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Using his Heavenseizing Hands, Su Tao used the needles as a medium to infuse his Qi, which made Natasha nearly scream out from the comfort she felt.

It was a sign of the pressure in her abdomen being released.

Su Tao's treatment for Natasha took an hour. This was mainly due to Natasha's condition being more severe than he had imagined. Because she was often in high-intensity training, it had put a huge strain on her body. Hence, it wouldn't be easy to try and mediate the Yin and Yang balance.

"Done!" Su Tao breathed out in relief as he stowed his needles. "Try walking."

When Natasha got down from the bed, she clearly felt much lighter and she exclaimed, "This is too miraculous!"

Su Tao smiled. "Since your condition has been alleviated, then let us execute our promised test, shall we?"

Letting out a sigh, Natasha nodded her head.

Walking out of the room, Su Tao called Irina, alone, and said in a solemn tone, "Mrs. Irina, I have a piece of grievous news for you. Although I've treated Natasha's condition, she can no longer train anymore in the future. The reason why her condition is so serious was due to her high-intensity training, and she might die if she continues!"

"Ah?!" Irina covered her mouth, shocked beyond words.

Natasha lowered her head and did not dare to look at her mother, fearing that her mother might notice anything unusual in her expression.

"Is there really no other method?" Irina pursued. "It's Natasha's dream, and it's too cruel for it to end so early!"

"Mom, I already don't want to practice Rhythmic Gymnastics anymore… I'm tired!" Natasha's voice resounded.

Tears rolled down Irina's cheeks as she walked over and hugged her daughter. "It's fine, Natasha. You can stop practicing Rhythmic Gymnastics in the future. As long as you can be healthy and happy, everything else is not important."

"Mom, is that what you really think?" Natasha asked.

"Yes, I know that Rhythmic Gymnastics has always been your favorite activity. When you first picked up the stick, I knew that you're talented in this field. But it's no longer important, since I won't force you if you don't like it." Irina suppressed the sorrow in her heart as she squeezed out a smile to comfort her daughter.

Standing to the side, Su Tao wore a smile as he inwardly sighed. It was considered a white lie, since he managed to undo the knot in Natasha and Irina's hearts.

"Natasha, let's tell your mother the truth." Su Tao gently sighed. He had won the gamble. In Irina's heart, her daughter's health was clearly more important.

Natasha smiled and whispered in Irina's ears, telling her mother about her condition.

Irina felt as if she went through a rollercoaster and smiled. "Your father and I won't force you to do something that you don't like. It's not important if you can win the champions.h.i.+p, we only like seeing how confident, beautiful, and determined you were when you're training and partic.i.p.ating in tournaments."

"Mom, rest a.s.sured. When I'm much better, I will continue to practice Rhythmic Gymnastics and become you and dad's pride." Natasha dove into Irina's embrace.

Watching this scene, Su Tao sighed. The outcome could be considered perfect.

Because Natasha had just gone through acupuncture, she still couldn't leave the bed to run about. When Su Tao saw the mother and daughter separate, he explained Natasha's condition. At the same time, he warned that before she recovers, she couldn't be involved in any high-intensity training.

At this moment, Irina sighed, feeling muddled. Recalling all the bits and pieces, like how she found bloodstains in her daughter's underwear, she did not overthink it since she thought that it was her daughter's menstruation. Now that it was verified, she was first deeply moved by Su Tao's medical skills and also learned a lesson that she had to be more meticulous with her daughter.

Although she had no idea about Natasha's recovery, she was already filled with confidence for Su Tao's strength. But it made sense, if she pondered over it. After all, why would the Shui Family recommend him if he wasn't skillful?

At this moment, she felt vexed for her previous rude behavior.

When the two of them came out, Kelov stood up, having an ill omen. Could it be that Su Tao has really treated Natasha?

"What's the outcome after so long?" Kelov asked.

"Natasha has already been treated by Doctor Su!" Irina told the truth.

"How is that possible?!" Kelov had disbelief flickering in his eyes as he declared, "I suspect the authenticity of this!"

Irina helplessly replied, "Doctor Kelov, I do not need to bluff you in this matter. Since reality has proven everything, I feel that you should fulfill your bet to Doctor Su, take him as your teacher and apologise to Ms. Shui."

Letting out a deep sigh, Kelov questioned, "May I know what illness Natasha had?"

"No! This concerns the privacy of my daughter!" Irina firmly refused. "But I can swear on my reputation that you've lost this bet, and Doctor Su has really treated Natasha. Remember, you're a Russian, and you have to uphold your bet!"

Seeing that Irina was using her reputation to suppress him, Kelov had no other choice except to submit.

Glaring at Su Tao and Shui Junzhuo, Kelov said in Russian, "Alright, I admit my loss! Su Tao, from today onwards, you are my teacher. Furthermore, I apologise to you, Ms. Shui!"

