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There were a thousand reasons for loving someone, and it was perhaps their first and brief encounter that left a sprout in his heart.

In the eyes of others, the love between an older woman and a younger man wasn't reliable, not to mention that Lu s.h.i.+miao even experienced a marriage. Thus, many people would hold prejudice towards Su Tao and Lu s.h.i.+miao and feel that it's an abnormal relations.h.i.+p.

But in reality, it was inevitable.

Although Lu s.h.i.+miao was versed in western medicine, she had high respect for the career of doctors. In Su Tao's life, only Lu s.h.i.+miao could give Su Tao a feeling of resonance, and he had also treated Lu s.h.i.+miao as a kindred spirit.

A fair lady was sought by gentlemen.

Especially when Lu s.h.i.+miao's life wasn't blissful due to that disgusting husband of hers, and this was also the reason why Su Tao couldn't help getting close to her.

Every woman would have their own charm in different stages of life. The young and liveliness of a young lady and the charm of a woman could trigger the urge in men.

Ever since they broke through that barrier during the Physician King Tournament, it was just a matter of time before sparks flew between them.

Su Tao had a flaw. He liked beautiful things in life and was a free spirit. Thus, this was the reason why he would fall for Cai Yan, Vera, Yan Jing, and all the other women each with a different temperament.

However, universal love wasn't loving indiscriminately.

He allowed things to flow naturally with his feelings, and explodes when it reached the peak.

Lu s.h.i.+miao was important to him, because she was a woman that he loved.

Compared to the nervousness for the first time, Su Tao was a veteran now. He drove like an off-road vehicle that ferociously sped across the plains with horses following behind. As he stepped on the gas, the vehicle flew as the horses also charged forth.

Su Tao felt as if he had gone through a long journey, while Lu s.h.i.+miao felt as if she had turned into a puddle of water being washed into the lake and integrate with the world…

No one knew how long it had been before the two of them calmed down. With Lu s.h.i.+miao's head was leaning against Su Tao's chest, she whispered, "You finally got what you wished?"

After a brief smile, Su Tao's face changed to stern as he replied, "You wouldn't think that this is the reason why I followed you to Baihe City, right?"

With a sour tone, Lu s.h.i.+miao responded, "Isn't it? Otherwise, why would you come all the way here?"

Feeling that the atmosphere was pretty good, and it was also time, he told Lu s.h.i.+miao about Qihuang Charity Fund's plans. "The TCM Alliance has established the Qihuang Charity Fund, and we're planning to use them to aid nursing homes and orphanages. Since you mentioned that you're going to spend the Chinese New Year in the orphanage, so I came along to do some research."

Raising her head, Lu s.h.i.+miao had puzzlement on her face, before she asked, "Really?"

Is he someone who blabbers? Su Tao sourly looked at Lu s.h.i.+miao and questioned, "What would I gain by boasting with you?"

Indeed, there wasn't a need for Su Tao to bluff Lu s.h.i.+miao. After all, he had taken every single advantage of her just a moment ago, so she replied, "Orphanages hardly get any attention from charity organisations because it's a project without any benefits. Qinbei Cooperation also started to support Baihe City's orphanage three years ago, and the funds weren't huge. It was just about ¥100,000 yearly."

¥100,000? Su Tao was stunned. He initially thought that Qinbei Cooperation was funding the orphanage in Baihe City in millions.

Taking a deep breath, Lu s.h.i.+miao continued, "If you really want to go for it, then you have to be prepared, because this is a bottomless pit!"

No one was willing to invest too much in a bottomless pit, and this was the reason why Bei Xuqing could take the bill and spend ¥10,000 or ¥20,000 for the orphanage's reunion meal. However, he wasn't willing to spend too much money on it, since there were no prospects. For businessmen, they would rather invest in things that would bring them profits.

The reason why they gave support to the orphanage was just trying to raise their image by disguising it as a charity.

Shaking his head, Su Tao tapped on Lu s.h.i.+miao's nose. "I shouldn't be the one, but I hope that you can be prepared instead!"

"Me?" Lu s.h.i.+miao was instantly perplexed.

With a gentle smile, Su Tao replied, "You're the Paediatrics Department Head of Jianghuai Hospital, and you're someone that truly cares for kids. Thus, you're the best candidate for the Qihuang Charity Fund."

Finally, Lu s.h.i.+miao understood what Su Tao meant. He was intending to have her carry out the task under the name of the Qihuang Charity Fund.

When Su Tao was talking with Song Sichen about the future plans, he had mentioned that they needed an appropriate candidate. After all, the Qihuang Charity Fund's official account had nearly ¥60,000,000, and this was not a small amount. Therefore, they needed someone that they could trust, which Song Sichen allowed Su Tao to make the decision, since the latter was the one who pulled the funds.

