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As the sun hung high on the sky as it shone down on the Old Street, the scenery is completely different compared to a year ago. In the past, aside from eateries, all shops will be closed.

But ever since Hanzhou City's government had paid attention to the Old Street, it had been drastically improved with the funds fully coming from the government. Even the Old Street's popularity had increased, becoming a famous place in Hanzhou City.

Hence, the Three Flavour Hall wasn't the only one, but all the shops also benefited from this change. Many shops have hired employees and only closes late at night. Now that everyone could earn more money, everyone has been even more respectful of Su Tao.

Just like his grandfather, Su Tao had obtained the t.i.tle as the Divine Physician in this street. Not only did Su Tao treated many patients, but he even managed to bring this street back to life.

Roughly three hundred meters away from the Old Street, there's a newly constructed theme park with ancient style as the theme. Even the newly opened three-starred hotel has been going crazy from the popularity.

Together with Xia Yu, Su Tao sat in a restaurant near the theme park. As the owner recognises the two of them, he personally came out to receive the two of them and even gave them 20% discount.

Every time Su Tao had to talk with Xia Yu, it would take at least three to four hours. Xia Yu can be considered Su Tao's confidante, at least Xia Yu is loyal to him. After they had gone through so many things together, this fact is undeniable.

Xia Yu is talking to his wife, Di Yuqin. After he settled her, he placed his phone by the side and grumbled, “As the saying goes, marriage is like a wall. Even before she married, she would call me here and then check up on me. On the contrary, I envy how free you are.”

“It's mainly because you have been messing around outside, so you wife doesn't trust you!” Su Tao smiled.

“Ever since I confirmed my feelings with Yuqin, I have no cheated on her.” Xia Yu swore as he raised his fingers by his ears.

“How's your wedding going with Yuqin? It has been going for some time.” Su Tao previously heard that the two of them have been preparing for their marriage, but it seems that the female party's parents weren't particularly happy with it.

Then again, it's also because of Xia Yu's ordinary circ.u.mstances. He's a retired soldier, and he's not educated either. His career doesn't sound decent, not to mention that he only has a small and old house. On the contrary, Di Yuqin is a third-rated celebrity, and she was once famous. For her to marry Xia Yu, it seemed somewhat a pity.

However, Di Yuqin's parents have started to loosen their mouth recently because Xia Yu had become the CEO of Three Flavour Medicine. In the beginning, her parents did not believe that he really managed to become a CEO, so much so that they even hired a private investigator to investigate him.

But now that they have obtained the acknowledgement of Di Yuqin's parents, their wedding preparation had slowed down instead. The two of them bought a new house together and it's still in renovation. They're both waiting for it to be renovated before going on with their wedding.

According to Xia Yu, they're planning to get their marriage certificates first. As for the new house, they'll just go with the flow. However, Di Yuqin was particularly firm with it as she insisted to have their wedding in the new house.

Actually, Xia Yu knows her reason for doing it. Di Yuqin's relatives are somewhat sn.o.bbish, and Di Yuqin married Xia Yu because of him, not his money. However, her relatives only look at Xia Yu's wealth, and she's afraid that he might be looked down by her relatives.

“I will be going to Slovakia, so I will be leaving everything in the country to you.” Su Tao instructed with a solemn voice. Xia Jingjing might be reliable, but she's ultimately a woman, and there are many things that require a man to deal with.

“Rest a.s.sured with it. On the other hand, you have to be careful overseas.” Xia Yu knows about Su Tao's ability. Wherever Su Tao goes, he will live better than anyone else because he's equipped with skilled. Hence, his ability to survive is better than anyone else.

“Furthermore, look after Xue Feng for me. He's a worrying lad, and I'm afraid that he might cause trouble.” Su Tao smiled bitterly.

“He's really a talent!” Xia Yu grinned as he continued, “After knowing him, I got to know that the internet that we're in contact with have been castrated.”

Su Tao smiled bitterly as Xia Yu still has no idea of what Xue Feng did in the past. Just any since one of it is enough to land Xue Feng in lifetime jail.

“You have to pay attention to the Three Flavour Medicine. The Medicine Deity Corporation had just acquired a medicine factory, they're clearly intending to compete with us.” Su Tao had worries on his face as he continued, “Our factory might be constructing swiftly, but it's still unlike an already built factory. There are still many things that we have to perfect.”

Yu Omuri might be experienced, but it's still better to take it one step at a time to prevent any mistakes.

“The Medicine Deity Corporation is truly a b.u.m beetle that copies whatever we do. Most importantly, they're only doing everything half-heartedly. They're only proficient in hyping things up to cheat the financial market, allowing their stock price to rise. In reality, they're only an empty sh.e.l.l. Aside from their pharmacies, everything else is inferior.”

