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Xiao Hong does not understand Song Yunxuan's purpose. But she is willing to listen to her, no matter what her purpose is.

Because what Song Yunxuan said is right. It is her who supports the entire Fanxing Magazine.

If there is no Song Yunxuan in the magazine, then there is no reason for Fanxing Magazine to exist.

Xiao Hong puts away the note with the phone number and leaves.

Listening to the sound of the wind outside the gla.s.s window, Song Yunxuan sits alone in the office for a while, then gets up and goes to the French window to see the world outside.

It is drizzling and the whole world is gloomy.

Shao Xue gently knocks at the door.

Song Yunxuan turns around: "Come in, Shao Xue."

Shao Xue comes in, looking at the expression on her face: "Your father is sick?"

Song Yunxuan nods: "He is always in a poor health, but this time it is slightly more serious."

Being explained by her, Shao Xue understands.

When an elder who is very important in a big family is sick, the whole family usually falls into disorder.

In fact, it is true.

Since Song Yan became ill, the atmosphere of the entire Song Family has become more complicated.

Although the Song Family still maintains peace on the surface, in fact, some people who are shrewd have already planned in advance.

Song Yunxuan sighs: "These days, I may not be able to stay in the magazine. You need to observe the movements of Gu's in case they interfere with our affairs."

Shao Xue wonders: "If Shao Tianze steps in, will he help Song Yunjia to win the entire Song Family?"

Song Yunxuan does not deny: "It is possible."

"Your big brother is the eldest son of the Song Family. It is reasonable to say that the eldest son will inherit the family business. Do they need to fight?"

Song Yunxuan smiles: "Not all the crown prince of every dynasty can ascend the throne."

Her a.n.a.logy makes Shao Xue understand what she means.

"You mean, is it very unlikely that your brother will inherit all the property of the Song Family?"

Song Yunxuan nods: "It's just a guess. The three of them have seen the will, but only I have been kept in the dark. Now, I need to wait to see the contents of the will so that I can know if I am right."

Shao Xue is a little worried: "Have you seen the newspapers in recent days?"

Song Yunxuan looks at the worried expression on Shao Xue's face. No need to guess, what Shao Xue said is actually the gossip between Chu Mochen and Yao Mimi.

She nods gently.

Shao Xue adds: "The gossip of the two people recently has been raging. Have you met Childe Chu? How did he explain it to you?"

Shao Xue asks with concern.

Song Yunxuan ma.s.sages the middle of her eyebrows: "I only knew this thing yesterday. I have not seen Chu Mochen."

Shao Xue is anxious: "Yunxuan, although your relations.h.i.+p with Childe Chu has been very stable, you need to ask since he has hooked up others."

"It doesn't matter if I don't ask."

Shao Xue frowns and feels worried: "It seems too cold and indifferent if you don't ask."

What Shao Xue said is right. Ordinary women will always go to question each other directly after finding their boyfriends hook up with others.

But she can't do it, especially at this moment.

Her voice was flat: "I can't ask him."

"Why?" Shao Xue is puzzled.

Song Yunxiao smiles: "I need him to support me. There is no good breaking up with him."

Shao Xue looks at Song Yunxuan with some confusion.

Song Yunxuan adds: "I live in the Song Family so stably only because that I am Chu Mochen's fiancée. So I can't have a conflict with him at this moment. I have to carve out a niche in the Song Family."

"Just because of this, you can bear that he has affairs with other women?" Shao Xue feels incredible.

Song Yunxuan has always been wearing a light and elegant smile: "Why shouldn't I bear?"

As the saying goes, forbearance makes the steel.

At this moment, Song Yan is going to die, and the entire Song Family is in an uproar.

Song Yunqiang is the son of the Song Family, and he has the qualification to master the Song Family.

Behind Song Yunjia, there is the big group Gu's help.

Song Yunying has the Xue Family to give her suggestions.

What does she have?

She only has the prestige of Chu's to support her.

At this moment, if she breaks up with Chu Mochen because of a woman, it isn't worthwhile.

She counts clearly the gains and losses of her own interests, and she knows clearly what to do next.

So, she puts up with this Yao Mimi.

The love of Chu Mochen is important, but as long as this love can let her gain a foothold in the Song Family and support her to achieve success is enough.

Let Yao Mimi accompany him to do those romantic things.

Her eyes are cold and beautiful, with a lukewarm and indifferent expression.

In the following days, because the color page launched by the Fanxing Magazine gives a large-scale report on the elder of the Song Family who is sick to death, other newspapers and magazines also begin to have a scorching speculation on who will get the majority of the Song Family's power.

Su Youyu is drinking afternoon tea and reading the newspaper at the Su Family. The man opposite him is Rong Six who rarely comes to him.