On the other hand, Su Tao already had a suitable candidate a long time ago, and he was just waiting for the right time to tell Lu s.h.i.+miao about it.

Instantly, Lu s.h.i.+miao started to hesitate. After all, she was the Paediatrics Department Head and it meant a stable income. So if she went to the Qihuang Charity Fund, she would have to give up on her career. This was an extremely tough choice for her.

"Tell me after you've considered it." Su Tao knew that Lu s.h.i.+miao needed time to make a decision.

With a sigh, Lu s.h.i.+miao responded, "This is an exceptional temptation!"

Although being the Paediatrics Department Head meant a stable income, it was also what Lu s.h.i.+miao loved doing. But it paled in comparison to the grand project of the Qihuang Charity Fund.

Her career path could be clearly seen with a glance. Moving up from the Paediatrics Department Head to the President of a top-tiered hospital in her fifties or sixties when she's about to retire if it was smooth for her. The reason why she chose to become a paediatrician was that she wanted to help more children with her skills. But despite her skill and a good team, there was a limit to how many patients she could save.

But if she joined the Qihuang Charity Fund, her every single action would help many orphans. Not to mention that she was also an orphan herself, so she knew that it would be akin to giving charcoal during snowy weather for orphanages.

Kang Zidong sat in his car outside the hotel until he sobered up before he drove off with reluctance. He owned a duplex house located in the best district of Baihe City that costs over ¥20,000 for one square meter with over 200 square meters with the second story included.

Right now, he had a career, reputation, car, house; he's only lacking in a partner.

He tried to look for other women. It was so much so that he even found those who looked similar to Lu s.h.i.+miao. However, those women couldn't replace her in his heart. Lu s.h.i.+miao was quiet and gentle since young, and she rarely fought with someone else. She would always stand quietly in a corner holding onto shabby books. But every single time his gaze interacted with her, he would feel warm. She's a princess in the group.

He took a cold shower to calm himself down. Suddenly, he realised how impulsive he was today; he was like an untamed horse. Not only would it not change Lu s.h.i.+miao's mind about him, but it would also make her look at him with contempt.

As for Su Tao, he was only tolerating him for the time being, and he swore to return the humiliation one day.

When he came out of the bathroom, he noticed that it was about 10 p.m. He took a deep breath and started to make calls and pay his wishes to some important figures.

He had a ma.s.sive connection, and he practically had a friend in every single system in Baihe City. He was a well-known figure of both black and white worlds.

If it was in normal times, all he needed was to make a call to get Su Tao to scram from Baihe City. But today was Chinese New Year's Eve, and it was inappropriate for any violence.

 Roughly half an hour later, he finally finished making calls and left Bei Xuqing for last.

"h.e.l.lo, Chairman Bei. I'm Little Kang, and I wish you a happy new year!" Kang Zidong tried his best to be emotional in his tone.

"Oh, it's Little Kang. The gathering tonight was pretty good. Do invite me if there's another opportunity in the future." Bei Xuqing gently smiled as he continued, "Furthermore, the girl that accompanied me to eat today, Little Yuan is cute, despite being mute. My kids are all not around this year, and it's pretty lonely for me. Make an arrangement tomorrow and have Little Yuan accompany me."

After a brief stun, Kang Zidong was surprised by Bei Xuqing's request, before he asked in puzzlement, "Tomorrow?"

"Yeah, I will arrange for a chauffeur to pick her up tomorrow morning around 1 a.m., so go and make preparations first." After a brief pondering, Bei Xuqing added, "Next year, the Qinbei Cooperation will consider increasing our support to the orphanage by one fold to ¥200,000!"

Kang Zidong knew that Bei Xuqing only raised the funds with a request for him. It was a piece of good news for the orphanage, but it was just unfortunate for Little Yuan. Perhaps it was due to Little Yuan being the adopted daughter of Lu s.h.i.+miao, Kang Zidong would often see the shadow of Lu s.h.i.+miao when she was young in Little Yuan; a quiet and intelligent little girl.

"Chairman Bei, rest a.s.sured. I will surely get it done for you." Kang Zidong smiled before he continued, "I believe that Little Yuan will also be happy to spend a day with you."

Although Kang Zidong wasn't very educated, the reason why Bei Xuqing would use him was due to his ability to carry out tasks.

After hanging up the call with Kang Zidong, Bei Xuqing took a photo alb.u.m from the shelf and flipped the first page. There were eight photos on the first page, and they're all different people. But all of them were generally little girls from five to eight years old.

Putting on his, Bei Xuqing licked his lips as he slowly flipped to the second page and enjoyed the photos.

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