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Chapter 629: T-Virus, Feng Luo’s Master Card

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“It’s no use, the Rebel Army is chasing too aggressively. Especially with these creatures, their speed is even faster than ours. If we can’t shake them off, we can only fight them directly.”

However, up until now, the three people with the items, all had perfect statuses, but the situation for the entire team was not as fortunate.

The Rebel Army had destroyed the remaining players from North City, the NPC pirates had driven the monster army behind the retreating players from Storm City, people were constantly getting killed, and if they were not separated halfway, they would have been caught much earlier.

“We need to kill off those NPC research experts, or it’ll be impossible for us to delay until daybreak!” The Nine-Star Guild player who took over the commanding role exclaimed.

“How? Those people are hiding far behind and they don’t have to enter the front lines since they are commanding the creatures to partic.i.p.ate in the battle, they even have people protecting them. Besides, there’s more than just one of them, even Snipers won’t be able to kill them off. Most importantly, we’re running out of people.”

The only issue was that it was not remotely easy to kill those NPCs. Whether it was the Rebel Army players or the NPC pirates, they were not fools and the Storm City people did not have any chance to kill them.

“Perhaps in this situation, it is time to utilize that…” Within the squad, Feng Luo activated the skill “Wild Charge” and charged out from the huge area of long-range attacks. There was a flash in his sights that caused his vision to become temporarily void.

A Commander-Grade Scout Beetle that had attributes that were slightly different from the usual Scout Beetle crawled out from a black hole that was opened in the darkness.

“F*ck! You bunch of scaredy-cats, charge forward now!” Within the team that was being chased down by the Rebel Army, there was a tall and strong black pirate captain that was scolding a group of Rebel Army players.

In the battle that happened two hours ago, the pirate squad had sustained a casualty of thirty people.

He, who was considered to be strong and wealthy in the Grey Seas Pirate Group, was very annoyed at the task of taking his underlings to find some biological control chip on the island.

More importantly, even he was badly injured now. One arm was directly impacted by a player’s sniper rifle, although it was not difficult to treat it with the Rebel Army’s biotechnology.

Now left with a single-arm, he was unable to partic.i.p.ate in combat.

“Come!” At the moment, just when the black pirate captain was fuming hot, a half-transparent beetle the size of a thumbnail charged out from an unknown area and suddenly flapped its wings and pounced on his body to fiercely bite at his neck area.


That black pirate captain, who was more than two meters tall, used the few remaining fingers on his right hand and fiercely slapped his neck.

“F*ck! G.o.d d*mned bugs!” Seeing the blood traces left on his palm, the black pirate captain fiercely scolded and used his hand to crush this transparent bug that was trying to struggle into a ball of mess.



However, just when he was about to crush the bug with his hand, a bullet from an unknown place flew over and hit him directly on the chest.

As a Commander-Grade unit, even though he had thick skin, he still had health points like a humanoid creature that was exceeding 20,000.

Being fatally hit by a bullet, the black pirate captain bled immediately and fell as his health points plunged to a fatal point immediately.

“Boss, boss! F*ck, doctor, help me!” He was held by the two pirates that were frantically trying to find the combatant that was following in the back when he shouted in pain.

The black pirate NPC was bleeding from his entire body and it started to accelerate as if something had agitated it. As his body started to warm up, his veins were starting to expand one by one and his closed eyes were swiftly becoming bloodshot.

It was only because he was black that the Rebel Army players were not able to notice this abnormality.

“F*ck, this is over! We’re better off dead!”

“If it wasn’t for the NPC completing the duty, I’d have to find a chance to get rid of this guy. However, that shot just now, the damage caused was so disgusting!”

“Another three people just died, Deputy President Zi Wei, we’re only left with 39 people!” After ten minutes, at a place only a kilometer away from the sh.o.r.e, a Nine-Star Guild player reported to Zi Wei while panting.

Although it was only a kilometer away from the sh.o.r.e, there were still 20 minutes before daybreak.