Shaking his head, Su Tao spoke in a grave tone, “But they're doing things differently this time. Firstly, they acquired the factory and they did not partic.i.p.ate in the management personally. Secondly, they have the Neuer Pharmaceutical Conglomerate backing them up. If they're going fast, then we will be in the disadvantageous position. Lastly, Medicine Deity Corporation's pharmacies are successful. The moment their products are prepared, their ability to spread their products will be faster than us.”

Over the past year, the Medicine Deity Corporation has increased close to six hundred new pharmacies, forming a formidable network. On the contrary, the Three Flavour Hall only has less than ten pharmacies. Judging from the current situation, they're in the disadvantageous position.

It's mainly because a drugstore pharmacy is completely different from a clinical pharmacy. The latter requires more investment and the challenge lies in hiring physicians.

On the contrary, a drugstore pharmacy only has to know the names of the herbs and follow the prescription. You only have to know how to read and nothing else.

In the long term run, clinical pharmacies definitely hold more advantage because a drugstore pharmacy can be easily replicated.

But in the short term run, the current clinical pharmacy isn't beneficial to the development of the medicine factory.

Because with Su Tao's understanding of w.a.n.g Guofeng, since the latter had invested in a Chinese medicine factory, he will definitely come up with a scheme to affect the Three Flavour Medicine's development.

“We're always on the defence that's why we've landed in a pa.s.sive state. Hence, I intend to make the move this time.” Xia Yu smiled as he went on, “I have already done with a detailed investigation. I'm only waiting for the right time to strike them with a fatal blow.”

Thereafter, Xia Yu went over to Su Tao's ears and whispered, explaining his plan.

After Su Tao heard Xia Yu's plan, he was shocked as he had to admit that Xia Yu is becoming more scheming, becoming more like him.

Seeing that Xia Yu had done so much preparation against the Medicine Deity Corporation, Su Tao was relieved.

w.a.n.g Guofeng had lost to him several times, and since he's of no challenge, it's fine to leave him to Xia Yu.

As for Su Tao, he already has a stronger opponent.

Next day at roughly 9 a.m., Su Tao received a call from Du Ping saying that Hanzhou City had come up with a plan to invite more TCM academies into the city, which have been going pretty well. They have sent out their invitation for several decent TCM Universities in the country and they have also received a reply, displaying their willingness to work with Hanzhou City's government for more detailed cooperation.

The reason why this is a success if mainly because the highest official in Huainan Province, Yin Kailang gave a long call to his old friend, an experienced specialist in the education system.

With that, his friend personally came out and spoke with those TCM universities. Hence, the effects are naturally different.

Furthermore, Dou Fanggang and Song Sichen are often invited to universities to give talks, so they made use of their connection to give another push for the project.

Right now, the entire TCM circle in China knows that Baoyou County will establish a TCM City at the size of thousands of acres.

After all, graduates from TCM Universities often have difficulty when it comes to finding a job compared to students who study western medicine.

Hence, Su Tao action of booking several batches of graduates from Qiongjin City's medicine university had attracted the attention of other TCM universities.

A good university needs a situation where their supply of talents does not meet the demand.

To be hired the moment they graduate would give more students an easier time.

Thus, many universities are also willing to provide a proper home for their graduates. Baoyou County has no lack of land and the Three Flavour Medicine have also invested in all the infrastructure. Hence, those universities only needed to handle the professors and administration staff, so they're naturally willing.

“I never expected that this would go so smoothly. Even now, I feeling that I'm still dreaming!” Du Ping smiled.

“Why don't you give yourself a slap to verify that and see if you're awake?” Su Tao suggested with a smile.

“I'm only exaggerating! Why do you have to expose me?” Du Ping laughed.

“We're still in the beginning right now. Baoyou County lacks people, and we can only call it a success when there are people. Right now, the government only invested in the infrastructure in many places, but it's practically a ghost city. The TCM City is only a first step in our journey of the Great Walls of China.

“You're more rational than I am!” Du Ping sighed. In reality, he believes that Su Tao will definitely make a career for himself if he joins the government.

However, Su Tao did not have much interest in that. His interest is only on TCM. As for the rest? They're just in the way.

After hanging his call with Du Ping, Su Tao drove his car to Yan Jing's residence and pressed on the doorbell. Shortly after, Yan Jing and her daughter, both wearing couple dress came to open the door.

As Su Tao opened the rear door of his car for them, he's going to accompany the two of them to the Zoo and theme park. Hua Yan has also been waiting for this promise from Su Tao for a long time.

But just when Yan Jing was about to board the car, she caught sight of a young man leaning on a black vehicle and knitted her brows as she spoke out, “You guys wait here. Accompany Hua Yan and don't let her come out.”

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