The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex Chapter 1132 - Did You Feel It A Pity?

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Chapter 1132: Did You Feel It A Pity?

He Xiyan squatted on the nightstool, afraid to get up.

Her face turned even redder like rouge.

Instead of looking up at Ye Hao, she just reached out her hand and quickly took over what he handed over.

“You go out.” He Xiyan said awkwardly.

This was a terrible scene.

The corner of Ye Hao’s mouth raised. He squeezed out a touch of smile, feeling very happy deep in his heart.

He believed that as long as they could have more time to be with each other, Yanyan would return to him sooner or later.

After Ye Hao went out, he Xiyan quickly solved her physiological problems, and then stood up carefully.

When she came out, she was still supported by Ye Hao.

“Thank you!” He Xiyan glanced at the man beside her. Although he looked annoyed, he was actually taking care of her at this moment.

“That’s all right, Yanyan. Be careful.” Ye Hao held the hand of He Xiyan with one hand, and held her shoulder with the other, slowly helping her walk forward.

When he helped her to the bedside, he carefully lifted her foot and let her lie back in bed.

Turning around, Ye Hao went up to the water machine and had a cup of warm water for her.

“Come on, Yanyan. Drink some water before you sleep.” Ye Hao handed over the water cup and raised the bed a little.

He Xiyan took over the gla.s.s and took a few drinks. She indeed felt dry and thirsty.

After that, He Xiyan handed the cup over to Ye Hao.

Looking up, she perceived the haggardness on his face and some visible blood traces in his eyes. He must be very tired.

“You can have a rest in the bed. There’s nothing to do at night. You go back early tomorrow. I’ll let the people in the castle come over.”

He Xiyan said in a deep voice. She didn’t know what to say about the man at this time.

He really didn’t have to come here.

Ye Hao smiled faintly. Instead of going to bed aside to sleep, he moved a chair over to sit beside the bed, watching He Xiyan.

“You sleep first, Yanyan. I’ll rest when you are asleep.”

He Xiyan sighed, speechless.

Well, let him do it.

As time went by, He Xiyan slowly closed her eyes, but couldn’t fall asleep. Her mind was clear, but she seemed to be asleep.

She heard the man said something beside her bed, which seemed to some heart talk.

“Yanyan, believe me. This time I will not let you down. I was not good enough once. I did not trust you, so I fell into Han Xue’s trap, thinking that you still have feelings for Mo Yixuan. I was so angry just because I didn’t want to lose you. Our marriage shouldn’t end in that way. I can’t let it go. Don’t you think it’s pitiful?”

Ye Hao’s voice was very low, but He Xiyan still heard it.

She did not reply, still tightly closing her eyes. The fingers of her right hand, however, suddenly moved, and then, a drop of tears oozed from the corner of her eyes, wetting her long eyelashes.

Was it a pity?

She asked herself.

She had expectations of that marriage, and they were also happy for a period of time. However, ultimately, all her good wishes were broken by reality. She couldn’t forget that kind of despair when she left the Ye family, that kind of despair towards marriage, towards love, even towards life.

It was the third family she had lost, and then she was completely occupied by gloom.

Ye Hao stood up. His figure was drawn very long under the dim night light.

He took a long breath. Seeing the woman on the bed asleep, he turned to the bed aside.

However, before he laid down, there came a knock on the door.

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The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex Chapter 1132 - Did You Feel It A Pity? summary

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