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Just like Qin Jingyu with his formidable ally, Rangure, Su Tao had also chosen a compatible ally.

However, there's clearly a difference with them choosing their opponent.

Rangure had cooperated with Qin Jingyu in the past, which are established on interest. The two of them have no relations.h.i.+p with each other. The moment one of them loses their worth one way, the other will abandon the worthless one without any hesitation.

On the contrary, Su Tao and Joanna's cooperation are established on trust and admiration. Su Tao has been trying to build up his relations.h.i.+p with Joanna, and at the same time, he's also trying to let Joanna understand him more.

If Joanna falls into danger one day, he will definitely not abandon her and do his best for her. Likewise, Su Tao is also trying to win Joanna's loyalty.

Strictly speaking, Qin Jingyu is more straightforward when it comes to this stuff, while Su Tao is more shrewd.

However, Su Tao trusts his eyesight. The reason why he refused Rangure back then and picked Joanna is because of his different understanding in the two of them.

In terms of of appearance, Rangure isn't any inferior compared to Joanna, but Su Tao could tell that she's a sly woman. However, Joanna isn't the same. Even if she's the same as other businessmen that place interest as her utmost importance, she's still a kind lady.

Take this incident as an example. He could tell that Joanna had conducted herself well from how she saved her brother, Tony. If it was Rangure, she will definitely use the same method as Joanna's mother, kidnap him before making an exchange with the Chinese government.

However, Joanna had done it completely differently. Not only did she manage to save her brother, she even managed to repair the relations.h.i.+p between Tosca and the Chinese government. At the same time, she also managed to bring Tosca into the Chinese market.

Hence, Su Tao believes that Joanna is an important person that will push his Chinese medicine into the international platform.

The two of them strolled for a long time till the night before they returned to their hotel. But just when Su Tao was about to leave in his vehicle, Joanna called out to him, “Why don't you take a sit in my room?”

Su Tao's heart immediately boiled as he looked at the time. Since she's calling him to go into her room so late, is there any special surprise waiting for him?

As Su Tao nodded, he locked his car and followed behind Joanna into her room.

Hanzhou City's government had given Joanna the highest treatment in a room with two rooms and a living room.

Making a call to the reception to deliver coffee and refreshment, Joanna took out her laptop and smiled, “I intend to share a piece of joyful news with you!”

“Uh…” Su Tao was instantly speechless as he was originally expecting a wild night.

But at this moment, he realised that he had overthought the matter. The reason why Joanna called him to his room is that the overseas stock market is opening, and she had only invited him to watch the stock market.

Knowing that Su Tao couldn't understand English, Joanna patiently explained, “Rena Pharmaceutical Conglomerate is our subsidiary company in Switzerland that mainly does biological medicine research. The stock price had just gone up by 10%. According to this trend, it will be able to reach 20% when the market closes; Flavo is our subsidiary company in Spain with sales channel that covers all the hospitals in Spain had also risen by 8%, and it will break 15% when the market closes…”

Joanna explained the situation with ten-odd subsidiary companies before making a calculation and smiled, “According to your 1% shares in Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate, your wealth will increase by 2,000,000,000 EUROs by today.”

“They're only numbers.” Su Tao smiled bitterly.

Su Tao's words sounded like a show-off, much like how a man who married a gorgeous wife saying that he wasn't marrying her because of her appearance.

Listening to his words, Joanna was briefly stunned. Back then when she came in contact with Su Tao, he had been calling sky-high prices, so Joanna thought that Su Tao is a greedy person.

But his words earlier sounded sincere, so Joanna couldn't help changing her impression of Su Tao once again.

At this moment, Joanna started receiving emails from Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate's headquarters. Practically all of the directors had sent her an email of congratulation for her miracle. Not only did she manage to stabilise Tosca's stock price, she even managed to bring it to a new height. According to this trend, Tosca might welcome a new record this year.

Even if it's already late at night, Fred, who was also rejoicing over Tosca's recovery knocked on the door.

Seeing that Su Tao is also in the room, Fred was somewhat surprised as he smiled, “I never expected that you're also here!”

“I invited him over to share the joy together,” Joanna explained.

Glancing at Joanna before looking at Su Tao, Fred smiled, “Then the two of you can continue sharing the joy together. I'll not bother the two of you.”

Fred's appearance instantly made the atmosphere ambiguous as the two of them felt somewhat awkward.

The two of them are feeling complicated in their hearts. Although western society is more open, staying with a man in a room is truly somewhat awkward.

