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Chapter 656: Ask Her To Leave

“Well, Miss He, some of the households living on the 15th floor say that you sometimes smash things at home at night. The noise you make has disturbed your neighbors. Some of your actions make them feel frightened and scared, so they want you to move out of here.”

Little Li, the property management officer, said apologetically. Her eyes had been fixed on He Xiyan since she entered the office. She did not notice anything wrong with this woman, but she could see that the woman was in a very bad mental state and that she looked very bad.

Either she was in a depression or she had suffered great psychological pains.

He Xiyan was stunned there, looking at several property management workers in the office for a while. Seeing them all staring at her with a weird look, she understood that they, the residents on the fifteenth floor, were actually going to drive her away.

“I see.”

He Xiyan nodded. She was only a tenant here. If people here wanted her to leave, she had no choice but to go.

However, she had not thought that she would frighten people around her.

“Right!” The woman spoke again, “Ms. Yang, the landlord of Room 1507, just called. She said that she is now in a foreign country and can't come back to handle the check-out procedure. She said that the deposit and rent would be refunded to you through online transfer. She won't check the house and you do not need to pay the rent for the recent one month. All the money will be refunded to you in full amount.”

The woman conveyed the landlord's original words to He Xiyan, with a trace of apology in her voice. They, however, also had no other choice but to take care of the interests of other households.

He Xiyan nodded with a bitter smile to show that she understood. Not saying anything, she turned and left the office.

When she came to the fifteenth floor of the apartment again, her steps became heavier and she looked worse. At this time, several women who were talking in the corridor noticed her coming back, all of who turned their head away, pretending that they hadn't seen her, as if she was disgusting like a hooligan.

He Xiyan gave a bitter smile, the tight lips drawing a sarcastic arc. She had no idea that one day she would become an annoying person in the eyes of others.

She took out the key and opened the door. She walked around for the last time in the room which did not belong to her. Then she pulled out the suitcase she had brought from Ye family and stuffed her clothes and some daily necessities into it and filled it full. After confirming that everything had been packed, she picked up the mop and tidied up the room. She then took out a stack of banknotes out of her bag and put them on the bedside cabinet, which was her rent and compensation for things damaged by her.

In the evening, weary, she dragged her suitcase out of the apartment and left the place where she did not belong.

She was a homeless person. Although there were two houses under her name, they actually were uninhabited.

At the age of 26, she had lost three homes, her parents, two marriages, and the custody of her two children.

Now she had nothing but money.

Coming to a busy street crossing, she looked at the busy traffic and the pedestrians pa.s.sing by. She knew they were happy because they all had families as well as reasons and motivation worth their efforts.

Only she had nothing.

Putting down the suitcase, He Xiyan sat on the cold stone steps beside the road, hugging her knees. Under the road light, her figure was very thin and skinny. She simply stared at the street, at all kinds of pedestrians and vehicles.

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