The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex Chapter 1131 - An Awkward Moment

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Chapter 1131: An Awkward Moment

It was 1 AM when He Xiyan woke up in the hospital. She yawned and slowly opened her eyes.

Then, she quickly spotted Ye Hao who seemed to be sleeping beside her bed.

“Hey…” He Xiyan said when she realized that there was no reaction from Ye Hao.

Forget it! She gingerly sat up. It wasn’t a major surgery, so she didn’t have a catheter and had to use the restroom. After the anesthetic wore off, her wound started to hurt and she was in such pain that it was extremely hard for her to walk.

She placed her hand along the railing at the side of her bed and walked very slowly. She had to grip something as she walked and did not dare to let go of the railing.

However, she had just taken several steps when a hand suddenly shot out and grabbed her hand.

“Yan Yan, please be careful,” she heard a masculine voice whisper in her ear.

She took a deep breath and did not turn down his offer to help. After all, the consequences were dire if she were to slip and fall.

She stretched out her hand, gripped his muscular arm, and let her lead her to the restroom one step at a time. The restroom was only twenty steps away but she took some time to get there.

“Please leave,” she said with a wave of her hand after she reached the restroom and gestured for Ye Hao to leave. He couldn’t possibly stand there and watch her…

Ye Hao walked out of the restroom but he didn’t go far and waited outside the door.

He was already extremely familiar with her body and even knew where each mole was on her body.

“Yan Yan, let me know when you’re done and I’ll help you back to your bed,” Ye Hao said.

He Xiyan ignored him.

It had not even been 12 hours since she had her surgery and this was the first time she needed to use the restroom, so it was an extremely painful process. She slowly sat on the toilet bowl, then…

She suddenly frowned when she realized she forgot to bring something important into the restroom with her.

She had just completed her surgery, so she was still bleeding. She had forgotten to bring a sanitary pad into the restroom with her!

She blushed furiously and bit her lips. She really wished there was a hole where she could crawl into.

How could she have been so careless?


She couldn’t bring herself to call his name.

Ye Hao heard her calling for him even though she had only uttered the first syllable of his name. He knew that she was calling for him.

“What’s wrong, Yan Yan? Is there a problem? Are you having difficulties using the toilet?” Ye Hao asked with a frown. His hand was already on the door’s handle and he wanted to push open the door but he was afraid that he would further infuriate her if he barged in on her like this.

“Could you help… me… uh…” He Xiyan took a deep breath and said. d.a.m.n it, they had once been so intimate but now she couldn’t even utter that word.

“What do you need? Is there no toilet paper inside the restroom?” he asked.

He clearly remembered seeing a roll of toilet paper inside the restroom when he had used it earlier.

“No! I…am bleeding. Could you go to the drawer near my headrest and help me take…” she paused in embarra.s.sment and didn’t know how to describe what she needed.

Ye Hao replied, “Oh.” He finally understood what she needed.

He pursed his lips into a smile, then he dug out a packet of sanitary pads from her headrest and took a piece for her.

Wasn’t she just referring to sanitary pads? He wasn’t completely unfamiliar with this item. After all, he had even helped her put it on when he cared for her at the hospital.

Soon, Ye Hao walked back to the restroom and knocked on the door.

He Xiyan said, “Come in.”

She felt like she was about to die of embarra.s.sment. It didn’t matter if they were still married but he was now her ex-husband, so it was extremely awkward.

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The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex Chapter 1131 - An Awkward Moment summary

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