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Chapter 604: She'd Make Him Pay

She didn't speak and frankly, she didn't know what else she should say. Her eyes widened as she looked despairingly at the man's back that seemed way too stiff and cold. When the man walked further away, she heard him say icily, “I'll send someone to look after you.”

Then, the man disappeared from view and his footsteps grew more distant until they could no longer be heard.

He Xiyan slumped against the hospital bed like a fool and her lips were pursed so tightly that they were pale while a layer of sweat had formed over her fingers that she had gripped tightly together.

Ms. Li walked over and patted her shoulder sympathetically.

“Miss He, do you want to call him back?” Ms. Li said doubtfully. She couldn't understand what this young woman had been through. Her two ex-husbands had both seemed like they were from rich families.

He Xiyan shook her head and her eyes brimmed with tears of despair while her heart sank to rock bottom and seemed like it could never beat again.

It had only been slightly more than two years since they'd met and she never imagined that their relations.h.i.+p would end up this way one day.

“Forget it. Could you help me check on him please?” He Xiyan said with a helpless sigh.

Ms. Li obviously knew who she was referring to and nodded. Then, she poured a cup of water and placed it by the bedside table. “Rest well, Miss He. I'll go check on your ex-husband.”

Ms. Li walked out of her hospital ward.

The doctors were performing an emergency CT scan on Mo Yixuan at the accident and emergency ward and tending to his wounds. His injuries didn't seem too serious but he had suffered a concussion since his head slammed against the metal chair. As a result, there was also a minor hemorrhage in his brain, so he was still unconscious and his complexion paled.

His pale lips were pursed like a patient sleeping soundly and he was completely knocked out cold.

The hospital staff had already contacted his family and in less than an hour, everyone from the Mo family, including relatives that resided at Ye City were at the hospital. There were about five or six of them present.

Li Qin collapsed in devastated sobs the moment she reached the hospital, as though her son was in critical danger. She couldn't help but curse as she sobbed, that b.i.t.c.h was truly a jinx. How could she bring such disaster upon her son?

Li Qin's fists pounded against the walls of the hospital and she stomped her feet like a madwoman. Mo Yixuan was her only son; what was she going to do if anything were to happen to him?

Her younger brother Li Yunsheng and his wife, He Qing quickly helped her up, afraid that her heart condition might relapse if she continued to be so emotional.

“Sis, please calm down,” Li Yunsheng said as he grabbed her hand and stopped her from becoming even more agitated. He Qing tried to comfort her and said, “Sis, there's no need to be so agitated. I've already spoken to the doctor. Yixuan has only suffered a slight concussion and will only require a minor operation. He'll be fine.”

Li Qin shrugged her brother's hands off her and yelled angrily, “Minor operation? Did you not hear what the nurse aide said? She said that Ye Hao had hit him with the chair! He hit him!” Li Qin's hands balled into fists and her face flushed red from anger.

She suddenly grabbed Li Yunsheng's hands and said bitterly, “Yunsheng, I want you to call the police right now. Tell them to arrest that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Ye Hao. Arrest him!”

How dare Ye Hao attack her son? She would make sure that he'd pay for it, even if she had to risk her own life.

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