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Chapter 869: Asking For A Lesson

The battle between the Geriba team and the Golden Lion team started.

As two famous teams, word about the compet.i.tion was all over the race car circle. Many people came to watch.

The compet.i.tion was at night and the road was surrounded by people who came to visit.

The Geriba team and the Golden Lion team came to the scene one after another under everyone’s expectations.

Chris got out of the car first and the others followed him down. The crowd cheered immediately.

As the boss of the Golden Lions, his popularity was comparable to a popular star.

Many blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauties with seductive bodies waved at him. “Chris, Chris.”

The slightly rough-looking Gerry looked at Chris with jealousy in his eyes. “Chris, I won more times than you. But these beauties have never seen me in their eyes. Why?”

“This is the advantage of being handsome. But if you want to get the favor of a beauty, you should get rid of your body odor first!” Chris said mercilessly.

Gerry: “…”

Just at this time, another group of cars drove over.

The leading car was a yellow race car exuding a playful aura. The team stopped next to the Golden Lion team. A young man with red hair walked out of the yellow race car. He was tall and handsome. The moment he came out, he threw a kiss at the beauties present.

All the beauties in the room erupted.

“Richard, I love you. Richard, I love you!”

This was the most attention-grabbing newcomer, Richard, the most popular newcomer of the year.

“He’s just an immature kid who only knows how to act cool!” Gerry sneered with disdain.

Chris nodded. “The only good thing about him is his looks. If he doesn’t have an advantage in his looks, don’t you think he’ll be miserable?!”

Gerry darted a look at Chris and gave him a thumbs up. Awesome. That was really mean!

Just at this time, Richard walked over and said provocatively to Chris, “This time, I will definitely break this season’s record.”

“If you say that Geriba is going to break this season’s record, I can say they have ambition. If it’s you, I can only say you’re dreaming!” Gerry sneered.

Richard darted a look at Gerry and said in anger, “Where did this barbarian come from? Get lost!”

“Who are you calling a barbarian? Are you looking for death?” Gerry pretended to go beat him up.

“I’m talking about you. What’s wrong?” Richard did not give in and rushed up directly.

Chris grabbed Gerry and said in a low voice, “Why are you talking to this year’s Popularity King? Stop.”

The members of the Geriba team also held onto Richard. Richard threw away his teammates’ hands and said to Chris, “Chris is still the sensible one.”

Gerry glared at Richard in anger. How dare this kid talk like this? He deserved a lesson.

Next to him, Chris pulled Gerry and sighed. “You said that he was just a kid. Why are you angry when he’s just a kid? Aren’t you lowering yourself?”

Gerry: “…” He darted a look at Chris and resisted the urge to give him a thumbs up. That was awesome!

Chris darted a look at him and thought to himself, Don’t admire me so much. I learned it from someone else.

But she should be here. Chris looked back and saw a silver McLaren driving over.

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Forced Marriage VIP Front-Seat: My Superstar Ex-wife Is Very Popular Chapter 869 summary

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