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The staff in Xiulan's company were all busy doing work that they don't have extra time to even gossip anymore.

Add that the morning meeting was very awkward. After that disastrous meeting, they immediately bullied the two employees who suggested those two actresses. They were all worried that the great boss would have a change of mood from this d.a.m.n meeting.

"I don't really know what's got into the both of you. Our boss is very kind to us yet you have to embarra.s.s her like that." The HR head scolded the two employees. Her nose was flaring and her eyes were dagger like that they can't even look at her anymore.

"We didn't dare to embarra.s.s our great G.o.ddess! We... we... we--" The female stuff stuttered.

"We what?" The HR head raised her very nicely plucked eyebrows at her subordinate. She even crossed her arms while she waits for their petty reasons. Whatever these two's reasons, they still embarra.s.sed their boss! It was very unforgivable but she must remain calm.

"We... N-nevermind..." The scared subordinate mumbled pathetically. The two bowed their heads like they were being punished. "We will take any punishments." The subordinate submissively replied and shut her eyes.

The HR head sighed incredulously from these two rascals' pathetic display of weakness. "You are not allowed to eat lunch at 12, okay? You can eat by 3pm and better finish the task for today before the two of you go home."

The HR head straightened her back and decided to continue her work and leave these two. " Don't ever do it again, okay? I almost got a heart attack when someone uttered those names. Are you trying to kill us all?" She gave them a last look before she walks back to her own office.

"We are very sorry, ma'am." The two staff apologized sincerely. Their heads were still facing down like their monster mother nagged at them.

"Remember, don't do it again. The both of you can go back to your work." The HR head released them but her eyes were still sharply looking at the two employees before she walks away. It caused her a great headache. She's not sure if she can face their CEO today after that meeting. She'll try her best not to see her today. She'll do better tomorrow.

When the two employees were finally alone, they went to the comfort room to talk about what just happened a while ago.

"Gos.h.!.+ My heart almost jump out of my rib cage just by uttering those names. If weren't for the money, I wouldn't do that to our G.o.ddess boss." The female staff with a blue bow on top of her head said before was.h.i.+ng her face to cool down the embarra.s.sment she's currently feeling. She sincerely didn't want to suggest those names but the money offered to her was very tempting that she must do her job properly.

"Our boss seems to not love her husband at all, so I think its fine. Also, 5,000 yuan ($705) just to slander her husband is remarkably a good price. I wonder who that person is trying to slander the great Xing Hongqi and is willing to pay this large amount?" The other female staff with very red lipstick curiously asked. She didn't even feel any remorse. The money was a sweet reward and if the requester could pay such a high price for just simply slandering someone, she'll be doing that forever instead of sticking to this 9-6 pm day job.

"How come you say she doesn't love her husband? They are lovey-dovey and their honeymoon only happened a few days ago. It was even in Maldives. What a romantic moment!" The female with a blue bow inquired and pouted like someone offended her.

"Oh dear... you don't understand these rich people. I heard it was a political arranged marriage. We all know how this type of stories end up. Mr. Xing still has a lot of womanizing rumors floating around him even though he's married to our beautiful boss. While our very amazing boss works hard so much that she doesn't even eat lunch sometimes. Add that she's now a national heroine! Isn't it quite shady that she has a lot of time to do all these amazing stuff? They rarely go on dates and their public display of affection are very staged too." The girl with a red lipstick gossiped like there's no tomorrow.

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"Shsss.h.!.+ Don't say such thing like this in public!" The blue-bow girl tried to hush her co-worker. She even quickly jumped towards her to shut her mouth. "If someone hears you, we'll get fired. You know gossiping about our boss' private affairs is very much frowned upon." She anxiously added.

"You know what, Xing Hongqi doesn't deserve our boss. She deserves someone else and that person is our new golden goose." The lipstick girl proudly said and she doesn't have any fear at all while muttering those brave accusations.

"You are too biased of this golden goose of ours. They said they will pay us again if we succeed to make one of Mr. Xing's ex to be the company representative. I'm pretty sure our boss wouldn't allow any of those hoes to step inside this company." The blue-bow girl worriedly said and removed her hands away from her co-worker.

"Who cares if we don't succeed? Don't be too greedy. We already got that first 5000 yuan payment anyway. I also don't have the guts to make our boss to have a foul mood. If we keep pus.h.i.+ng her b.u.t.tons then we might lose our jobs. I'm pretty sure the golden goose would give us another mission soon. We must be lowkey." The lipstick girl confidently said while she fixes her blouse. She also pulls out a YSL lipstick and carefully applied some on her lips.

"You are right. Our boss is more important. As long as we have this job, we can put food in the table." The blue-bow girl agreed and also applied some lipstick on her lips.

The day dragged with Xiulan having an unpleasant mood. She doesn't understand herself either. Why was she feeling bothered over Hongqi's exes anyway?

