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The earliest appearance of the Fire Cupping Technique was recorded in Western Han Dynasty's Fifty-Two Diseases. The logic behind it is to use fire consuming the oxygen in the cup and thus, producing a suction force to clear up the clogged vessels. It could be used to circulate blood flow, swelling, pain, and rheumatic pain.

In ancient Western Medicine, it was called Cup Suction with cups being mainly used in the treatment. But during the nineteenth century, syringe and the suction cup have been combined together into a modernised apparatus. Even in j.a.pan and India, there were records of such a treatment technique being used.

Fire Cupping was extremely normal in modern society, since they were often used to treat small illnesses. But using it to treat Brain Stem Hemorrhage, it's simply a fantasy.

Su Tao's gaze fell on the operation table, where the 8-year-old Fu Yuxuan has been lying entirely unconscious. After taking three breaths to readjust his emotions, he swiftly went into a profound state.

The medical liquid in the apparatus was already boiling, so Su Tao placed the fire cup inside. Bamboo was used in crafting the cup, since such traditional material had a more powerful suction force than gla.s.s. At the same time, it could also deliver the medicinal liquid through fumigation more effectively.

After that, Su Tao retrieved a few long needles along with a three-edged needle from his medical box.

As Zhang Chao watched from the side, he  finally understood what Su Tao was trying to do and said, "You're not trying the Meridian-Stimulating Fire Cupping Technique, right?"

There were many different techniques to the Fire Cupping Technique, such as a single cupping, multiple cupping, swift cupping, push cupping, and many more. Amongst all the techniques, the Meridian Stimulating Fire Cupping Technique was the most complicated technique.

Nodding his head, Su Tao replied, "There is ma.s.sive bleeding in the patient's brain stem, and the success rate for operation under this condition is low. I suspect that there's a brain stem system that has been damaged, which resulted in the ma.s.sive internal bleeding."

Shaking his head, Zhang Chao objected, "But you can't use the Meridian Stimulating Fire Cupping Technique. It's impossible for a doctor who practices Western Medicine to understand this technique, and if you fail to save the patient, the blame will ultimately be on you!"

The reason why Zhang Chao spoke those words was due to the terrifying scene that the Meridian Stimulating Fire Cupping Technique would create. Su Tao would have to open a wound in the patient's skin to extract the blood.

"But if I manage to treat him, then I will be able to further prove TCM's worth!" Su Tao looked extremely stubborn at this moment, ignoring Zhang Chao's persuasion.

He was stubborn because no one could understand the deeper meaning in his treatment method.

After all, geniuses were often being isolated since they could not be understood by others.

Generally speaking, the Meridian-Stimulating Fire Cupping Technique was used during the recovery stage of the brain stem after the patient's condition has been stabilised. By using this technique, the blood clogs in the brain can be cleared up, which was effective in increasing the blood circulation to the brain and smooth out vessels to restore the brain functions.

But the Brain Stem was still bleeding, and not to mention that there's ma.s.sive bleeding. So by using this technique, it could boost the blood circulation to the brain and increase the internal bleeding instead.

The nurses have already been given an order to make an immediate report if there's a situation in the operation room. So after the nurses reported to Cao Qiang, the latter immediately reported to Qin Ming, and Qin Ming rushed over to the operation room.

When he saw the situation, shock filled his eyes and he wondered what Su Tao was trying to do. He shouldn't perform a treatment if he can't treat it, but what was he trying to do by using such an unusual technique?

At this moment, the scene in the operation room was extremely unusual as medicinal liquid was boiling in the porcelain apparatus with the bamboo cup floating in it. At the same time, there were all sorts of needles placed on the operation table, which was an extremely unusual scene for Western Medicine.

Qin Ming was outside the operation room, which he could watch the entire situation through the gla.s.s. When he saw Su Tao with a golden needle with a grey tip, he was shocked and immediately turned to Cao Qiang. "Quick, stop him! We can't let him mess up!"

Under normal circ.u.mstances, entry was forbidden once the operation has already started. However, Cao Qiang immediately called the nurses to open the door and hollered, "What are you trying to do?"

Su Tao knitted his brows. He did not expect that someone would barge in. Letting out a sigh, he commanded, "I'm currently performing a treatment, so get out!"

However, Cao Qiang charged over. He wanted to drag Su Tao by the arm to stop the operation, in which he was easily flung away by Su Tao before he took a few steps back and fell on the floor.

After slowly standing up, he rubbed his bottom and looked at Su Tao with a complicated gaze before stomping his foot. "I suggest you stop while you can! Don't make a mess or all the consequences will be borne by you!"

When Qin Ming saw that Cao Qiang failed to stop Su Tao, he felt both joy and dejection in his heart at the same time.

He was happy since Su Tao was treating without knowing that he would fail in the end. At the same time, he was dejected that he lost another opportunity to prove himself after such a long time.

Even if there's a low chance of success, this was an opportunity for him to practice his skills.

Then again, there wasn't any harm for him if Su Tao failed. He was interested in the TCM Building's project, and it's a big piece of meat if President w.a.n.g could hand the project to him.

Qin Ming turned to Cao Qiang and whispered a few words, which Cao Qiang coldly sneered and immediately ran off.

Su Tao's brows were locked together. What Cao Qiang did earlier was dangerous. Fortunately, he hasn't started his acupuncture, or the consequences would have been dire.