"The elder of the Song Family is already sick to death?"

Rong Six feels bored: "There is nothing unusual about the replacement of the old and the new."

"Then, who do you think will get most of the power of the Song Family?"

"Of course it will be given to Song Yunqiang, the only son of the Song Family!"

Su Youyu sips the tea leisurely and says: "Do you think there is possibility that the power will be given to Song Yunjia?"

Rong Six hesitates: "It was hard to say in the past. But now, this Song Yunjia is not filial. Song Yan's three children are accompanying him almost all day. However, the media stares at the ward every day and has not seen Song Yunjia take care of her dad for more than twenty minutes."

"You mean Song Yunjia is not filial?"

"Yes." Rong Six presses the newspaper in his hand to the table. "According to the newspaper, the most filial child is Song Yunxuan, the illegitimate daughter of Song Yan. When her father was unconscious, she couldn't sleep all night because of sadness. She could only sleep by taking sleeping pills. When she accidentally ate too much, she almost died."

Su Youyu sneers: "The little daughter of the Song Family is really very filial. It is unusual that a rich young lady worries about her parents. Moreover, her position in the Song Family is not high."

Rong Six nods, turns to look outside the window and trims his nails.

In the hospital, Song Yunxuan wears two big dark circles on her face.

When Su Youyu comes, she is drinking water.

Su Youyu asks Song Yan's situation politely, then comforts Song Yunqiang and greets Song Yunying before going to find Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan just comes out from the toilet after making up.

Su Youyu smiles at her and asks her politely: "Can I talk to you?"

Song Yunxuan looks at him: "You come to find me specially?"

"No. You have dark circles. Haven't you rest well recently?"

"My dad has been in hospital."

"You should pay attention to your health. Childe Chu talked of you with me inadvertently. He is busy and let me take care of you."

In fact, this is a complete baloney. So when Song Yunxuan hears this sentence, she can't help sneering: "You can meet Chu Mochen these days?"

"You are too serious. I bring peanut milk from home for you, and it's warm."

Then he shows her the vacuum cup in his hand.

Song Yunxuan sighs helplessly and goes to the tea room near the hospital with him.

She does not refuse the peanut milk brought by Su Youyu. After taking a few sips, she asked him: "Don't you come to me for sending milk?"

Su Youyu slowly uses the boiled water to wash the tea cup in front of him and waits for the Kongfu tea to boil.

Song Yunxuan smells the tea. It is fresh and fragrant.

But now she only feels that her temples suddenly throb: "How much have you earned for me?"

Su Youyu laughs. His good-looking smile is as soft and pure as the crescent in the night: "Yunxuan, you are too anxious. I can't make it increase to 10-fold in such a short time."

"What are you coming for, then?"

"If I can help you get the entire Song Family, isn't it better than make 70 million jump 10-fold?"

Hearing that, Song Yunxuan pauses and stares at Su Youyu's face.

"What do you mean?"

Su Youyu persuades her: "Don't look at me with such a serious look. Give me a smile."

Song Yunxuan is very annoyed: "I don't sell my smile."

"Then you sell yourself?"

Song Yunxuan puts the mug in her hand on the table, shakes her head without anger and says: "I don't sell myself."

"So how do you trade with Childe Chu?"

Song Yunxuan's eyelids convulse. There is a sense of anger being peeped and guessed.

Seeing her want to talk, Su Youyu smiles gracefully and speaks before her: "Don't be angry. I don't know the things about you and Childe Chu. I only know that you made a deal with me, so I guess that you also made a deal with Childe Chu. I know nothing else."

Song Yunxuan hates other people knowing too much.

She looks at Su Youyu, and her expression becomes calm: "You come to me because that you think our Song Family is profitable. So you come to corporate with me, right?"

"It isn't good to say that it is profitable. I come to you only wanting that we can help each other equally and reciprocally."

Song Yunxuan can't help shaking her head and smiling: "It is rare to see someone who can make the venality so pure and fresh."

Su Youyu is very humble: "You are praising me, Yunxuan."

Song Yunxuan reminds him unpleasantly: "You should call me Miss Song."

"I treat you as a friend."

"What friend?"

"You need friends to plan your future together."

Song Yunxuan shakes her head: "No, I can plan my future alone."

"Even Chu Mochen's relation with Yao Mimi makes you feel being betrayed, you can't deny all of us. Maybe I can help you go further."

Song Yunxuan is silent. Since Su Youyu comes to cooperate with her, he must know what she needs.

Since it is like this...

She looks at him: "Let me see what you have."

Hearing that, Su Youyu smiles and touches the green jade ring on his finger.

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