She angrily typed on her laptop and tried her best to avoid thinking about him. She pushed herself to the limit and managed to finish one project in one day that is supposed to be finished by 5 people. She overworked herself that she feels really drowsy and she thinks she's gonna gag anytime.

It was already 10pm when Hongqi went to her office. He was supposed to fetch his wife in her parents' house but she was not there yet. He guessed that she must be still working.

The guards and marshal in the lobby were all shocked to see him at this kind of hour. But they immediately removed their shocked countenance when they remembered that his wife must be still in her office.

When Hongqi reached Xiulan's company floor, the floor guard quickly opened the office door for him and respectfully greeted him. "Good evening, young master Xing."

"Is your madame still inside?" Hongqi inquired with a charming smile plastered on his face.

"Yes, young master Xing. Our madame is currently doing her best so she stays too late. I hope you take care of our incredible madame." the floor guard praised Xiulan like he's praising his own daughter. He's also a little curious why the husband is here. This is the first time he went here in such a late hour. No other people could see his pretense yet he still came here.

"Of course. Thank you for wis.h.i.+ng her well." Hongqi plastered that smile again and went inside while the guard escorts him.

Xiulan was scrolling down on a food blog when she heard her office's door opened. She glanced at the person who went inside and she's surprised to see Hongqi.

"Wh-what are you doing here?" She confusedly asked and went towards him to greet him.

Hongqi lovingly kissed her lips quickly as a greeting and the guard outside cleared his throat and quickly retreated to give some privacy to the couple. He didn't expect those two to be this super close.

Some employees in Xiulan's company speculated that those two were only acting since there's no man who would be this open in gifting women expensive gifts. Usually, men who do this are only making statement and has ill intentions.

But seeing their madame fl.u.s.tered and let him do his way, he thought that maybe the rumor isn't true. He'll make sure to scold those kids who keep mentioning that rumor.

"You should sit first. I'm just gonna pack my stuff." Xiulan pointed at the sofa and quickly went to her table to get her things.

"It's late and you're still working and you also have to wake up so early in the morning. This is not good for your health. Aren't women more to anemia?" Hongqi nagged while he majestically sat on the sofa. His brows scrunched from seeing his wife's pale face. Obviously, she's not in a good condition.

"It's okay. I'm used to it. The company is currently full of workloads so I must help and give a hand." She said while she quickly push all the necessary items in her bag. She also didn't forget to bookmark the food blog she was browsing a while ago.

"Just because you're used to it doesn't mean it's okay. Are you having problems in your company? I'm here to help you." Hongqi sincerely offered and concentrated on his wife's movements.

"Thank you for the kind offer, dear husband. But it's okay, no need. Just a little mishap and this will die down soon." her pale lips smiled and made sure that this husband won't worry too much.

"I can really lend you my top actress for free. Just let me know when you need her." Hongqi stands up from his seat and went beside Xiulan.

Xiulan was ready to go when Hongqi s.n.a.t.c.hed her bag from her. "I'll carry it. You look really pale." He wrapped his arms on her shoulders and pulled her to go home.

They both bid good bye to the floor guard and went home.

Hongqi's personal chef and Bai Rong was already in their suite waiting for them. Bai Rong was really happy that Xiulan was not present for a few days and she could fawn on Hongqi easily.

But to her dismay, the wretched wife is finally here and the couple's entrance to the suite was rather intimate. Hongqi's right hand on his wife while the other is carrying that turquoise Birkin bag which causes an arm and leg just to purchase it. This made Bai Rong's happy mood a while ago turn awfully bitter.

"Good evening, young master Xing and madame. The food is already cooked. Let me know if you need additional dishes." The chef said and happily greeted them. The couple greeted them as well.

"Thank you. No more additional dishes. You and Bai Rong can go home. It's pretty late." Hongqi said and he dragged Xiulan to their room without glancing at them anymore.

This made Bai Rong inwardly fume again. She really can't fathom why the great Xing Hongqi is so smitten by that woman. Even coming inside their suite, he didn't let go of her. She went home feeling bitter since Hongqi's presence was so quick that she wasn't able to look at him for even a few minutes.

Xiulan laid on the bed and sighed heavily. She feels dizzy from overworking and her stomach is empty. She must eat soon or else she might faint anytime.

Hongqi placed her bag on top of her vanity chair. He glanced at his wife and quickly went beside her.

"Are you not feeling well? Do you want me to call a doctor?" He asked and he puts his large palms on her forehead and neck to check her temperature. It looks like she doesn't have a fever but she looks really pale.

"No need for the doctor. Just let me rest for 10 minutes and let's eat." She alluringly smiled at him even though her lips were pale and dry.

"Hmm... okay. I'll just take a shower then we'll eat after." He said and went inside his own walk-in closet to get some home clothes. Before going inside the bathroom, he worriedly looked at his wife for three minutes to check if she's really okay before he decided to enter the bathroom.

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