Worrying that someone else might still come to cause trouble, he turned to Zhang Chao. "Go guard the door and don't let anyone in for the next half an hour, regardless of who they are!"

Nodding his head, Zhang Chao glanced at Su Tao with a complicated gaze before replying, "Don't worry, leave that to me. Anyone that wants to come in will have to cross over my corpse!"

Looking at Zhang Chao, Su Tao inwardly felt that Zhang Chao was a dolt to make a joke at this time. After that, he turned to look at the fire cup in the medicinal liquid with a grave expression. The moment was here, and the bamboo cup has already absorbed sufficient medicinal liquid. Right now, it's time for a miracle to take place.

The outside situation became complicated. Cao Qiang dragged w.a.n.g Hong over while complaining about what just happened and even exaggerated that he was beaten by Su Tao.

However, w.a.n.g Hong wore a grave expression and did not reply.

At this moment, Qin Ming came over and sighed, "President w.a.n.g, what should we do now? Su Tao isn't listening to our words and insisted on proceeding with the operation!"

Looking at Zhang Chao who was blocking the door, w.a.n.g Hong ordered, "Zhang Chao, move out of the way. I want to enter!"

Shaking his head, Zhang Chao remained firm. "President w.a.n.g, please give Physician Su half an hour!"

As w.a.n.g Hong shook his head as well, he solemnly said, "A life is at stake, and I'm not joking with you!"

However, Zhang Chao remained stubborn, "You're right, but I'm not joking around either. The patient is in critical condition, and I can't allow you in to disrupt Vice-President Su's treatment!"

"You are that certain he can treat the patient?!" w.a.n.g Hong roared. He never expected that the usually slippery Zhang Chao would unusually act out and not only did the latter dare to disobey his order, he even had sparkles flickering in his eyes.

Nodding his head, Zhang Chao replied, "President w.a.n.g, you will know how splendid Vice-President Su Tao's skills are once you've witnessed them for yourself, in which I believe you will give him your support, as well, to create a miracle!"

Although Su Tao did not host many consultations, Zhang Chao would benefits from every single one of them.

In his heart, he has already acknowledged Su Tao to be a medical talent who can create miracles.

"Have you forgot the leukaemia patient from the Paediatrics Department? She was discharged yesterday with all her vital signs normal!" Zhang Chao gave out an extremely convincing example.

Hearing those words, w.a.n.g Hong started to hesitate. Leukaemia was a publicly acknowledged terminal disease, but under Su Tao's treatment with purely TCM, the patient recovered without any chemotherapy, and has already been discharged from the hospital. It's a medical miracle in the past few years in Hanzhou City or even the entire Jiangnan Province.

"President w.a.n.g, we can't allow him to act so arbitrarily!" However, Qin Ming still continued to fan the fire.

"Let's wait for half an hour!" w.a.n.g Hong recovered and said after casting a strict glance at Qin Ming.

Letting out a sigh, Qin Ming realised that w.a.n.g Hong was calmer than he had imagined.

In the operation room, Su Tao had already entered into a profound state. He could clearly sense every change within Fu Yuxuan's body.

Right now, the situation of Fu Yuxuan's brain was projected in his mind as pictures.

Su Tao had, once again, entered into this profound realm!

Before conducting the Meridian-Stimulating Fire Cupping Technique, he first inserted needles into a few acupoints. This was an extremely crucial step as it was like unlocking an array in fantasy novels. He was using needles as a medium to deliver Qi to protect the patient's brain from suffering any injuries in the upcoming treatment.

Because Fu Yuxuan has suffered external impacts, Su Tao had to be cautious in the acupuncture treatment since the slightest mistake would worsen the internal bleeding.

Standing outside, everyone wore grave expressions. Even if most of them were from Western Medicine background and couldn't understand acupuncture, every single one of Su Tao's needles felt as if they contained a charm that made everyone's hearts tremble.

Watching the treatment, Qin Ming couldn't help recalling an international exchange he partic.i.p.ated in in the past. He witnessed how a foreign surgeon conducted an operation, which also held such charm. This was no longer at the level of medical skills but an artistic realm where every action would contain an artistic charm.

Qin Ming was trying to clear his mind and was furious with himself. How could he have admiration for his opponent?

After a continuous twenty-eight needles later, All of the energy in Su Tao was drained and he had sweat covering his forehead.

After wiping his sweat, he took a deep breath and retrieved the fire cups from the boiling medicinal liquid before placing them on the patient's Baihui Acupoint.

The dense medicinal scent permeated within the operation room. It was a medicine that Su Tao concocted that would slowly fumigate into the patient's brain.

Brain Stem Hemorrhage was caused due to the Brain Stem System suffering injuries, so he had to first heal the wound to stop the bleeding. By using his method, it was far more effective and safer than Western Medicine using medicine.

The next procedure was also the key, since there was still a large amount of blood clogging the brain, applying pressure on the nervous system. This was the main reason why there were many repercussions left in patients with Brain Stem Hemorrhage, so Su Tao had to remove the blood clog next.

Hence, he's trying to extract the blood near the Baihui Acupoint by using the suction force with the Fire Cupping Technique.

Fifteen minutes later, Su Tao removed the fire cup and briefly examined it. Everything has gone smoothly so far. Su Tao took the three-edged needle. This was the most crucial step in this treatment.

He needed to use it to release and remove the bad blood!

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