As Su Tao looked at Joanna, she had already changed into purple night clothes that vaguely outlined her voluptuous figure.

Sensing that there's something unusual with Su Tao's gaze, Joanna coughed, “I'm sorry to affect your rest.”

“Yeah, I'll take my leave.” Su Tao swept a glance at Joanna and left.

Joanna never expected that Su Tao would take the initiative to leave. When he left, she felt somewhat at a loss in her heart. Shortly after, she immediately controlled her thoughts as she asked herself, “Do you really want something to go between you and him?”

She never imagined that she would fall for a Chinese man!

All along, she thought that she would find someone compatible like her mother.

But when she saw how Su Tao left so decisively, she couldn't help feeling somewhat unhappy. Could it be that she's not charming enough?

Putting it in a nutsh.e.l.l, she's feeling extremely complicated.

Just when Su Tao was about to exit the room, the room suddenly turned dark as he subconsciously held his foot. Behind him, a yell escaped Joanna's mouth.

Su Tao subconsciously tried to find his way to Joanna and held onto her shoulder as he comforted, “Don't worry about it. The circuit must have tripped. With China's developed electricity system, I believe that it won't take long. Furthermore, hotels all have their backup electricity, and I believe that it will return normal in a few minutes.

The window wasn't completely pulled, and they couldn't see any lights coming from the window. Su Tao instantly figured that the outbreak must have covered the entire city. Normally speaking, such wide-scaled power cut should have a notification beforehand, not to mention that power cut will usually avoid happening at night. Hence, there's only a possibility that there's a story behind this event.

Joanna might seem strong on her appearance, but she's ultimately still a woman, not to mention that she's overseas right now. Hence, she subconsciously trembled from the darkness, but she felt especially secure from Su Tao's shoulders.

As the two of them stayed together, Joanna's skin stuck onto Su Tao's chest as the soft sensation roared in his heart. At the same time, there's a faint fragrance coming from her that made his breathing even rougher.

The two of them had stopped their breathing as they enjoyed the instant silence before the lights came back.

When Joanna realised that she was hugging onto Su Tao, she immediately pushed Su Tao away and grumbled, “Does this often happens in China? Something like this never happens in Rome.”

Scratching his heart awkwardly, Su Tao knows that that electricity is stable and explained with a smile, “Just occasionally. I'm afraid that something happened or it makes no sense for a power cut at this timing.”

In reality, the two of them are only talking to conceal the awkward atmosphere.

“Alright, you can go now.” Joanna lowered her head as she did not dare to look at Su Tao.

“Yeah, so when are you returning?” Su Tao knows that there won't be much chance for them to meet in the future with this parting.

The cooperation between Tosca and Three Flavour Medicine had already been completed, so Su Tao wouldn't go to Italy unless absolutely necessary. Furthermore, there's no reason for Joanna to come to China either.

“I'm boarding a flight tomorrow back to Rome. There are still many things for me to handle.” Joanna replied softly.

“Then goodbye!” Su Tao gave a smile to Joanna before leaving.

Leaning on the hotel's door, Joanna fell into silence for ten-odd seconds. When she realised that there's no doorbell, she realised that Su Tao had truly left. While she's rejoicing, she's also feeling somewhat disappointed at the same time.

She's rejoicing that Su Tao did not tangle with her. If he really forced her, she has no idea if she could contain her heart.

At the same time, she's somewhat disappointed because she realised that her charm wasn't enough to make Su Tao lose his rationale.

The next morning, Su Tao found out that there's really a power cut last night because of an incident in Hanzhou City's power plant. So it turns out that someone bought cheap stuff that resulted in this incident with over seventy casualties.

Although this had nothing to do with him, he still made a trip to Qihuang Charity Funds for them to make a donation.

In the afternoon, Joanna boarded the vehicle prepared by the government to send her to Qiongjin City's airport. Before she boarded the plane, she gave Su Tao a call. Although they simply spoke a few words, Su Tao could hear that she was feeling reluctant to leaving from her tone.

However, there's no way he could give her any promise. After all, the they each stay at the other side of the world, like Vera. There's no future in a long-distance relations.h.i.+p, so he did not want to do anything to increase his yearning.

At the same time, Xiao Jingjing returned as she had completely treated gu Rushan. At the same time, there's an obvious effect after using the Breast Enhancement Cream.

As for whether if Xiao Jingjing had used it on herself, Su Tao had no idea about it.

However, no woman would reject anything that could make themselves more beautiful.

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