There were still plenty members of the Rebel Army chasing behind them, and those creatures had little to no regard for their lives as they charged towards the players and attacked them. Every wave of creatures would take away at least five or more players.

“I feel that we can split up… The Rebel Army players only want the Boss Chip, so it’s likely they don’t have a huge interest in the pet chip manufacturing equipment and information…” The Nine-Star Guild senior player that wanted to s.h.i.+ft the blame previously suddenly had a flicker in his eyes as he blurted out.

“Qin Ming, if you open your mouth and talk again, then you lead people and walk another path. This would correlate to your suggestion.” Zi Wei said as her face was the coldest it had been since the start.

The surrounding Nine-Star Guild people had different types of expressions, but the majority did not look optimistic at all.

“What’s going on, these creatures look like they suddenly became even more chaotic.” Following that, the Scout player that previously discovered Feng Luo and his company underground interrupted the conversation between the two people again.

“The creatures are attacking both the Rebel Army’s NPC pirates and the players, they seem to have suddenly lost control.” After another Scout swiftly glanced over with combat, he started with a face filled with disbelief.

“Some of the Rebel Army players seemed to be shouting something during combat, but they were a little too far, and I was unable to hear clearly what they were saying. They were mentioning something about the T-Virus…” The Heavy Armored Warrior, Uncle Lin, suddenly blurted out with his hoa.r.s.e voice.

“T-Virus, the Biochemical Crisis? Why would the T-Virus be on this island?” Uncle Lin sounded like he did not know much about the T-Virus, but after Jing Kong heard this, he was immediately shocked.

Compared to the people from the Nine-Star Guild, they were a little confused. At the moment, the Rebel Army players were completely fuming from their impatience.

“Ah, f*ck! What’s going on? Why did the creatures lose control? Why would there be the appearance of the T-Virus?” A player, while hugging his arm that was bitten, looked at the system’s notice as his face was so depressed that he looked like he just vomited.

The Biohazard Crisis could be exchanged for serum as long as there was some T-Virus present, but the premise of exchanging for serum was that they required sufficient points.

In this situation, how would they be able to kill enough creatures to acc.u.mulate enough points before the disease acted up?

It was a good thing that they were able to survive the surrounding suddenly rebellious creatures.

Compared to these Rebel Army players that were at the frontlines, those Rebel Army players at the back felt even worse.

When the black pirate captain was carried down, he was quickly in a state with fatal injuries.

In the end, when he was just about to be sent to the doctor, the T-Virus that he was infected with suddenly acted up.

As a Level-50 Commander-Grade humanoid monster, after he had become infected with the T-Virus, the mutant was certainly not comparable to ordinary zombies or even Elite-Grade lickers. It would have the fighting power comparable to a Tyrant, and his skin was covered in some snake scales and had a Commander-Grade infection like a licker.

At the temporal medical location, there were more than ten injured pirates.

After the black pirate became strange and opened his fully bloodshot eyes, he immediately fell.

Since all of these NPC soldiers were Elite-Grade, the result was that they had become monsters similar to lickers. Those who were attacked later were those NPC researchers next to them.

In the short few minutes, the infected bunch became ten-strong from one person before it became a lot more.

Those players in the Rebel Army camp finally knew what was going on at this moment.

Regarding the Biological Crisis, many knew about it even though a huge majority of people did not take part in it.

At this moment, the most accurate way of going about this was to kill off all the infected bodies, even those who had just been infected.

If only it was this easy.

The speed of these infected bodies was extremely fast. Additionally, they were all Elite-Grade or above. They were completely helpless once those NPC pirates reacted.

“The f*ck? Are you f*cking serious? You want me to kill my brothers?”

The NPC pirate did not have much knowledge on the T-Virus and did not listen to the advice of the players to fire at the infectious bodies that had been his companions or even some pirates that were infected but had not acted up.

In the end, within the Rebel Army team, regardless of creature or players, the NPCs and the players were starting to fight internally.

Under such circ.u.mstances, the small Storm City squad that was left with a team of a little more than 30 people grasped the chance and ran towards the sh.o.r.e with all of their efforts.

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