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Chapter 526 Gaudy Gift (1)

Everyone’s eyes were on her. Even the empress was a little curious.

“What’s wrong?”

This wasn’t an impulse. Su Miaolan had truly prepared!

“Your Highness…”

She bowed to Gong Che. Gong Che’s originally doting smile had been withdrawn and he looked at her somewhat confusedly. He must have forgotten at this moment that Su Miaolan was someone he had a marriage contract with.

Smiling bashfully, Su Miaolan retrieved an item from her robe.

“This humble one has a gift for His Highness, hoping His Highness would not mind to accept it.”

Gong Che’s smile froze for a moment. Many of the n.o.blewomen around felt that Su Miaolan had gone over the line, but in the end, she was the future crown princess. The crown prince didn’t even say anything, so they couldn’t either.

The empress only froze for a moment before she said with a smile, “How thoughtful, quickly show us what wonderful thing you’ve brought.”

Su Miaolan gave Gong Che a shy glance and handed over the object in her hand.

“This is?”

The empress looked at it with some surprise and found it to be an exquisite lotus pouch embroidered with intermingling coupled tree branches. The strange thing is that a flower seemed to bloom on the branches when it was in the light, but would disappear in the dark. It was truly exquisite work!

She had forgotten how ambiguous couple trees are and actually pa.s.sed it around for the ladies to see.

When they saw it, there was an endless stream of praises!

Now, even Gong Yimo was curious. She took it over to see ad almost spat!

“What’s wrong?”

Gong Che was very tuned in to her every move, so when he asked, he also received the item to look at. At this time, Su Miaolan bowed and said…

“This purse was embroidered by my own hands and placed in front of the Buddha for 49 days before dedicating this now to the Crown Prince. I hope the Crown Prince will not dislike it…”

Gong Che suddenly felt like the lotus bag in his hand was a hot potato, especially the pattern of the flowers that Mo’er had seen.

Gong Yimo was really enduring very hard to keep herself from laughing!

Because this embroidery was clearly the unique work of Yu Qi that embroidery G.o.ddess. The girl has yet to rise up in reputation so it was rare that Su Miaolan was able to get her hands on her embroidery…

But in order to fight for some face, she actually claimed to have embroidered it herself. Isn’t she worried of slapping her own face in the future?

But thinking about it, even if someone brings it to light in the future, she can say that she learned from her. With her ident.i.ty as crown princess, she’s sure that smart woman wouldn’t mind having an extra disciple.

Before Gong Che could speak, the empress chuckled. “I have long heard of Miss Su’s excellent embroidery skills! How thoughtful. Che’er, aren’t you going to accept it?”

She glared at Gong Che, signaling him to accept him so as to not embarra.s.s the girl.

Being in the limelight once again, Su Miaolan felt overjoyed. Raising up her head, she smiled proudly. “This is what I should do.”

When she said this, she was glancing proudly at Gong Yimo.

“I only hope that…it can accompany you at all times, Your Highness.”

Might as well just say that you want to be with the crown prince all the time!

This was the thought shared by many of the n.o.ble ladies. They were quite disgusted by Su Miaolan’s boldness.

Gong Yimo felt a sour taste in her mouth. How desperate is she to get married? But it does make sense. After Gong Che rose up in his last life, Su Miaolan was also anxious to marry him. In this life, Gong Che is younger and even more majestic than in the last life, so it was inevitable that she would grasp on so tightly and be so impatient.

But Gong Yimo wasn’t the only one disgusted. Gong Che also thought that Su Miaolan’s words were too daring. He suddenly said…

“I will accept this pouch, but please be careful with what you say, Miss Su.”

If he had not mentioned this, then others would not say anything. But with a single sentence, it felt as if the entire crowd had come forth to slap Su Miaolan’s face! Even if he was merely speaking the truth, it was such an embarra.s.sing scene!

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