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Chapter 1644: An’an Cooks

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“I’m going to hunt. Stay at home and be good, don’t go running around,” Bluepool said gently, kissed An’an on the lips, then stood up and pushed the little mermen by the sea into the water with his legs.

They stood out too much on the sh.o.r.e, and she would easily attract bird-type creatures to hunt them.

Although the little mermen were young, they were born with a consciousness for danger. After they were pushed into the sea, they stayed in the water docilely.

However, An’an wasn’t too docile. After staying in the tree hole for a while, she probed her head out to take a look.

She didn’t see Bluepool around, so she crawled out and walked slowly toward the sea.

The little mermen instantly forgot about dangers and their nature. They immediately scrambled toward the sh.o.r.e, and colorful mermen instantly filled it up.

An’an picked up a random one and then turned to head toward the place where they’d start a fire.

The mermen were already over 500 grams in weight. Although their bodies looked extremely soft and boneless, their scales were already very tough, not something that ordinary fish’s scales could compare to.

An’an first tried to put it into her mouth and bite it a few times, only to realize that she couldn’t bite through it. She then looked around for cooking tools.

The cooking tools were always kept clean in the tree hole, covered up by tree leaves to avoid dust settling on them.

An’an grabbed the fish with one hand and took out a pot with another, placing the pot onto the stove that was stacked up with rocks. She then placed the little merman neatly into the center of the pot.

It was a great coincidence that this was that s.h.i.+mmery and translucent silver merman again. Since it didn’t hurt him, he didn’t put up a struggle. He rested his soft arms on the edges of the pot, raised his head, and looked at An’an.

This was definitely the day when An’an was the most independent in the 16 years of her life.

After she readied the pot, she knew that she had to go pick firewood too.

Seeing this, the little mermen all helped her out. They were like ants moving food, carrying branches and rotting wood that was a lot bigger than themselves as they moved toward the stove. The one adult and 20 children were busy on the island.

Only the little merman who was placed in the pot remained still, looking from a great height (because he was in the pot on the stove) down onto the busy mermen on the ground. He looked at ease as if he was a king who was being served on.

When Bluepool came back with enough food to feed the entire family, this busy scene filled with liveliness was what he saw. This was if he neglected the fact that the food in the pot was their child.

An’an was squatting by the stove, hitting the rocks hard. The little mermen continued to bring in trash from the island, making a mess of the place that Bluepool had kept clean and tidy.

Bluepool was speechless. He really couldn’t understand why An’an kept thinking of their children as food. Did she not remember that they were her children?

Bluepool quietly walked over to the stove and, before he said anything, An’an raised her head to look toward him, raising the flint in her hands as if wanting him to help her out.

It was rare for An’an to make any requests, so Bluepool couldn’t bear to reject her. He immediately agreed. “Alright, I’ll help you.”

The flint docilely created a spark in Bluepool’s hands, lighting up the dried gra.s.s in the stove.

The silver-colored merman leaned against the edge of the pot and looked down. The steam blew upon his face, and he immediately jumped up and flew out.

He was quite capable in terms of fleeing for his life. Bluepool couldn’t help but give him a second look.

An’an’s gaze moved as the little merman moved, her head turning over like a cat being teased.

She opened her mouth as if wanting to say, “The food has run away.”

Bluepool smiled, raised the big fish in his hand, shook it, and said, “This is our food.”

The little mermen came crowding over as well, including that silver-tailed merman.. All of them crowded around Bluepool, asking for food.

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Beauty and the Beasts Chapter 1644 - An'an Cooks summary

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