isn’t the one from Qingcheng. She’s…”

Song Yunqiang failed to finish the sentence as he felt scared.

Song Yunying asked him with doubt, “What is she?”

Noticing that he was far away from others, Song Yunqiang whispered, “Ding Tong said the present Song Yunxuan was a ghost.”

Song Yunying’s lips twitched as she thought Song Yunqiang was kidding. She taunted, “Can’t you see it’s a lie?”

“It’s not that I believe it, but there is something wrong with Yunxuan.” Song Yunqiang a.n.a.lyzed, “Yunxuan was supposed to be a small-town girl who was naive, short-sighted, and bad at wheeling-and-dealing, but she outshone and defeated us. Think about it. If she’s only a girl coming from a small town, how come she’s so sophisticated?”

Song Yunying was rendered speechless.

She had suspected it, but the paternity test proved Yunxuan’s ident.i.ty.

And she dispersed her doubt.

Now Song Yunqiang talked about some supernatural things. She had no idea who was telling the truth.

To believe Song Yunxuan? But what had happened to Yunxuan didn’t conform with her experience.

However, Song Yunqiang’s words sounded like nonsense.

How could ghosts exist in the world?

Song Yunying persuaded Song Yunqiang, “Brother, what Ding Tong had told you were lies. You shouldn’t believe her.”

“But she said the ghost was Gu Changge, the original successor of the Gu Family.”

Song Yunying instantly became silent.

She even widened her eyes.

Gu Changge…

It made sense if it was Gu Changge.

That could explain why Song Yunxuan obtained the Song Family and disposed of roadblocks like Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang.

“Yunying, Ding Tong asked me to ally with her. She said she could get me out of jail. What’s your…”

“How did you reply to her?”

Song Yunying asked Song Yunqiang.

“I said I had to consider it.”

“You’d better reject.” Song Yunying suggested.

Song Yunqiang bit his lips. “But what if Song Yunxuan is… is a ghost?”

“That’s why I ask you not to team up with Ding Tong. Think about it. Whether a ghost or a human is easy to take down?”

Song Yunqiang instantly said, “Fine. I won’t ally with Ding Tong.”

“That’s right, my brother. Don’t trust those who want to take advantage of you. After all, it’s Song Yunxuan who gets you in her palm now.”

Song Yunqiang’s heart stuttered.

He still resented Song Yunxuan.

However, his resentment was nothing to his life.

Song Yunqiang sighed helplessly.

Song Yunying said, “I’m just afraid that you’ll trust the wrong person and lose your life.”

“I’ve got it, Yunying.”

“Good. Although we had hurt each other before, now it’s different. We can’t threaten each other except Yunxuan. For the sake of our shared father, I hope you live a good life.”

Song Yunying was sincere.

Song Yunqiang used to contempt affection of kins.h.i.+p like this.

But Song Yunying’s words did touch him a lot.

He sighed and nodded. “I know. Thank you for reminding me of it, Yunying.”

“Well, I’ve got to go. My kid is crying.”

Song Yunying was busy, so Song Yunqiang ended the call.

Song Yunying was busy taking care of her baby.

Her kid kept crying in Yunying’s arms. The nurse held the baby’s bottle and said, “He has been crying a lot these days.”

“Is the milk too hot?”

“No. I’ve just tasted it.”

“Give me the bottle. I’ll feed him.”

Song Yunying took over the bottle and coaxed the baby to drink the milk.

Here came the doorbell’s ring.

Song Yunying lifted her head to find Xue Tao, her disappointing husband.

Xue Tao had been hurt pretty badly by Song Yunxuan. Even if his injured leg was healed, he could be crippled sometimes. He still needed the wheelchair.

Recently, he insisted on walking on foot for a better recovery.

Focusing on feeding her baby, Song Yunying purposely ignored Xue Tao.

Xue Tao sneered and said, “I think your Song Family is doomed.”

Song Yunying snorted, “All this time you’ve wished it, but my family has always been fine.”

“Not for this time.”

Song Yunying looked at Xue Tao with narrowed eyes.

She waited for his next words.

Xue Tao flashed a devilish smile and taunted, “It’s said Song Yunxuan is lost.”

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