When he finished, he knew he couldn't stay here anymore, so he suppressed his rage and stomped off.

Shui Junzhuo translated Kelov's words to Su Tao while she secretly raised her thumbs towards Su Tao.

Su Tao smiled. That Kelov was truly wise. If he insisted on going back against the bet, then he might disregard everything and teach that arrogant p.r.i.c.k a lesson.

After instructing Irina on the method to brew the medicine, he left together with Shui Junzhuo.

But when they just came out of the villa, a white vehicle suddenly flew out from the right and startled Shui Junzhuo. She immediately turned the steering wheel and the car went up the ramp. Fortunately, she did not step on the wrong pedal, or there would be a huge incident today.

A blond came out from the white vehicle and he knocked on the window, signaling for Su Tao to step out.

Seeing this scene, Su Tao helplessly sighed as he glanced at the white vehicle that suddenly charged out. The window slowly wound down and Kelov's face was revealed. He had a cigar hanging on his lips and his eyes were filled with disdain.

Kelov had embarra.s.sed himself before Irina, and with his character, he would definitely not let this go so easily. Hence, he got his bodyguard to block the door and wait for Su Tao to teach him a lesson.

He had once saved the life of a Russian tyc.o.o.n, so that tyc.o.o.n arranged a bodyguard for him upon hearing that he was traveling overseas.

Letting out a sigh, Su Tao turned to Shui Junzhuo. "No matter what, don't come out."

Shui Junzhuo knew that Su Tao was skilled, and at the same time, she also felt speechless for Kelov.

This was China, and was this fellow insane to make a move against her?

Kelov had no idea about Shui Junzhuo's ident.i.ty, and he considered himself to be a n.o.ble foreign guest, which was why he dared to act so boldly.

The bodyguard waited for Su Tao to step out of the car before he reached his hand over and grabbed Su Tao's collar.

However, Su Tao smiled before his hands bolted out. He first pressed on the bodyguard's wrist, then he forcefully twisted it. Instantly, a chilling crack resounded and the bodyguard's wrist was dislocated. The latter then howled out in pain.

After that, Su Tao raised his knee and struck the latter's abdomen, which the bodyguard's expression turned savage from the pain and his eyeb.a.l.l.s nearly popped out of their sockets.

It had been a long time since Su Tao beat someone up, and since there's a free sandbag here, then he naturally had to make good use of it. Using a hand to grab hold of the bodyguard's arm, he unleashed a hook with another hand on the bodyguard's chin. Roughly ten-odd seconds later, Su Tao only stopped when the bodyguard was gasping for breath. On the other hand, the bodyguard, who had a larger build than Su Tao, had his face covered in blood as he collapsed on the ground.

Watching this scene, Kelov started to panic. He never expected that Su Tao would be so ferocious. Although the latter was hateful back in the villa, he was still considered mild.

He had underestimated Su Tao's ferocity. For someone that targeted him time and time again, Su Tao naturally wouldn't go easy on Kelov.

At this moment, Kelov's first reaction was to run for the villa nearby to seek for help.

Seeing Kelov opening the door and running out in panic, Su Tao smiled. That Kelov was really stupid. If the latter remained in the vehicle and locked the doors, then there's nothing Su Tao could do to him. But wasn't he throwing himself into a trap? Even if he could run, how fast can he run?

Su Tao slowly retrieved a needle and flung it out, which made Kelov instantly faceplant to the ground.

Strolling his way over, Su Tao stepped on Kelov's face and said, "p.r.i.c.k, how is the taste of being bullied when you're used to being the bully?"

Since Kelov did not want to end up like the bodyguard, he begged, "Please, teacher, let me go! I'm in the wrong, I'm sorry!"

"You still dare to resist?" Su Tao couldn't understand Russian, so he thought that Kelov was cursing him. Hence, he dragged the latter by his hair for a few meters then shoved his head into the half-opened car window before las.h.i.+ng out two kicks on Kelov's b.u.t.t.

After seeing that Kelov wasn't responding, only then did Su Tao vented his anger out and returned to the Haval H1.

"He was already begging for mercy, so why didn't you stop?" Shui Junzhuo smiled.

"Did he? Why do I feel that he's cursing me?" Su Tao smiled. "It doesn't matter, this is China, and this is our territory. Since he dares to try and hire someone to injure someone else, then I naturally have to teach him a lesson, even if he begged me."

Shui Junzhuo's eyes radiated. Women tended to like men that have some temper. Otherwise, how could they feel a sense of security and rely on the men to protect them in the face of danger?

However, she soon sighed. Although Su Tao had his time beating people up, she had to mediate this matter since Kelov wasn't a n.o.body, and there's patrol nearby. If the matter blew up, it might even cause an international disturbance.

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