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Chapter 868: I’m Telling The Truth

In the lobby of the 17th floor of the presidential suite of Elson Hotel in England, a large group of people was sitting on the sofa drinking and playing games. It was very lively.

In front of the French window, Xia Ning crossed her arms and looked at the scenery outside. It was midnight in London and already morning in China.

It has been a few days. She wanted to call them countless times. But what she wanted to do was too crazy. She was afraid that she would hear their voices and cower. She was too greedy for that taste.

That cold heart was no longer cold because of them. Because of them, it was even braver. Therefore, she had to work hard to fight for them.

“Asteria, why are you standing here? Come drink.” Behind her, Chris walked over. His hand was about to land on Xia Ning’s shoulder, but she dodged it. He chuckled. “Why, are you not treating me as a friend?”

Xia Ning smiled at him. “It’s because you are my friend that we need this distance. Otherwise, my husband would be upset.”

“Huh?” Chris looked at Xia Ning in shock. “Asteria, you are married?! Gosh, are you lying?”

Xia Ning shrugged. “Do I look like a liar? I’m holding a wedding with him.” If everything went well this time.

“So disappointed!” Chris sighed. “I wanted to woo you before. If you didn’t leave the team suddenly, maybe your husband would be me.”

“How confident you are, Chris. Too bad you are not my type!” Xia Ning said without hesitation.

“I’m good-looking and have a good figure. My racing skills are great. Which part of me is not good enough for you?” Chris was not convinced.

“There are people who are more handsome and have better figures than you in this world. Plus, in terms of racing skills, you are not as good as me. So why should I choose you?” Xia Ning chuckled. “Plus, you have a long history of relations.h.i.+ps. I can’t accept that.”

Chris sized up Xia Ning and said with a smile suddenly, “Looks like your husband is very good. Asteria, congratulations. When you get married, I will take the entire team to congratulate you.”

“Sure!” Xia Ning smiled.

Seeing the smile on Xia Ning’s face, Chris could not help but sigh. “You’re smiling a lot more today than in the past. Why?”

“Really? Maybe this is happiness.” Xia Ning looked at the neon lights outside the French window. It was quiet in the middle of the night. It was bright and beautiful.

In the Qiao house, Enoch started crying the moment he got up.

“I want Mummy. I want Mummy.” Enoch sat on the couch and cried out loud.

Gao Wanhua wiped his tears and said, “Baby, don’t cry. Your mother will be back soon.”

“Mummy is a liar. She said she would take me to the amus.e.m.e.nt park. Wah…” Enoch cried even harder.

Xia Ning did not come back for days and there were no calls. It made him very worried.

Gao Wanhua sighed and looked at Qiao Yu who was eating dinner not too far away. She said in a low voice, “Yu, can’t you contact Xia Ning? Ask her when she will be back.”

Qiao Yu put down his chopsticks and looked at Gao Wanhua. “I don’t know.”

Gao Wanhua was surprised and frowned a little. She knew something must have happened when Xia Ning left that day. But what exactly happened?

Qiao Yu stood up and walked to Enoch. He said coldly, “Why are you crying? Didn’t you live the same way when you didn’t have a mother? If you cry again, I’ll throw you out!”

Enoch looked into Qiao Yu’s eyes and scrunched his nose. He curled his lips and cried.

“Yu, how can you say that?” Gao Wanhua frowned at Qiao Yu.

Qiao Yu looked at Gao Wanhua and answered, “I’m telling the truth!”

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Forced Marriage VIP Front-Seat: My Superstar Ex-wife Is Very Popular Chapter 868 summary

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